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The Next National StreetPass Weekend Starts This Friday

Get your Nintendo 3DS ready for the next National StreetPass Weekend, which is set to begin this Friday, October 30. From that day through November 1, you’ll be able to visit any Nintendo Zone hotspot across North America and get up to six StreetPass tags. In addition, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer players might even run into a special character named Filly, who is only available via Nintendo Zone. Since Halloween takes place this weekend, too, it might be a good idea to pick out a spooky hat for your Mii before you head out.


3 thoughts on “The Next National StreetPass Weekend Starts This Friday”

  1. I don’t even bother turning streetpass on. Not enough people in my area. Streetpass is more for people in busy areas.

    1. Go to a Best Buy, McDonald’s, or Home Depot- those places have the Nintendo Zone thing where you pick up the data from the last 6 3DS users who passed through. On weekends like this, they tend to mix them up between spots as well so you might end up tagging someone from Japan or other country.

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