BBC Claims That The Nintendo NX Is Expected For Release In June

Well, this is certainly interesting! Respected UK broadcaster the BBC is reporting that the NX platform is expected to be released in June. Where this information stemmed from is unclear at present and may just be a mistake on their part, but a June release for the handheld NX platform would certainly be interesting. We shall have to keep an eye on the article and see if they update the information.

Next month it is launching Miitomo, its first iOS and Android app, and is expected to release its new NX gaming platform in June.

Update: Now it says: Nintendo “is expected to release its new NX gaming platform around the middle of the year.”


Thanks, Hylian_Grouch



  1. “Random stranger claims NX will cone out tomorrow”
    Official or not, im not trusting any sources about NX. Some people somehow came to the conclusion that its coming out this year. Nothing was ever leaked (as far as I know) and everything surrounding it is a rumor

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  2. No way. The most we’ll even get by June is official news about it. If it does get a release this year, which I doubt it will, it’ll be around winter I assume.

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    1. -||Prepare to destroy the Xbot infidels Sylux, whether your sources are right or wrong, I don’t care, I just want to see a whole pile of dead Xbot corpses||-


  3. June of 2017 maybe …

    All signs point to absolutely Zero 3rd party software being anywhere beyond pre-alpha stage right now, and even most developers Begging for Dev kits are not being given access yet, with only a select few exceptions.

    A platform with nothing to play on it would be pointless … unless maybe the NX Portable has built in Perfect WiiU AND 3DS backwards compatability, with automatic cross buy. If I could buy a new NX, and as soon as I entered my Nintendo Account ID my entire library of WiiU and 3DS downloaded games were available for free re-download on a single device … that would be something.

    Who am I kidding? I’m a Nintendork who buys Nintendo platforms to play Nintendo Games. If only 2 games were playable at launch, Mario NX and a Wii-Sports/Nintendoland like game that shows off it’s unique features, I’d still buy it day one.

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    1. “All signs point to absolutely Zero 3rd party software being anywhere beyond pre-alpha stage right now”

      As if Nintendo cares about 3rd party games anymore….

      “A platform with nothing to play on it would be pointless”

      Welcome to the first year of the Wii U!


      1. Oh god the first year of Wii U was horrendous. I bought a Wii U at launch and didn’t play anything worthwhile on it until Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze came out. You’re probably right, I’m going to try to be a bit more optomistic though.


      2. It’s a double-edged sword here. I feel there won’t be a strong wave of release titles, but I’m more optimistic that the NX will be fully supported by 3rd parties. So maybe 6 months in it’ll be fully where they want it to be.


  4. Here is a Hypothesis. This “Source” saw a document that said the release date for the New Zelda game for both WiiU and NX is in June, and so assumed NX will launch with the game in June …

    … when in reality, only the WiiU version will be out in June, while the NX, and any games for it, will be planned for release this November, but ultimately be delayed until Spring or Summer of 2017, for obvious reasons.


    1. … or, more likely as I thought about it a bit more, the “Release” in question will only be the final reveal of what NX actually is, and not the actual launch date. What month is E3 again? Oh, right … JUNE.


  5. There’s no way this is true. If Nintendo was going to release NX this June, they would’ve revealed the system by now. They never release a system with revealing it far in advance.


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