Platinum Games Wants To Be One Of The Three Top Studios In The World

Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Minami has revealed to Famitsu that the company has extremely high ambitions. Minami says that he wants Platinum Games to be one of the three top video game studios in the world. He says the this isn’t just talk, but something they are hoping to achieve. They’ve certainly got a lot of high profile video games in the works right now.

But don’t look for Platinum Games to slow down anytime soon. Minami explains that there’s always the goal of becoming one of the three top game studios in the world. This isn’t all talk, but motivation. Says Minami, “If you don’t have that kind of feeling, you can’t keep on going. Ten, twenty years from now, I want to aim even higher.”



  1. The funny thing is, what he says seems really obvious, but for some reason isn’t. What company wouldn’t want to be in the top three? What company wouldn’t strive to get there? Yet there are plenty of companies out there being run by people who don’t seem to really care how well their company is doing, and just seem interested in the money that goes into their own pockets.

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  2. Well so many companies are shit these days like Capcom, Konami UBISOFT, EA so forth. But while they are top tier they might be able to get the number 3 spot. They will never beat Retro Studios. Sorry if you disagree but Retro is the king for me. Then Nintendo EAD themselves are up there so Platinum can be number 3.

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    1. Capcom is not as bad as those other three IMO. Yea, they have their greedy moments, and made a lot of stupid decisions… But they got Monster Hunter… soooo….. they get a pass..


  3. It’s not unlikely for them to actually pull that off. They’ve got some ways to go, but they’re already pretty darn strong so far.


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