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Dragon Quest X Compilation Coming To Wii U In Japan

Square Enix has revealed that there’s a Dragon Quest X compilation which includes all three versions of the game coming to the Wii U in Japan. Again, it should be noted that this is for Japan only as Square Enix doesn’t seem to have any intentions of releasing the MMORPG in the west. Hopefully they will change their tune with Dragon Quest XI which is coming to the Nintendo 3DS and apparently the Nintendo NX.

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11 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Compilation Coming To Wii U In Japan”

    1. It would cost square millions of dollars for a full English translation. MMO’s are huge games, I imagine the voice over work alone would be a full year worth of work. I would love to play this game, but I understand the risk involved….

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  2. I wonder how much it actually would cost to bring this title over. A lot of MMOs don’t have much/any spoken dialogue at all. Cutscenes for major events? Sure. In game text, voice chat? Sure.

    Unless this is an atypical MMORPG, I can’t imagine that the voice acting would be that extensive. The translation, on the other hand, might take some time (but not nearly as much money as some are implying).

    Assuming the the vague “millions” tipped above means somewhere in the “several” million category, and that the game produces an average profit per unit , it would only take 74,000 copies to break even on a two million dollar budget, and 111,000 sold to break even on a three million dollar budget.

    Considering that even the Wii U’s most epic flops have managed to pull those kinds of numbers, I’m going to assume that a new “Dragon Quest” game would manage to scrap together a decent profit for Square Enix.

    Let’s say the game completely tanks, moving only 200,000 copies across the US and Europe. For reference, total bombs like “Bayonetta 2” and “The Wonderful 101” have moved more units. Even in that scenario, the publisher is looking at a profit in the 3.4 million dollar range on a $2M budget. A modest failure of 300,000 copies would result in a $6.1M profit, and a minor success (500,000) would result in $11.5M in the bank.

    Again, all of this is assuming that the game actually costs a full TWO MILLION dollars to translate. Former Nintendo staffer Christ Pranger was fired for suggesting that the roughly one million dollar budget for localizing and translating “Xenoblade Chronicles X” perhaps wasn’t worth the return.

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