Xenoblade Chronicles X Review – Revised & Updated

*Revised and Updated version after 78 hours of gameplay. You can view our previous review after 28 hours of gameplay here

Years in the making, Xenoblade Chronicles X finally lands on the Nintendo Wii U console. With a visually stunning backdrop and battle mechanics that permeate the surroundings so beautifully, the JRPG is simply made for franchise fans.

Developed by the renowned Japanese company Monolith Soft and directed by Tetsuya Takahashi, Xenoblade Chronicles X is an intensely enjoyable but highly complex action RPG. Pitched as the spiritual successor to Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii and New Nintendo 3DS, players will be placed in the year 2054 on planet Mira to discover and explore its six distinct locations. Following the battle between two alien races that caused Earth’s destruction, American civilians evacuated on to the interstellar ark known as the White Whale. Yet due to an intergalactic battle with the alien race, the White Whale’s doom is sealed and crashes, spreading debris far and wide over Mira. In the six months after, Earth’s evacuees establish New Los Angeles, living and breathing alongside the planet’s monsters – or indigens as they are more widely known – and other alien races.

New Los Angeles (NLA) as it stands after crashing on Mira. It’s actually a large iced doughnut, masquerading as a city.

As a complete beginner to the franchise, Xenoblade Chronicles X is somewhat difficult to get to grips with. The JRPG feels similar to a beautiful blend of Capcom’s Monster Hunter series and James Cameron’s Academy award-winning Avatar, with its main focus on arts and skills for battle mechanics rather than traditional button-pressing play. The sheer size and scope of X’s gameplay is absolutely staggering, perhaps even intimidating, for newcomers and fans alike that it’s easy to lose all sense of time and your bearings when in Mira. While there are numerous moments to be lost for words when looking over at the highly detailed and huge monsters that roam the planet, Xenoblade Chronicles X is almost like wading through mud.

From running through Primordia, Noctilum and Oblivia in the beginning, clawing your way through the amount of customisation and upgrade menus available, to surveying the land through data probe placement, it’s more than a little daunting. Simply put, both new and veteran players will need to dip in to the game’s instruction manual repeatedly to learn its complexities and incredible depth. And that’s not to say X is off-putting for those new to the series, in fact, it’s far from it. It just requires patience, effort, and a willingness to face niggling frustrations due to its lack of comprehensive explanations.

First and foremost, Xenoblade Chronicles X focuses on your customisable avatar and two other main characters, Elma and Lin, alongside an adorable dancing Nopon named Tatsu. Aside from slight adjustments to the game’s avatar customisation, including the removal of a breast slider from the Western version, players will find plenty of opportunity to stylise a character to their liking. Though, pre-made avatar faces in a game so intrinsically detailed will no doubt be a sore spot to fans of the series. Once your avatar is complete, players will be launched into the storyline and follow commander Elma to NLA in a three-chapter jaunt in learning the game’s basics.

The game’s stunning visuals are just astounding at times with perfect lighting and shade.

However, if you want to progress through X’s main storyline quickly, you’ll be in for a sharp surprise. All story chapters require players to hit certain levels, location survey rates and complete affinity quests before embarking on the next mission. While this is a fantastic way to explore Mira, as well as gain closer connections to the game’s well-voiced characters, it’s also a little mundane. Tirelessly running through segments of the GamePad’s map to install the next data probe on a Frontier Nav site – primarily to increase the location’s survey rate and add to your miranium and revenue levels – can be a real chore.

After 40 hours of traversing the landscape, seamless as it is with the map’s fast travel mechanic, I managed to pick up my skell after completing Chapter 6. Arguably the most intoxicating part of the game, equipping your skell is a dream. Players can augment and stylize their skell to their liking before taking it on its first outing. Once my avatar hit level 30, I vouched for the Verus ST which comes with the G-Buster hard-hitting beauty of a weapon and well worth all those credits to purchase. Though it’s probably one of the most difficult skells to handle, its hulking and shiny mass of metal is just too wonderful to resist. However, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be able to fly with your skell from the get go. No, unfortunately that’s another lengthy wait.

The flight module is only available after completing Chapter 9, along with an affinity mission. And though it’s stomach crushing to realise you’re still hours away from taking to the skies Iron Man style, once you do, Xenoblade Chronicles X reveals its true power and splendour. Those starting areas such as Primordia and Noctilum that took you hours to traverse to and from on foot before, now takes you mere minutes.

