That Rumoured New Wii U Game Could Be Paper Mario

We heard earlier today that Emily Rogers and Liam Robertson were teasing that they were aware of the existence of a unannounced Wii U title and were willing to spill the beans on Monday. Well, it seems as though they have lifted the lid early on the announcement and the game they were planning to reveal is Paper Mario for the Wii U. Apparently the game is currently being localised and tested. Here’s what Emily had to say!

Thanks, MasterPikachu6




    1. Considering that Paper Mario has generally not sold incredibly well (it’s about on par with Mario & Luigi in sales), it probably won’t sell millions, but I’m absolutely hyped nonetheless (although I’m still telling myself it’s fake so that I don’t get disappointed if it is fake).

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      1. True, but I have a feeling that a Wii U Paper Mario game wouldn’t sell quite as much as 64 did (considering many factors). Not to say that I don’t want it to be successful (it’s one of my favorite series).

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    2. I don’t think so. I won’t be negative since there are a lot of PM fans posting, but… Well, I guess I should be glad the WiiU continues to make it easy to spend my money elsewhere.

      It’s my Xenoblade Box and TV web browser, and that’s about it.

      Happy for the Mario fans I guess!


      1. The web browser works really well for streaming HD videos. And the gamepad interface makes it really convenient. I just wish there was a better way to shut off the screen when I’m not using it. Honestly, I’ll probably be using the Wii U for this After the NX comes out; unless the NX has a similar or more convenient way of doing just this.




      1. Things I personally want in Paper Mario U
        1) Shy Guy Partner. I wish to carry that chaos element and tame it.
        2) Paper Mario Amiibo
        3) In the Thousand Year Door, Luigi mentioned another kingdom with a different Princess. That story piqued my interest in Mario exploring a different kingdom such as Sarasaland.

        In any case, I have complete faith in Intelligent systems- So long as it returns to the turn-based gameplay.

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  1. I ready for a traditional Paper Mario, since it’s been long enough… Or even an HD remake of both PM64 and TTYD in one package on the Wii U would be cool (and an announcement of Paper Mario NX, but I’m just thinking waaaaay too wishfully at this point).

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  2. Jaded Professor Ridley Bowie X3 {R.I.P. David Bowie, the One & Only Goblin King! R.I.P. Alan Rickman, the Awesome Professor Snape!} says:

    Building up hype for a rumor with some people actually getting hyped to hear said rumor. *sigh* See what you’ve done, Nintendo! This gen has been so horrible where you guys are concerned that this is what we are reduced to: getting excited to hear about a rumor.

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    1. This gen hasn’t been horrible for them at all, where games are concerned. You are all so fucking delusional. SSB4? Mario Maker? Bayonetta 2? Tropical Freeze? Wind Waker HD? Sonic Lost World? Pikmin 3? Captain Toad? Mario Kart 8? Splatoon? Mario 3D World? Woolly World? Kirby Rainbow Curse? And hell, some people like Hyrule Warriors and Wonderful 101. I personally really enjoyed Nintendo Land with friends (gasp! Real life friends!). You guys are always so damn cynical, it’s a disgrace.

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      1. You named a whopping fifteen games. One of which was a remake. Several were very niche games. A few that while good, were lower tier and not AAA. Sonic Lost World had horrible reviews and didn’t sell very well. Virtual Console is an absolute joke that even The Joker himself would feel guilty about. Third party support is non-existent, and although that isn’t all Nintendo’s fault, they do share in the blame for that. So yes, this generation has been terrible. You’re just a fanboy and will defend Nintendo no matter what apparently. That is the real disgrace. Nintendo doesn’t walk on water. If we praise them no matter what, then they will not improve.

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      2. Oh excuse me. Sixteen games. Nintendo Land. Yeah. Fun. But again, not even close to AAA. And it got old. And I take it that crack at “real life friends” is a knock on those who complain about Nintendo’s online capabilities. I myself am not a big online gamer, but I absolutely recognize that millions of other gamers are, and I side with them. Sony and Microsoft may charge for theirs, but from what I hear, they are leaps and bounds ahead of Nintendo in that department. It’s 2016. Nintendo needs to get with the times. Not everyone lives down the block from little Joey from elementary school anymore.

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      3. That’s it? 4 years and that’s all we get? 4 of those games are sidescrollers, which Nintendo relies on a bit too much for my liking. Captain Toad is basically a glorified Mario 3D world mini game. I have a few of those games, some don’t really appeal to me. On Xbox One, there’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Halo 5: Guardians, Master Chief Collection, Gears of War, Just Cause 3, Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Rare Replay, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, Elder Scrolls Online, GTA V, Witcher 3, Forza Horizon 2, GTA V, Sunset Overdrive, State of Decay, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Ryse: Son of Rome, Project Spark, Killer Instinct, Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, and I’m sure I’m missing a few. Rare Replay includes 30 games, and the Banjo games alone provide over a hundred hours alone. And the Master Chief Collection is 4 games in 1. All of this with the Wii U having a year head start? Wii U fans have a right to be upset.

