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The Frog Suit Costume Is Coming To Super Mario Maker

Super Mario fans will be exceptionally pleased as it has been revealed that the frog suit from Super Mario Bros 3 is coming to Super Mario Maker. The news was spotted in a NES Remix event that rewards players with the classic suit. In case you didn’t know, the original iconic suit allowed players to “jump higher, swim faster, and resist water currents better.”

Become the world’s greatest NES master! In the NES Remix series, a variety of classic Nintendo Entertainment System games are given a new lease on life. This course gives you a taste of the Remix Stages from that series, where you can play old games with a new twist! Enjoy rushing ahead with a Super Star or experiencing a course in reverse!

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28 thoughts on “The Frog Suit Costume Is Coming To Super Mario Maker”

  1. I’d rather have it brought back in a regular main series Mario game, I’m just not into making my own levels and playing other people’s honestly, but it’s a nice nod. Definitely one of the suits I’ve been wanting back for years.

    1. Last night, I re-experienced the joy of playing other people’s levels. As long as they are well made (most of the ‘recomended’ levels are), they are really enjoyable!

      1. I think my main issue is I’m not too big on games that essentially never end but I may eventually get Mario maker just to celebrate the 30 years of Mario even though it will be a late celebration whenever it comes.

              1. Rootgamer corrected himself long before you clarified it…

                I’m sorry when I think about it, it makes me sound like an asshole.

  2. OK, Nintendo… It’s time to get your sh*t together and begin to better provide post-release support for Mario Maker.

    Heck, who wants a mere cosmetic add-on? Nintendo, leave Splatoon alone (it has already enough content) and give Mario Maker some love!

      1. I’m not talking about the teams — I’m talking about the strategic decisions.

        The teams only follow orders.

        I’m fed up with Splatoon. Enough is enough.

        Mario Maker needs an update in its content.

        1. Some of us are thoroughly enjoying Splatoon content and foresaw this direction and avoided SMM for that reason.

          Mario can hold his own, Splatoon couldn’t. Either way it’s ending soon.

  3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of the great PS4 & the great n3DS! Oh & I guess the dying mediocre Wii U is okay, too!*~

    Yay! *reads the comments* Oh… Just a cosmetic thing… “Coming soon! The Sun that chases you will be added… but only as a cosmetic choice!” <.<

    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of the great PS4 & the great n3DS! Oh & I guess the dying mediocre Wii U is okay, too!*~

      “No chasing you included.”

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