Here’s A Look At The Game Boy Macro The Unofficial Successor To The Micro


Ever fancied a redesigned Game Boy Micro? Well, if you leave your Nintendo DS with Anthony Thomas he will redesign it into this fantastic looking Game Boy Macro. Here’s plenty of images of the nifty little device to make you a little envious.

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  1. So you end up with half a DS/Lite that can’t play DS games…
    Seems to me modding a GBA with a higher quality, back lit LED screen (I’ve seen them somewhere, though can’t remember where right now) would do the same thing. And you wouldn’t have to essentially destroy a system just to do it. And then you could also play GB and GBC games.
    This really just doesn’t even remotely appeal to me, are these that good?

  2. I see metroid fusion which I beat with cheats in 45 minutes with 0 percent I’m rusty and need more cheats to get in the mid to low 20 minutes with 0 percent then once I have the codes I need do a 100 percent run

  3. Wow the comments, so much negativity, what is wrong with you people, there are tons of broken DS Lite out there that you can get for less than $10-20. I have like 3 DS Lite, one is complete and working fine, I use it mostly for DS games, and the other two have some problem with the hinges or the upper screen, and it is cheaper to make a Macro to play gba games than replacing the pieces. And is much lighter and comfortable than playing on a full DS, because most of the weight comes from the top half. Also it is not as simple as removing the top half, you have to solder a resistor to override the top screen check and then try to fit the resistor and speaker inside the bottom shell, it’s no easy task for everyone. The AGS-101 is not easy or cheap to find outside USA and I think giving a second life to one of those broken DS is a good thing. The only problem is the cartridge sticking out, but it’s not a big deal and you can also mod a DS Fat where the cartridge goes all the way in.

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