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Take A Look At Wii U’s Christmas Commerical

Despite the fact that we are weeks before Thanksgiving, I’m finding it hard not to get in the spirit of Christmas with Nintendo’s “Magical Nights” Christmas commercial. The holiday-themed ad features Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U — check it out below. What do you think of the holiday commercial (and how early it is released)?

19 thoughts on “Take A Look At Wii U’s Christmas Commerical”

  1. It’s Nintendo being Nintendo. While Sony and Microsoft will be running commercials for all of their latest games, Nintendo continues to trot out games that were already best sellers and are getting (relatively speaking) long-in-the-tooth. As always, it’s an interesting strategy and one I can only assume is designed to push systems moreso than games, but I can’t say I fully agree with it.

    1. What else are they going to do? They delayed the hell out of their holiday lineup. When you don’t have bullets, pretend the gun is loaded! :P

  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    *twitch* Uhm… Where the flying fuck is Xenoblade Chronicles X!? I was hoping Bowser of EA would fix the god awful marketing this generation but it seems he quickly got his balls chopped off by the higher ups in Nintendo! Looks like Xenoblade Chronicles X will suffer the same fate as Xenoblade Chronicles: it’s only saving grace will be word of mouth because Nintendo of ‘Murica doesn’t give a flying fuck about games if it’s not for fucking kiddies or the entire god damn family! Here’s a great idea, Nintendo of ‘Murica! Get some help from Disney & let them show you how to fucking market to fucking EVERYONE, not just a small minority of your fucking fanbase!!!

    1. Xenoblade doesn’t really fit the audience of “mass market Christmas TV commercials.” They are better off using that advertising money in directs and targeted to major gaming publications online.

      1. No, they’re better off dumping advertising resources into aggressively recasting their image using games like Xenoblade because the Happy Friendly Family Funtime Console is a dead-end.

        I hope Nintendo becomes relevant again. I really do, but some people in high places need to be fired first, and if their current trajectory is any indication, it isn’t going to happen with the NX.

        1. Nintendo needs to fail hard before they can ever go hardcore again. I think the holiday season will be an eye-opener for them… If not, it’s just going to be more morphing into a Family company. They will probably stop making adult games all together when they sell like shit because so few of us left buy Nintendo products…and next gen? It will be interesting to see…

      2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        What noah said. Nintendo needs to wake up & realize Christmas isn’t solely for kids & family. Because who are the ones buying for the family: adults. And some, if not most, adults want more than just family friendly. It’s nice to have when you have kids but even parents need a break from being family friendly.

        1. I hold by the sentiment that most kids and adults I know would more likely buy Super Mario Maker and Smash Bros based on a 30 second television add.

          Xenoblade is something targeted towards hardcore gamers, and can’t really be sold in a 10 second mention on a TV ad.

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