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      4. Why thank you! In regards to your comment about Nintendo falling behind on online, I wholeheartedly agree. As a PS4 and XB1 owner, I enjoy being able to chat with friends, even if we’re not playing the same game or live streaming my gaming session and sharing my experiences with others around the world. Miiverse is a step in the right direction, but it feels outdated compared to the competition. I may sound harsh in criticizing NIntendo, but that is only because I know what they are capable of. And the games that they have put out recently do not have the Nintendo quality that so many fans have come to expect.

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      5. This is coming from someone who owns all current gen consoles and a PC but just like some of those games don’t appeal to you some of those games you mentioned don’t appeal to everyone. A lot of those are multiplats so they are also on ps4 and playstation has arguably better exclusives.
        Halo 5- any real halo fan will tell you halo has been dead since halo 3.
        MCC- last time i heard that thing was a completely broken mess and didn’t even bother trying.
        Gears- haven’t tried but seems ok i guess
        Sunset- meh
        Horizon 2- Awesome
        Dead Rising- good
        Titanfail- lol
        ryse- mediocre
        project spark…..
        killer instinct- couldn’t get back into it like the older ones
        rare replay- pretty awesome that we get to play some REAL rare games.
        As far as exclusives go.. xbox is failing pretty hard. Now with that being said Nintendo definitely needs to step their game up and get some third party support for once and completely restructure their atrocious online network so they can become relevant again.

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      6. Out of all those games, I’m only interested in 6, and that’s stretching when I include Fallout 4, Battlefront and Tomb Raider. Not to mention, those aren’t even exclusives. They are not a reason to get the system.

        I’m just saying this because it’s a bit silly to complain about a person’s taste and then impose your own as better, which to him is probably as unappealing as his is to you. Not that the comment you’re replying to wasn’t inflammatory or anything, I’m just not replying to him with the same comment because he’s been attention seeking for a while now.


      7. I literally only made an account to tell you how much of an fanboy you are.

        AC:S you fucking casual,

        Halo 5 …. seriously?,

        Master Chief Collection you gave shit the other dude mentioning wwhd

        Gears of War, thats actually good, nothing new but good.

        Just Cause 3 good for a multiplat

        Plants Vs Zombies
        You gave him shit for mentioning capitan toad you are both idiots.

        Rare Replay yay! Games from the 90’s!

        Rise of the Tomb Raider only reason I used my xbone in a while

        Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

        Elder Scrolls Online meh

        GTA V last gen game too! Yay

        Witcher 3 goty plays better on my ps4

        Forza Horizon 2 HAHAHAHA ,

        Sunset Overdrive,Good game actually not the reason I bought a xbone but it helped!

        State of Decay never really played I assumed its good

        Dead Rising 3 very fun!

        Titanfall, Ryse: Son of Rome its just as stupid as mentioning the the devils turd

        Project Spark same with state of decay

        Killer Instinct I liked mkx better

        Fallout 4 good

        Star Wars Battlefront still waiting for it to be released.

        You only mention 5 good games and like 3 were multiplats.

        Please dont even bother to try to reply I wont log in or come back. That being said I will recommed you to please dont breed we have enough with you. Your mom should have swallowed or please end our suffering from your fanboyism stupidity and kill yourself.


      8. You clearly don’t know what the definition of a fanboy is. A fanboy defends their company no matter what and any other company is automatically crap. Dantheman1776 is just criticizing Nintendo and showing how their lineup numbers pale in comparison to Xbox One. Your screen name is very childish, and your last paragraph is quite immature and shows you need to grow up. And you’re quite a coward. You made an account to do a hit piece on him, then run away and say you won’t be back. What a chickenshit. All because he dared to have a different opinion and not blindly follow Nintendo lock in step.

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      9. I’ll reply despite your suggestion not to. I didn’t mention WWHD, although the difference between that and Master Chief Collection is, WWHD you get 1 remake. Master Chief Collection, you get 3 HD ports and a remake of 1 with campaign and multiplayer available from all 4 games. All of that for the same price as WWHD. And games from the 90’s sell very well with Nintendo fans, which is why Nintendo re-releases them EVERY generation. I’m guilty of owning OoT on every Nintendo console since it came out, including 3DS. Speaking of games from the 90’s, I know Nintendo fans are excited for Red and Blue being re-released, just like I was excited for Rare Replay. I know I mentioned several multiplats, but that’s not the point. The point is, that there are games on the console. I don’t care that Microsoft didn’t make them, all it matters is that the games are fun and I get my value from them. Also, Garden Warfare has a lot more replay value than Captain Toad.

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      10. To Nintendo’s defence, the majority of those games are third party. Off the top my head, only like 10 exclusives are on that list. While every single game of those 15 he listed are exclusive. The Xbox has more good games, but the Wii U has much better exclusives.