Take pleasure in hovering above New LA in your skell, flying above mountains, skimming over water, exploring the absolutely gorgeous Sylvalum or fiery Cauldros, and you’ll find the grandeur really does take your breath away. And though the satisfaction of flight is like eating your weight in gold, receiving the module after near enough 70 hours of gameplay is almost too much to ask of the standard first-time player. If there is any flaw at all with Monolith Soft’s game concerning mechs, it’s the extent to which you must play to find the most breathtaking part of the title.

Augment and customise your skell to your liking – just don’t expect to understand what you’re doing… at all. Happy flying!

As expected in a traditional RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X displays an extensive levelling and upgrade system to really get your teeth into. Once you’ve passed the game’s beginning chapters, you can then select a weapon class, ranging in various offensive and defensive strategies, and choose from up to eight divisions. These eight divisions play a specific part in X’s online gameplay as well, giving players’ the chance to work towards a common goal in squad missions and division spoils, alongside boosting daily rankings and providing other in-game rewards. There’s a strong sense of community in X with its online missions, yet it’s never intrusive, allowing players to experience the storyline at their own pace.

Working towards increasing your BLADE level – the game’s acronym for Builders of the Legacy After the Destruction of Earth – is one of your main goals in X. Depending on which division you choose, performing certain in-game actions will increase your BLADE level, which then unlocks new exploration abilities out in the field by improving your mechanical, archaeological and biological skills. With the game focusing heavily on exploration, you’ll find music is a key part of X’s feel. Luckily, the mix of rock, rap and ballad tones are rich and invigorating for play, though they will certainly turn a little stale after 30 or so hours.

Keeping to X’s rhythm is the fantastic array of weapons, gear, art palettes and skill sets on offer. Battling against huge indigens is as wonderful as that delicious salty or sweet snack you’ve hidden in your desk drawer, forgotten about, and then found a week later. It’s an ultimate score, especially when there are so many varieties to battle. By using your art palette at the bottom of the game screen, you can unleash superb attacks that range from a flame whip to a lightning burst shot. With stat buff and debuffs to use, players can team up to slay an enemy with strategy in mind. And while skills can be equipped, upgraded, and take effect automatically, arts need a little more love. Reaching new class ranks will unlock new arts and are easily switched around in the upgrade menu. Complex, perhaps, but it’s a system RPG fans will adore.

Take the fight to indigens and increase your level, BLADE rank and upgrade your arts palette. Give them a good thwomping!

With affinity missions and side quests seen as another strand to X’s core gameplay, there’s plenty of character development to witness. One of the many side mission highlights players will experience is the moment Tatsu – the friendly, jiggling Nopon – is reunited with his mother. It’s a touching and adorable sequence; one that is echoed throughout Mira and helps to keep the game electric and in motion, even through its level grinding parts.

One other side mission to highlight which is of peculiar and fascinating merit is found on the outskirts of Primordia at the Bianho Plant. Emerging straight from Alien, the side mission injects some unexpected but completely refreshing horror into the game. In fact, many of the side missions are so good that they stress how mundane and dull X’s main storyline can be. Of course, many other missions can be found in NLA’s administrative hub and are categorised into social, gathering and bounty quests – once accepted they will be listed under the missions tab on your start screen.

Sadly, one of Xenoblade Chronicles X’s main flaws resides with its mission explanations. Gathering quests can be nigh on impossible if you’re not clued up on the game’s enemies, surroundings and item drops. Partaking in fruitless searching in an enormous map can be terribly frustrating, particularly if it’s part of an affinity quest and you’re locked into it. It’s in these moments, when you are running or swimming through barren wastelands with nothing but indigens and scenic plants at your side, that the game presents its difficulties. Couple that with New LA storyline side quests that aren’t marked on your GamePad map screen and are only labelled with question marks within the on-screen mini map, it can really test your patience.

The adorable Tatsu is just one of the many highlights in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Just, er, don’t put him in a stew.

But we must give credit where credit is due as Monolith Soft has utilised the GamePad superbly. Using this as your in-game communication device, you can fast travel, change data probes, and switch fluidly from one map screen to another with a choice of segment or terrain view. However, X is enjoyed the most on a HD TV screen, a Wii U Pro Controller for longer play sessions and the GamePad by your side. Since the game relies heavily on exploration and map usage, off-TV play is a firm no-go zone; the game’s text is hard enough to read as it is without locating a magnifying glass!

