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Nintendo UK Store: Pre-order Mario & Luigi Paper Jam And Get Free Papercraft Set


If you are considering purchasing Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros and you are from the United Kingdom then you may want to think about purchasing it from the Nintendo UK store. If you pre-order the game with them then you are entitled to some wonderfully creative papercraft sets that you can see above. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros is out December 4th and costs £34.99.

10 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store: Pre-order Mario & Luigi Paper Jam And Get Free Papercraft Set”

      1. Your technically right, as Amiibo is plural. But it sounds stupid, and doesn’t really sound correct. So I will continue to say Amiibos, just for the fact that it sounds better.

  1. Rehash…. Ah Nintendo where did you go wrong.. Obinna was right all along, he foretold this long ago and yet some will say ” didn’t we teach in your name father and heal and baptise in your name”. And the Nigerian Meat Grinder will turn to them and say ” I never knew you”…

    Church of Sasori

  2. He’s kind of right. It’s a bit rehashed…. But it still looks fun..

    I think 2015 is the year Nintendo tried to save money and reuse multiple assets from thier previous games… Oh well.

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