      11. You are absolutely right, i was wondering if anyone was in these comment section with any type of sense, always bitching about the games when i think we got some fucking great games this gen from Nintendo, minus a few big 3rd party games, but fuck 3rd party games! Well most of them anyway im satisfied with my wii u and i don’t give a shit who don’t agree ,


      12. Yes, there were some great games. But not nearly enough. Just because you’re satisfied with scraps doesn’t mean everyone else is. Nintendo has done way better in the past, and so people who have actual expect much better from them. Fuck third party games? Yes, because anything non-Nintendo sucks, right? Please. And guess what? Us real fans and not blind worshipers don’t give a shit if you agree. It’s people like you that allow Nintendo to continue to put out mediocrity. If you’re ok with one or two good games a year, then you have very low standards.

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      13. I really have no interest in most of those games. Mario, yoshi, toad, DK? Come on. It’s Lazy. I play a game like Xenoblade X and think, Wow, this story, gameplay… It’s like reading a novel trilogy, it’s gorgeous and creative and directed at peopld that want a little more of an Adult-game environment. (Not saying adults can’t enjoy games like Yoshi Rsinbow world or Rehash your own Mario- we got bored after selling you 4 “new” mario platformers)

        Black Ops 3, for anyone wanting a fucking amazing story, it’s hollywood quality scripting and visuals. The only people who didn’t like it, Ironically were FPS’ fans.

        Ori, gorgeous and fun. And before anyone slams Rare replay, what do you think Nintendo does? Feeds you the same game over and over. (mostly)

        The best wiiu games were from Developers not stuck Smoking Mushroom kingdom weed.
        Bayonetta2, Shovel Knight, FRNeo, Human Resource Machine, ME3, XenobladeX, and a bunch of fantastic indie titles. They totally make the WiiU worth owning, but can’t sustain it alone.

        And why does everyone forget that Nintendo let the WiiU rot for almost 2 years? After doing the same with the 3DS prior. Of course it’s easy to support the WiiU NOW, and just brush everything under the carpet. The second Nintendo feels WiiU owners won’t crucify them for pulling support on the WiiU, they will bury it as quick as they can. Splatoon really turned out to be popular. I mean, what else were WiiU owners going to play, but it was good enough not as many people left Nintendo as I thought.

        I hope Nintendo, despite the apparent rebound of the WiiU, still learned something this Gen. Because if they feel like they “got away with it” and just repeat the same mistakes they always make, you’re all going to get screwed again come NX launch.

        For your sakes, I hope Nintendo is not as confident and comfortable with the WiiU as the rest of you. I HOPE, they are counting their blessings and take this as another chance to correct their mistakes next time.

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    2. A rumor from what, based on what I’ve seen about it so far already, comes from a credible source.

      Also–getting excited for a series which hasn’t had a very good recent installment is apparently the same thing as getting excited about a game because WHOA WHAT’S A GAME? NINTENDO SHOULD TRY MAKING THOSE!


  3. I’m not going to get my hopes up but if this is true this will be awesome news. I’m hoping it’s a mix of both The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario. Those were by far the best games in the entire series

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      1. >>>Its own funeral then, on the other hand, it is incredibly unimportant and useless to be concerned with>>>


  4. I wonder how Nintendo feels about one of their games being leaked. On one hand I feel bad for them that this game is going to be leaked before they can announce it, thus stealing their thunder. But then again with how ultra secretive they have been lately and the lack of transparency, not to mention the lies, broken promises, and numerous droughts, the other side of me says they deserve it.

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      1. Oh look! A fanboy! Let’s see. Reggie says no more droughts. We end up with several more droughts. Nintendo says we will get to use two gamepads. Never happened. Nintendo promises to make the virtual console great. Fail! And that’s just off the top of my head. Take off the blinders kiddo. Nintendo has absolutely failed on its promises.

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  5. Why for Wii U though when NX is almost out? For eff sake Nitnendo trying to support multiple systems at once is the reason SEGA has to quit. Just focus all your efforts on the NX now or don’t launch it at all and be stuck with the failing Wii U.

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    1. My only complaints about the Paper Mario series is that,
      1. There’s SO much text to read that it sometimes becomes overwhelming and mind boggling. It sometimes feels like the characters talking will NEVER shut up. Though there’s times when I appreciate that.
      2. The fact that the battles take place on a stage always sort of annoyed me. It makes everything that Mario does feel fake. Like, fake trouble, fake adventure, fake kidnapping of Peach, fake Bowser being a badass etc. Like they’re all just doing a play.
      Other than that, I love the Paper Mario series.


      1. There’s a difference in featuring lots of reading and being text-heavy. Those examples’ dialogues often interrupt the pacing of the game. I wouldn’t really call open world RPGs text-heavy, for example, and they probably have a larger script than those.


  6. Nintendo and Intelligent system WILL fuck thos up. No partners, Bowser is main villain, game 5h long, no badges, no level systems.

    Compatible with amiibos.


  7. well everyone i was right last year they mention that a new paper mario Wii U is being develop by intelligent games yeah they did mention that last year so we might get a better paper mario game.


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