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Check Out NWR’s Star Fox Zero Graphics Comparison Video

Nintendo World Report has created a video comparing Star Fox Zero footage from E3 with the footage from yesterday’s Nintendo Direct.

As you can see, the graphics have come a long way  – here’s one of the comparisons:

starfox comparison 2

Yesterday, Star Fox Zero was announced to be coming to the Wii U in April 2016. Check out the full video below for a side-by-side comparison of graphics then and now:



41 thoughts on “Check Out NWR’s Star Fox Zero Graphics Comparison Video”

  1. Most of things are indeed better, now. We still need a better gameplay, though, and I hope we can get that.

    And what shocks me is that some people considered that E3 version quite good.

      1. He means, some people thought the game looked amazing at E3, when it obviously needed cleaned up. Now that it has been cleaned up, it definitly looks better, and he’s surprised people didn’t realize how bad the lighting and textures needed work during E3 – but he didn’t want to use that many words. :)

        1. Nintendo Life did. They didn’t like what they played.
          When even your fanpages are harsh on the title, you know there’s a problem with it. It is ok to be a bit skeptical.

            1. Same here. I’ll grab it as soon as it releases as I am a huge Star Fox fan. But as you already noticed, I’m still a little bit skeptical on what is waiting for us once this is out.

            2. Why wouldn’t you? If you liked it before, you should like it all the more now!

              You realize everyone is being positive about how it looks, right? We’re saying it looks better now.

              Day one for me also.

              1. Just always seems to be something to complain about. Whether Nintendo which I follow or sports or anything else, people just bitching about this or that, graphics or gameplay, before we even play it. Games are announced, never the right ones at the right time. Just gets me, and this one seems very cool, interesting gameplay and the gamepad integration, I am more than ready for a game like this.

              2. Yeah, I remember other outlets saying the game was roughly okay as well. But, as I said, Zero is finally starting to improve.

                  1. The graphics have been improved since last seen on E3 so that’s good about the gameplay it’s awesome for most parts especially stage 1 has stunning graphics and top game play using target system from the gamepad which is neat new feature sitting inside a cockpit view also the tank level where you see lot of breaking on the background looks like watching cut scenes it was really nice, do agree copter level is bit boring but it’s ok at least it’s new vehicle and using little robot to open switches, little fellow has cute voice and quite funny to look at.

                  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                    Oh it looks so much better now! If anyone says the E3 version looks better, they are either freaking crazy or are trying to be a comedian!

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