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Check Out Yoshi’s Woolly World Launch Trailer

If you are in North America and on the fence about picking up Yoshi’s Woolly World, take a peek at the launch trailer posted on Nintendo’s YouTube page:

While Yoshi’s Woolly World has already come to Australia, Europe, and Japan (and generally positive marks from critics), the game launched on Wii U for North America today.

5 thoughts on “Check Out Yoshi’s Woolly World Launch Trailer”

    1. UPDATE: Just played through the first 4 stages and beat that first mole boss. So far it’s pretty fun. And I tested all of my amiibo (that I have opened) to see the different variations of Yoshi. Cool idea. I’m really getting annoyed at not being able to find that last red coin stamp on stage 1-4. Played this stage thoroughly 3 times, and I’m always missing one.

      I’m surprised at how much this game feels just like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. It feels like the exact same game, but with yarn graphics and a different story.

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