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IGN Re-Reviews Splatoon

Popular online gaming website IGN have decided to revisit Splatoon since its received a number of updates with new content since it launched back in May. The publication previously awarded the game a 7.9 which is fairly on the low side for such an entertaining title. However, they have re-evaluated their review due to the frequent updates and have decided it is now 8.6/10.

Nintendo’s take on the third-person shooter is refreshingly original, with lots of impressive tools, skillful mobility, and creative maps to play with. Matches are consistently fun and tense, and the mechanics feel simple and fair enough that almost anyone can contribute positively. Not having voice chat is a bummer, but the great modes and maps feel polished and kept me claiming turf for hours


26 thoughts on “IGN Re-Reviews Splatoon”

  1. IGN’s scoring system is silly and seriously outdated. How do you quantify the quality of a game to the 10th decimal place? Is a 7.9 really that much worse than, say, an 8.1? I honestly feel like they pull the decimal out of their asses in order to make it seem like they thought REAAAAALLY long and hard about how to score it.

      1. I think in general it’s a poor system in general, regardless of who uses it. There are some good articles out there, I think at least one by Kotaku, that bring up excellent points on why even just giving it a number is not helpful. People focus exclusively on the scores instead of reading the actual review and then they get into stupid arguments over why one game got a lower/higher score and “how can “xyz” game be better than “other xyz” game if they both got 8/10s”, even though they could be 2 entirely different games, done by 2 different reviewers, and there’s tons more context that is overlooked, etc – not to mention how the very nature of numbered scores has created terrible work practices in the video game industry because they have so much influence. There are numerous instances where a publisher will dictate, even put in the contract, that the devs MUST make a game that gets at least a 9 out of 10, for example, or a 9.4 median score across the reviews – if they don’t, they may not get paid in full, or they’ll be put through the ringer, possibly even lose their jobs or be forced to work even longer hours to try to ensure the quality is high enough. It’s sad that people will look at a 7/10 score and think “garbage” immediately, and that’s the mindset that publishers are afraid of and which is perpetuated by numbered scores – and the sad thing is that that mindset isn’t taken seriously by other industries, like where a movie can get a terrible score but that doesn’t negate the amount of time, effort, money, blood, sweat, and tears that went into making it, and it also doesn’t mean it won’t make money…but for video games we’re ok with throwing that out the window, especially since, again, we don’t even consider the context of the review and the fact that it’s just someone’s opinion.

          1. The guy who reviewed it is Jose. He’s the resident Nintendo fanboy. Back in the day Audrey used to do most of the Nintendo reviews and was the fangirl of the site. I think Jose didn’t want his dudebro peers to view him as a fanboy so he has been unjustly hard on Nintendo games. We all know this is a 9 game all day. It was a 9 when he first reviewed it because his negatives were that there’s no voicechat (not needed in the slightest) and lack of content (Nintendo was slow leaking content over several months and we all knew this at the time) which were stupid. But even after all the content he’s still worried he’ll be perceived as a fanboy so he wouldn’t raise it to a 9. It’s so retarded. But that’s gaming ‘journalism’ for ya

        1. Great. Twice the game you can find at half the cost some places. I’d totally pick it up if I wasn’t going to be busy giving my money to someone else!

          X. ZeldaU. Starfox…MAYBE FE x Tengami crossover. Then only Nintendo handhelds from then on out… That means you guys get to keep me around! :D !!!

          Stop cheering. Stop. Oh just stop.

          1. I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about that score. As remakes, ORAS were a complete step down from HGSS. A 7.8 or whatever is totally justified in my book.

                        1. I am glad IGN takes the time to re-review games that get better after updates. This is something that all review sources should do. IGN is keeping u[ with the times and games are not the same on launch day as they are after future updates, which can completely change an experience.

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