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Video: Here’s A Look At South Park’s Cancelled GTA Clone For GameCube

Unseen64’s Liam Robertson is back and doing what he does best, unearthing canceled video game projects. His latest video takes a look at a South Park title that was previously in development for the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. The game was being handled by a division at Ubisoft and was inspired by the popular Simpsons: Hit & Run. The video also reveals that this was to be the first South Park game to map out the entire town of South Park. If this takes your interest then be sure to check out the informative video, above.

5 thoughts on “Video: Here’s A Look At South Park’s Cancelled GTA Clone For GameCube”

  1. i still need to see the new SJW southpark episode…

    the wii one was great,so many good ones,the pokimon one was epic AMERICAN HAVE WERY WERY LARGE PENIS I LIKE WERY WERY LARGE PENIS

  2. Very interesting. I’m probably in the minority here but I actually enjoyed the N64 South Park games. I thought the first-person SP game was fun. And Chef’s Luv Shack was pretty funny, but dated now because of its pop culture references.

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