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Video: Early Splatoon Sloshing Machine Weapon Tour And Gameplay

There’s a brand new Sloshing Machine weapon coming to Splatoon this evening in the United States and YouTube channel NintendoMe has been given early access to the latest Slosher. If you want an extensive overview of the ink-tastic new weapon along with a tour of it in action then this video is for you. Enjoy!

Thanks, Agent 5 of squid beak and NintendoMe

6 thoughts on “Video: Early Splatoon Sloshing Machine Weapon Tour And Gameplay”

  1. Didn’t expect it to be so…..
    Bad of a weapon. :/
    I thought it was gonna be a slower yet more powerful version of the Slosher, just like the Hydra Splatling to the normal Splatling. Oh well, this seems like a semi-good support weapon anyways. :/

  2. This weapon looks very… strange. I dont think I like it. I do like the design of it though. And by the way, shouldnt it be “NintenDome” and not “NintendoMe”?

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