Save $25 On The Hyrule Gold Edition Nintendo 3DS XL At GameStop

GameStop recently listed the New Nintendo 3DS XL systems for a reduced price of $175, and they have now added the Hyrule Gold Edition New 3DS XL for the same price.

It might not be available for too long, so if you’re looking to purchase you can do so here, alternatively you can use GameStop’s store availability checker to find stock in a GameStop near to you.

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  1. Wait this is just a regular 3ds XL? I don’t want that. I don’t even want the N3ds XL knowing that its probably just like the DSI and the “3ds” (NX handheld baby) is likely coming out soon.

  2. What? Gamestop Is letting you save your hard earned money. I can’t fucking believe this.

                  1. I sent it in. One of them have to conjure up a article giving information about it though

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