Having played almost 80 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X, the sheer scale of gameplay is enough to satiate any franchise fans’ appetite. But with the game’s poor storyline, odd chapter pacing with strange difficulty spikes, frustrations with music drowning character dialogue, and its bloated menus which are particularly hard to decipher for beginners, it certainly has some sore spots. The complete lack of being able to level up all your playable characters at the same time is also a minor frustration, particularly when Elma and Lin are forced upon you for main storyline missions. Sadly, it’s all these niggling factors that equate to a rather large problem with X and reduce its overall appeal.

Yet, with all that said, Xenoblade Chronicles X is a deeply engrossing game. The dramatic visual backdrop and superb action gameplay alone will keep you hooked for days, weeks and months on end.

8.5 / 10


  1. Honestly, I don’t think the story is poor at all.

    Main story is perhaps a bit underdeveloped, but collectively off all the story and affinity missions throughout the game offer up a lot of great moments.

    1. I agree. The affinity missions were the meat of this game. In fact, I would turn the game on, play for hours and never touch a main story mission. Most story missions were very short, and were used just to keep the story moving forward. Affinity missions gave you character depth, character background, and actually added important information you might not otherwise have known about to the main story line. They also had very satisfying rewards for completing them, such as special arts or entire armor lines. Not to mention they are all fully voice acted with cutscenes. I personally thought X’s story had more depth to it than any other jrpg I have played, including the original Xenoblade. The only thing is you have to actively pursue affinity missions to discover it. This game is not for casual player, and that’s what I love about it.

      1. The main storyline was poor. But the side quests and affinity missions were above par and absolutely excellent. The main storyline just paled in comparison to it, excluding perhaps Chapter 7 and 8 where it really hit the spot in terms of how vast the battles really could span. Again, that’s more on gameplay than plot. I just wish the main plot had more… oomph. All in all, I really enjoyed it. :)

        1. Yea, the story missions were a disappointment. Some could be completed in 10-15 minutes. That really bugged me at first, but after I realized that the story missions were nothing more then glorified cutscenes, and the real game was in between story missions, that’s when I really started to enjoy this game for what it was.

  2. Nice revision. I’m glad you mentioned how the sense of scale sinks into the player with the introduction of skells. I also agree with the pacing problems, which aren’t really that obvious in the first hours of the game.

    I’m not too bothered by the lack of extra information, that’s the kind of thing that you’re supposed to either invest some time into or just look up. There’s no sense of mystery if everything’s plainly told to you, but I guess someone will disagree. Besides, people who are already familiar with Xenoblade Chronicles shouldn’t have much of a hard time familiarizing themselves with the menus, investing themselves on the fetch quests and optional missions.

    1. Thank you! The review was still based on a beginner’s perspective, seen as I am new to the series. And I think it’s still a worthwhile call to base it on that, given the amount of people new to the series with the 3DS version not long released. Cheers for reading once again and your comments. :)

      1. Sure, it’s worth mentioning. I was just stating that it’s easier to get used to it if you’re familiar with how well-hidden some mechanics were in the original. Congratulations on the review, it’s not an easy title to write about.

  3. Yeah the game doesn’t really start till ch3-4 for me as well. I’ve liked the story so far, not as much as the wii one, but its still nice

  4. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

    All the issues she mentions… *sigh* Yeah. When I finally get this game, a boob slider will be the least of my problems with this game. I dare say it but this might actually end up being a rental first just to make sure I can stomach the problems with the game. Gamefly, I’ll be getting you soon enough. Since this game has no real connection to the original Xenoblade Chronicles, yeah. I’m definitely not in any real hurry to get this game.

    1. Yeah I’m not in a rush neither. I’ve been prioritizing my time to my studies and I can’t afford to have any distractions. If I get this gave now, there’s a chance I won’t turn my Wii U off for a week lol

      1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

        Same. Of course, for me, it would be my poor PS4 that doesn’t get any attention. lol

        1. Lol, for me, my Wii U hasent been getting any attention. If only Zelda Wii U was released then…And it would’ve been nice if Paper Jam was for Wii U.

