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Rumour: Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Getting A Restock In October

Shiggy from the NeoGAF forums is reporting that the Yarn Yoshi amiibo figures will be getting a restock next month in Europe. The Yarn Yoshi amiibo figures proved to be hot property when they released in June and are subsequently only available for sale via sellers for extortionate prices. However, the blue Yoshi amiibo is now available on Amazon for €20 and the green Yoshi is available for pre-order at the same price point. Yoshi’s Woolly World launches in the United States on October 16th and is available now in Europe.



    1. Blame Nintendo of Americunts. They are the idiots that think games don’t sell in the summer months.

  1. They are so CUTE! Though Nintendo should not have made these the amiibo. Look how it sticks out like a sore thumb among the other amiibo. People want a collection of some sorts.

    The yarn Yoshi amiibo should have looked like this.

    The yarn Yoshi amiibo should have been cuter, and sold as a stuffed animal/plush.×1080/640×360/

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