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Disney Infinity 3.0 Will Remain The Main Disney Infinity For This Year

Disney Interactive has announced that it has no plans to bring out another Disney Infinity game this year. The company will instead build on Disney Infinity 3.0 which was released back in August 2015. So we won’t be seeing Disney Infinity 4.0 this year, but we will be seeing more play-sets for Disney Infinity 3.0 which is great news for existing fans. There will be play-sets coming based on the big movies Disney has planned for this year.

Disney Interactive today announced that four new play sets are coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 in 2016. Each of the four play sets features content from the four core brands: Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, and Pixar. “We’re pretty psyched about it,” Vignocchi says. “Once you look at the scope of content inside 3.0, it’s the largest amount of content ever inside of a Disney game, and hopefully it brings even more people to the platform since there are so many different options.”

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3 thoughts on “Disney Infinity 3.0 Will Remain The Main Disney Infinity For This Year”

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  2. I actually picked this up for ps4. it’s not terrible. it’s definitely a kids game but there’s still some fun to discover for everyone. on those days when you just wanna feel happy like you’re 10 again. it’s good to see that they wont abandon 3.0 yet. thooo, i wish that for the next game they’ll pump up the graphics. it freaking looks the same on all consoles basically. which makes it look kinda last gen…

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