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Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition Can Now Be Pre-Ordered On Square Enix’s Online Store

Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition is now available to pre-order via the Square Enix online store after it got an official release date during Thursday’s Nintendo Direct.

The Collector’s Edition comes in special packaging and includes the 3DS game, an art-book, a 20 track music sampler, and a collectors hard case. On top of all the physical items you get in the Collector’s Edition, it will also allow you to unlock special weapons within the game such as the Crimson Blitz, Venus Gospel, Death Penalty and the Thyrus.

It’s £59.99 for Europe and $69.99 for North America. For Europe, you can click here to pre-order, and for North America you can follow this link. The pre-orders for this edition are exclusive to the Square Enix online store.

5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition Can Now Be Pre-Ordered On Square Enix’s Online Store”

  1. I don’t like collectors editions I have to pay for. Especially not for that price. :x
    However, I have bought a few before back when 3ds collectors editions used to only be ten dollars more(or no extra price at all) than standard price.
    In this day and age the only collectors editions I’ve bought are the Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX one. There was no other “tax” to the physical merch included in buying the bundle.

    Nowadays, instead of being a few extra incentives included with the game just for being a first buyer or something for free, you’re buying each item at a value. Horrible. -_-

  2. Since I already preordered Twilight Princess/wolf Amiibo, and Fire Emblem Fates CE, I may pass on this. $70.00 is a little steep for a 3ds game..

    Fire Emblem Fates is $70, but it basically comes with a twenty dollar dlc, and a third dlc on top of that…

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