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Video: Nintendo Shows Monster Hunter X Load Times On New Nintendo 3DS Vs Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS has been out for some time now, but Nintendo Japan has put together a video showcasing Monster Hunter X and the improved load times of the new system compared to the original Nintendo 3DS. The video comes ahead of the busy holiday season during which Nintendo will be hoping a number of fans upgrade from the original Nintendo 3DS to the New Nintendo 3DS. This video gives them the perfect excuse to do so! However, the video currently has 519 likes on YouTube and 2,523 dislikes.

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57 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Shows Monster Hunter X Load Times On New Nintendo 3DS Vs Nintendo 3DS”

  1. The N3DS is the kind of upgrade I only buy years later after it’s been released for one reason or another. Happened with the DSXL, the GB Micro and will happen with this as well.

    1. the micro and dsxl never had exclusives like Xenoblade Chronicles. the new 3ds also has a built in dpad, built in nfc, improved battery life, improved 3D effect with eye tracking, and better colour. it’s perfect for the monster hunter games which i am a huge fan of, especially number 4. hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for monster hunter X!

      1. Xenoblade Chronicles isn’t an exclusive, though. Effectively, the N3DS has a couple of neat functions, nothing more. I already have a 3DS and a circle pad pro, I’m not interested in wasting that much money just to have faster loading times.

          1. I almost never use the 3D effect anyway, so it doesn’t appeal to me. It needs some exclusive titles to warrant a purchase from me, and I doubt it’ll ever happen.

            1. Maybe you’ll enjoy using the 3D effect now that it’s actually stable and works well? I feel like a lot of the graphics look a lot better with the 3D on. Even New Leaf looks vastly improved imo.

                  1. Yeah, and the PlayStation version of Doom is exclusive to PlayStation.

                    An enhanced port isn’t the same thing as an exclusive. Besides, I’d argue that it’s not enhanced, even. That’s another topic, though.

                  2. Yeah, it was almost impossible to play mario kart and starfox in 3D, along with several others. If you play with 3D turned on, it’s great!

                              1. I would say this…. the New 3DS is a great option if you dont have a 3ds… i mean if you gonna buy a 3ds why not pick the best version?

                                Now..if you have a 3ds already, is a though choice… you can already play most of the 3ds library… so you must put in the balance if the exclusive games + those minor improvements are worth it…

                                  1. But if I can already can play the 99% of the games i play in my old 3ds why should i try to find someone to sell my 3ds + 100$ just to play a couple more games? i mean… long loading screens are a minor issue…most people dont really use the 3d functionality, most developers wont make games N3DS exclusive because the install base is pretty small…

                                    that’s an example… (i dont really have a 3ds)

                                      1. Do it. If you’re not stupid with your ergonomics and don’t mind the lack of backwards compatibility, it’s a great system. I take mine everywhere, I always have room for it.

                                        1. Oh I’m going to. I want one for the portability of it and size. Plus as a junkie for handhelds, it’s the only Gameboy version I’ve never owned. That and super Mario world advance will go per fekt together.

                                          1. You won’t be disappointed. And if you manage to get your hands on an EZ-Flash IV, you’ll never need another portable system. I’ve been playing many hidden gems recently (Sigma Star Saga, being more precise) that I wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.

                                          2. I’ll admit that over the years I’ve continually felt compelled to purchase a GameBoy Micro online. It has something to do with the design and placement of the buttons I think.

                                              1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

                                                where i work there was a blue and pink one priced at 34 pounds unsure what your american conversion rate would be the price is due to it being bundled with mario advance to keep the inside clean.

                                            1. “…the video currently has 519 likes on YouTube and 2,523 dislikes.”

                                              Well… That means something, Nintendo!!!

                                                    1. I love the N3DS. It’s so much faster, the browser is actually functional, and the stable 3D is awesome. So glad I upgraded!

                                                          1. Correct. I figured my questioning of what flaws he found would cover my following sentence. I simply meant that I use it for simple things like email, checking news here, and a few other forums that run well now and then. I don’t depend on my 3DS to play videos or serious web surfing. I even enjoy the Youtube app.

                                                          2. Omg, it was horrible for most everything… I don’t know where to begin, truly…

                                                            Timing out, ran out of ram/memory, videonplayback issues, slowwww

                                                          3. Played MH4U locally with friends who had old 3DSs and the wait times were significantly different back then too. A few seconds may not mean much going from title screen to the game itself, but when connecting with others the load time can increase significantly, and that load time can make a dent in setups and can break that important team synchronization.

                                                          4. I don’t blame people for not wanting to upgrade, but I’m on my 3DS ALL the time, it’s my primary game system (although I’ve been on my other box a bit these days.)
                                                            The speed improvements, smash was a pain before resetting the system each time, I’m not so relient on my phone now that it’s browser works decently, the nub could be better… It’s nowhere near as good as another circle pad, but it gets the job done.
                                                            I personally am very glad I upgraded.

                                                          5. It’s all the butthurt people not willing to upgrade thats down voting the video. They realize just how much better the new 3ds is, then get offended by the older model they have. There is really no need to get butthurt, just upgrade to the new 3ds already. Better to do it now while you can still get one for less than a hundred bucs (if you trade in your old one) Then you can add a vote to the likes.

                                                              1. aww man… I really wanna buy a N3DS….. but I must know what the hell is the NX first… if it is an hybrid portable/home console it could probably be retrocompatible with the 3ds/N3ds

                                                                Im from Venezuela and my US$ income is very veeeeery limited so I must choose wisely

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