    2. It’s personally my favorite game of the Wii U’s entire lifespan. The problems she talks about in the review are real, but are heavily shadowed by the positives in this game. The character progression, customizations, and just the sense of exploration you get from this game is unlike any other. And I’m not just saying that, this game is unique, there is nothing else like it on the market. I have not experienced such a raw since of exploration in a game since playing Ocarina of Time for the first time, stepping into Hyrule Field. My favorite games are games that trigger certain emotions or feelings when I play them. There are VERY few games that can successfully accomplish this. Maybe five or six. Xenoblade Chronicles X is one of them.

      1. My only issue with the game is the half-baked Pro Controller support. The touchscreen on my gamepad broke, so I was more than happy to hear the game supported the Pro Controller, thinking it would be like Wind Waker HD, where you can play the entire game using only the Pro Controller. However, the map and all its functions are exclusive to the gamepad, meaning I can look at the map, but fast travel, messing with probes, all those features are just out of reach for me :\

  5. Oh no, “Playing a game” is a real chore…when talking about data probes and surveying. Boo hoo. It’s not that hard, just spend an hour roaming around getting as many probes as you can. Plus when you can fly you can basically get almost all of them easy peasy.

  6. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

    I wonder how much hate poor little Tatsu gets. Fans of stuff like XCX tend to be pretty hateful of cute characters. I won’t be surprised if Tatsu is the new Ewoks, Jar Jar Binks, or Riki.

    1. Oh, I find Tatsu hilarious, especially when Lin constantly tries to cook him. Although there are parts of the game where you will say out loud “what the FUCK, Tatsu?” but I do not wish to spoil those.

      1. >>>Well Tatsu isn’t human so why would he think or feel exactly like a human at those particular situations?>>>

          1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

            Oh; I was supposed to stop reading at the dash? :o Oops. lol Oh well. That doesn’t seem like much of a “Oh my god! The game is ruined for me now! You’re going to fucking die, you spoiler scumbag!” type of spoiler for me so no harm done. >.<

            1. I’m so sorry- I didn’t know my first SPOILER and my several shift spaces didn’t go through. Looks like I need a proofreader XD.

              Well, I hope it was at least vague enough that when you reach that part, its tension and effect still holds.

              1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

                In the heat of the moment when I finally play the game, I’m sure I’ll forget all about this little thing. And to help me forget this, I’m going to avoid this conversation like the plague now. lol

  7. This was one of my favorite games last year. but I had a few issues with the game myself.

    My main issues were in skells. Because of how damn easy they make it to grind and how fast you get to places, it kills the pacing and the exploration elements that are amazing otherwise. Granted, that grinding is helpful post game because it’s impossible to defeat most level60+ monsters without either a skell or an immensely broken ground set up (i’m looking at you Shadow Walker + Blossom Dance.) I mostly wish there was more justification to flying than getting to places fast. Very few places actually require you to have the flight module.

    I also wish there was more to the multiplayer. While there are obviously good reasons to do it — materials and a renewable source of Battle Points — I hate that quests are first come first serve. Some people will constantly switch lobbies just to steal the quests and leave. You cannot guarantee what quests will come out of the goodie bag either so if you’re grinding for specific things, don’t count on it.

  8. Great Review, I pretty much agree with everything. So far I’ve also played around 80 hours and I like the game a lot and can’t wait to play more but it sure can be frustrating at times.
    I would love it if they’d patch the game. They could add that yellow circle to your map when you’re searching for items instead of saying “It’s on this continent” and then you’ll run around for hours and hope to find it. Also some way to adjust the audio (I’d mute that NLA track in an instant. It still annoys me even after that many hours).

  9. Technically speaking the data probes are fucking easy. If the production has a A or S the you’ll supply plant a mining probe there. If it’s high in revenue then you’ll plant a research probe there. It not that fucking hard. It think that was a chore then good luck with your tax return organization.

    They only problems I had with this game is the holes in the story mode. The fucking background music overpowering the spoken dialogue at times and the game not explaining the some important shut that can easily go unnoticed.


    1. Thanks for your comments! Data probe installation wasn’t the real problem, it was only ever a problem due to lack of explanation for beginners and what would lift your survey rates other than the installations. Once I figured out the grading system it was fine too. But again, if it wasn’t for helpful fans, I would never have found some of those items you need to pass your skell exams in the gathering mission!

