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Mighty No 9: Inafune Says No More Delays And Is Planning To Make Sequel

Developer Keiji Inafune has told an audience during a lecture at the Unreal Fest 2015 Yokohama Event that the spiritual successor to Mega Man won’t be delayed anymore. He places the blames on the number of platforms that the 2D platformer is set to be available on. Inafune also says that a sequel to Mighty No.9 is planned provided the original proves to be a success with consumers.

  • “Mighty No. 9 absolutely will not be delayed.”
  • “One of the reason of the delay is because of the numbers of platforms.”
  • “How to make the impossible possible like Mega Man.”
  • “Can’t say it’s a complete success yet since it still hasn’t been released.”
  • “The game needs to sell a lot of copies and many users playing it.”
  • “Sequel is planned if it were successful.”

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45 thoughts on “Mighty No 9: Inafune Says No More Delays And Is Planning To Make Sequel”

    1. Because apparently people just like throwing money at him and getting nothing in return.

      Glad I didn’t back this bullshiter.

    2. he’s like a child, even when the first thing is not over, he want to do it again. ^^ it prove that he given the game some love.

      1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

        Planning a sequel before the first game let’s you know that the original game will absolutely be shitty and fucking half-assed.

        1. I gotta disagree with you there. Any game gets a sequel if it succeeds, he’s just being open about it.
          Does it mean he can take in feedback based on Mighty No. 9’s flaws and try to deliver a great sequel? Yes, of course.
          Does it mean he put no effort into the yet-to-be-release Mighty No. 9, with potentially ruining his reputation with his fans? Of course not.

        1. Not neccesarily, he just doesn’t know how to plan/manage accordingly (IMO), I mean, Capcom would have done most of the job while all he would have to do would have been the programing, now that he is off the leash, he is learning now ALL the aspects of having a company, making games, planning how to use your IP to maximize profits and the hurdles of being a 3rd party developer.

          1. Someone one understands, everyone else sounds like little brats about the whole situation, either buy the game or not just stfu about it. ..

            1. You’re welcome to stop reading my comments if it bothers you so much. If you find that hard to do, my advice would be finding another news site more of your liking.

                1. …I have to admit, some of you guys complain too much. You have a right to feel about what happened with this game, but then some people goes and takes it too far, and still try to tell me and others the same old BS. Reply negatively at me if you want, but you ain’t swaying me that much. And I’m not even taking sides.

                  1. Don’t you mean Xbox or even EA is scam level? This is only one video game from a guy wanting to revive Megaman in a way for the fans since Crapcom decided to shit on them, RE fans and much more. Tell me, who’s the “scammer” here?

                  2. SMH. Just shut up and deliver the game. He has nothing to back him up.

                    His fans are dumb enough to hear (I’m exaggerating) movie, show, comic, theme park, toys to life, alternate title, etc. and STILL support him without delivering on the initial promise.

                    I’m SO glad I never supported it. Only third to Star Citizen & Project Cars in the crowd funding history. Empty promises.

                  3. He just said that there will be a sequel if the game is successful. I don’t see what’s so wrong with that. He’s not announcing anything. Did anybody even read what he said?

                      1. That’s because the game isn’t finished smartass and he did mention that he’s brainstorming on a sequel if and when the game succeeds. Jesus Christ many of you need serious ass education on being literates again.

                    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                      If the “too many platforms” thing is true, ya gotta give him credit for at least trying to release all versions at once. Least he’s not pulling a Ubishit… yet.

                      1. Shovel Knight is crazy successful, they released the game, staggering hardware releases and building/ delivering content. Mighty9 is basically the polar opposite of Shovel Knight in regards to fan respect, business operations and execution. His excuse was just smokescreen cover.

                        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                          But if he releases every version at the same time & they all work perfectly, alot of the people calling him a scammer/liar/whatever are going to owe this guy a very big apology.

                          If he doesn’t deliver a near perfect product across the entire board, then you can all fetch the torches & pitchforks and I’ll gladly sit back, grab the popcorn, & watch everyone burn him at the stake, so to speak. lol

                          1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                            True… but then a year later, Ubisoft stabbed Wii U owners in the back & held Watch Dogs back while releasing it on every other console. Then they lied to us by saying they were trying to make the Wii U version the definitive version with all kinds of awesome Gamepad functions only to use it as a fucking map. So the good they did with Rayman Legends was quickly buried.

                        2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                          >>>Everyone always “PLANS” a sequel during the final stages of a game or movie, it doesn’t mean that they have begun production of it, it’s purely common sense which many of you in here lack constantly>>>

                          1. I don’t believe a thing he says anymore. He’s trying to prep people to open their wallet again. The only reason I’m commenting on it is so when people search the internet for info on M9 or talks surrounding a possible sequal is so they find the truth about what this guy is like.

                            1. Still that’s only what you think. Most of these comments, is chalk full of disappointment, anger, and such of how this game was handled, and you’re just peeved off how all this hot mess now have some of you guys calling him a scammer at every level, and the final straw hasn’t even been pulled out yet, which is to cancel the game entirely after two years. And the game has been completed more ore less. I will admit he’s making questionable decisions concerning his game and his company altogether, but come on, I don’t even know if the Japanese gamers, also awaiting their copy, have the same views as those over here in North America, South America, Europe, wherever this game is going out too. I just think he’s being a bit too amateurish with how he’s doing his company and the games he’s involved in.

                              And MN9 was done by a team, not Inafune himself, if you’re going to continue this, make sure to bring the rest of the team down along with him, as they were personally responsible for how they did the game in every aspect, every task they were given.

                              …Okay that was a bit too much paragraphs and sentences. Either way, I do understand what you guys are saying, but don’t expect me to always be on your side or anything like that sometimes. Right now, you guys are whining too much already.

                          2. I see so many fucking idiots trashing this guy about “talking too much without backing up and being a moneyhogging scam artist”

                            First of all you group of uneducated fucks, he didn’t scam one soul over this because he is making a game for Megaman fans sake since your precious Capcom took a shit on their fans without remorse much like Konami did. How is he a money hog when he only raised 4-5 million out of public donation to find another studio, pay his designers for the game and try to please as many gamers as possible on many platforms he reaches? When he talked about planning a sequel, he’s thinking ahead for the franchise if and when Mighty No. 9 sells well as described in the very front of this fucking article post!

                            Man I have never seen this many angry retards since NRA and it’s gun loving twat followers protest against Obama’s Gun Restriction proposal.

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