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Video: Splatoon 2.2.0 Patch Visual Nerf/Buff Comparisons

You may have noticed that the Splatoon 2.2.0 update went live today on your Wii U console. We published the detailed patch notes last night, but YouTube channel NintendoMe have gone one step further and have showcased the changes in one handy video. So if you’re interested to see just how much your favourite weapon has been nerfed, or are just interested to find out what has changed, then be sure to give the video a watch.

Thanks, nintendomeyt

19 thoughts on “Video: Splatoon 2.2.0 Patch Visual Nerf/Buff Comparisons”

  1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

    I thought I was on some shit when I kept getting fucking killed by rollers. No fucking wonder. Rollers are fucking op as shit. Glad that shit was fucking fixed.

      1. What weapon do you use? If it’s a short range weapon like a Tentatek I can understand, but with anything else I don’t see how you would find them op

        1. If I’m playing seriously, I usually use the .52 Gal Deco, though I try to mix it up and use everything once in a while.

          Most of the time when I encountered a Dynamo Roller player, they could be taking fire from me and two other teammates, kill all of us in one fling, AND survive the ordeal, leaving me scratching my head and yelling “HOW?!”

          1. Yeah, if you’re using a .52 it’s really hard to deal with a Dynamo. Anyways with the nerf now Dynamos won’t be doing that kind of triple kill crap anymore, so time to celebrate :D

    1. :/
      I’m a Pro-ller and I was sorta okay with the nurf but the kraken nurf was completely unnecessary… bad enough they nurfed it to hell the first times but this time is worse. I don’t really mind the activation nurf… the added lag after coming out of kraken is stupid. The hit box nurf is ridiculous, they should have at least buffed the krakens attack box and ink coverage because it’s way too easy for foes to duke one. Kraken ink coverage is basically the paint brushes coverage.

      I have an idea to buff that problem:
      as a kraken twirl jumps, it can sprinkle ink from it’s base and both its western/eastern sides– not doing fatal damage but just to expose inklings and to cover more area.

      1. Well IMO, the kraken nerf doesn’t do all that much, but the delay between an attack after getting out of kraken kinda makes sense, because it’s just sad after dodging a kraken only to get dunked by it anyway. Kinda like the inkzooka delay nerf

    2. Lol rollers aren’t OP. The only reason people die to them is because they’re careless i.e not getting too close to enemy ink, or trying to attack them head on, which is just ridiculous. If you wanna deal with a roller, just keep at its max range and shoot at it, because at that distance it can’t do shit to you. If you’re using a short range weapon try circle strafing it.

      1. I took part in two of the testfires and even then I realized that keeping my distance and backpedaling from rollers while shooting was an easy way to take them out. But with Dynamo Rollers it seemed like I could hit them enough to splat them before they could fling, but it was like they had an extra layer of defense and just wouldn’t die as presumed and then I get splatted. And then they walk away and don’t even look like they got hit at all.

    1. You are probably sensing the sub weapon nurfs that’s why. Splash wall, kraken.
      The gals weren’t even touched, which was a bit disappointing. Mostly because the 96 gals didn’t get a hit box buff. Why?
      Well, every time I am aiming straight at the foe (Sometimes right in their face), the game either renders the bullets late (lag) or it rigs them to miss like 40% of the time. Either fix online gal usage or buff the hit box.
      I also feel the sprinkler sub weapon should get a defense buff and a touch of more power.

      1. Yeah the 96 gal has like a 20% chance of your shot going wide. Pretty much the biggest problem with the weapon, its reliability, but that’s what you get for a two shot weapon with splatters got pro range I guess.

    2. Yeah splash wall and kraken both got nerfed. Not the main weapon though. But I’m starting to think that the gal may not be top tier anymore because of these nerfs

  2. Loving that blaster nerf. At least now blasters require some skill to play, and people won’t abuse the shit out of Luna with stacked damage ups

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