      Glad you enjoyed the game. :)

  10. >>>I’ve almost played for 3o0 hours and completed everything except 3 big tyrants that are still impossible to beat unless I have at least 2 more Ares Skells>>>

    >>>I don’t get what’s so bad about the story, it’s better than basically 98% of all movies last year and games as well as the ending is not cliche at all>>>

    >>>With that said, the only thing that bothers me is the incredibly hard gathering missions where some items are incredibly rare and only appears at certain times or weather conditions>>>

    >>>It’s basically impossible to get them without asking for tips or help unless you want to waste another 300 hours seeing patterns or getting lucky just driving around collecting endlessly>>>

    >>>The difficulty in the main story is perfect but if you are a coward grinding for hours to get your characters and skells in way higher levels then your choice but then the game gets boring and you won’t get much of a challenge>>>

    >>>One last bad thing about the game is that for such a grand world it should have had way more music, specially concerning NLA and battle themes as the NLA are bad as Xbots>>>

    >>>I give the game a 9/10 and is the best Wii U game without real online gameplay and one if the best Wii U games by far>>>

    1. i can agree with everything though i’ve clocked in at about 70hrs, some of the rare items do spawn in the ocean but with a higher rate, well a bit more than its original location but still. the music, i like a couple of them and i do agree that it needs more, some sound similar to other songs like the nla theme almost sounds like ‘do you know the enemy’, the song ‘black tar’ sounds like the intro to db gt. most of the story is through affinity missions. as for the collectapedia, there need to be a method in where once registered it tells you the exact location, not, Beagflea Squash – location: Oblivia, where in oblivia is it? this would be appropriate Beagflea Squash – Location: Oblivia north of Dorian Caravan or something like that. which is why i dont do gathering missions until i have the required amount then accept to instantly complete it. i kinda wish the game came with a built in full strategy guide like deus ex human revolution dc or a pdf in the wii u browser like how they provided when earthbound finally came to the wii u vc.

      1. >>>Well the Prima guide or whatever is called is almost a complete guide which came with the Limited Edition if I’m not mistaken>>>

        >>>If people were more intelligent for once, they would see that through the Afiinity Missions and Normal Missions, the main story is expanded even more as they tell the story from the different characters’ point of view as well as the different alien spacies>>>

        >>>It just makes it a more detailed complete story and certain affinity/normal missions are required to unlock certain things like the flight module>>>

          1. D-Did you actually make a typo?

            With all jokes aside, with the amount of time you spent with this game, I trust your words more than the article.

            1. >>>Experiencing some rare glitches within my system lately, still searching for the cause>>>

              >>>I’ve played almost nonstop since it came out because I wanted to finish it completely before the “otherworldly” chores commence>>>

              >>>Now I basically have to “grind” for the rare items as well as complete squad tasks to get reward tickers so I can get the items to buy new Ares Skells>>>

              >>>This gigantic tyrant on top of a certain “mountain” killed me about 4 times now>>>

  11. I am loving xenoblade chronicles x. More so than the original. Even sub quests in that game have twists and turns, becoming their own tales and fleshing out the diverse members of New LA’S society. The combat is frantic but exciting and the world is breathtaking. Fashion armor is also a feature that needs to be in every rpg EVER. I like making my own hero, too. I’m also glad over Nintendo’s changes to the game. I think it makes the title more inclusive and mature imho. There’s no need for sexualizing features or child sexualizing. I find this respectful and more mature. I’m 28 and glad for experience. I just love the game honestly and impressed with the details the more I play it. It’s worth owning my wii for.

  12. Glad for the updated review, does it justice.

    As others have said, just go on a probe run and get it out of the way. I did full on exploration of the world the first chance I got, after that I was able to fast travel for all my missions.

    Agreed on the loud music, wish it could be lowered in volume.

  13. THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I Finish chapter 10 now i’m a do side quests to get to Chapter 11. i have 5 skells there name are:


    i’m a code lyoko fanboy lol.

        1. How is your grinding going and I will beat chapter 4 sooner or later I’m still grinding my people to probably level 40 now and I’m saving up the money so I can get all of the best armor for the characters or may keep saving up

  14. I am loving the game so far. I don’t see why some people dislike the storyline; it isn’t as bad as it was made out to be. My only problem so far has been constant disruptions in balance- I can be 7 levels higher than boss monsters and yet they can wipe my team out within a minute despite playing my best. Thank goodness they allow you to lower their level if you lose enough times.

    Otherwise, this is nearly as incredible as the original Xeno.

    1. Wait lower there level I haven’t heard of that but I wouldn’t do it anyway I would make sure I’m much much stronger then the monsters and are you equipping the best ground armor you have for each person and or buying better armor for your squad and picking and equipping certain skills and arts and soul voices that go with your play style and if not then all of that will be a major reason why you are getting destroyed

    1. >>>Download the datapacks first, it takes about 2 hours or more to download them and it’s worth it>>>

      1. Yeah, I’m working on resolving that issue. Ill probably still snag it just to get it out of the way, but I want a flawless experience while playing. I actually just officially fired up my Wii U two days ago! I’ll say it’s definitely “Nintendo”.


          1. Well, I’ve been busy. It’s allowed time for me to learn as much as I could second hand from people here about their joy and experience with the system. Now it’s my turn, no pun intended.

  15. I really want to want this game. But I just have no desire. Defintely not my cup of tea. Same as Bayonetta wasn’t. Though I WAS going to buy Bayonetta 2 the other day, but suddenly no stores ANYWHERE had it in stock. So I said screw it!

    1. >>>Besides Animal Crossing you don’t seem to like any game that has even the smallest amount of challenge regardless of genre as far as your conments have gone for almost 18 months or so>>>

  16. Still my favorite soundtrack of all time, despite what the naysayers say (yes, I even like the NLA themes and Black tar and all that). There’s only one song that I’m not keen on, but I haven’t heard it in context yet, so we’ll see if I like it better then (I’ve only finished chapter 5).

  17. Hello Miss, just adding an information here. When you walk around NLA you will sometimes find NPC’s with a yellow ballon above their heads. If you get close you will get a piece of information and it will be added to the FrontierNet, that is the gamepad map. In this way, you can get to know the location, time and requirements of heart-to-hearts but more importantly of Normal missions (and even affinity missions who are not marked in the gamepad yet if I am not mistaken). This way, the problem with not finding storyline sidequests is not really a problem. As you mentioned, the game likes to reward the ones who explore. If one explores NLA for the sake of curiosity before, he would proprably have no problem when the time to get a certain missison from a NPC’ in the city comes, because he will probably have the frontierNet upgraded by the yellow balloon NPC’s.

    Similarly in another point, I will use myself as an example. From the entirely main story, I had only one situation where I decided to do a story mission and I could not due to not reaching the requirement (chap 3 I believe, needed 15% of noctilum and I had 13%, quite easy to get 15 though). After that I did not even had to bother to check the requirements of the story missions cause every time I decided to do one I had already met the requirements before naturally. It was like, hey you need this affinity mission to get this story mission, oh no problem, I already did basically all the affinity missions available cause I wanted to, because well, they are cool.

  18. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

    NLA’s music does not change at all as the game progresses? Are you fucking serious!? If you are going to have a main hub that you frequent a good majority of the game, at least have the music change over time. This is why I like Warriors Orochi 3’s main hub: the music actually changes as you progress. Not only that but the main hub actually changes appearance, too, as the story progressed. In fact, the game shouldn’t have started 6 months after NLA was fully built. Should have started when the city was still being repaired & built so you can come back to NLA at times & go “oh look! something new is here! yay! time to explore the new parts of the city!”

    What a huge missed opportunity to do a Colony 6 rebuilding thing in XCX but on a much larger scale. Tsk tsk…

    1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

      This bothers me a lot, though. Why? Because one of my favorite things to do in Xenoblade Chronicles was rebuild Colony 6. It’s fun to rebuild it in different ways on the next playthrough. Instead of rebuilding this & that first, you rebuild this or that instead to see how different the entire colony looks without this or that rebuilt. Something fun I’m still doing to this day with the original Xenoblade. I guess this is just one more reason not to rush to get this game & just enjoy the original Xenoblade in the meantime.

      1. >>>While I don’t really care in this game whether you could rebuild your colony or not, I expected that NLA would somehow get more complete for each chapter but it doesn’t in terms of infrastructure>>>

        >>>According to many, X is a lot better at character development and so on than the original which is fine by me as the game gets a deeper meaning story wise too>>>

      2. As you go far in the game, some sidequests will allow you to immigrate new alien species to NLA. This will increase the number of inhabitants and will bring many more normal missions, some of which with deep/dark stories and that allow you to get to know their culture and the problems humans have with living with other species. In this sense, you feel the city evolve, as with new immigration the city becomes more alive.

        1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

          I guess that’s one way to rebuild something. lol How many new species are we talking about here, anyway, number wise? Aside from the Nopon, of course.

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