Pokemon Creative Design Director Was Killed In A Windstorm

Some tragic news today as we have learnt that Pokemon Company International creative design director Eric Medalle was killed during a windstorm on Sunday. Medalle was taking one of his daughters for a drive and his vehicle was hit by a falling tree. Thankfully his daughter survived, but sadly Medalle didn’t. Our thoughts go out to his daughters and family. Medalle had been credited with several games in the Pokemon series. Here’s the games that he worked on.

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: English & European Graphic Design
  • Pokemon X and Y: English & European Graphic Design
  • Pokemon Black and White Versions 2: English Version Artwork
  • Pokemon Conquest: Graphic Design
  • Pokemon Black and White Versions: English Version Artwork
  • Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs: English-Version Graphic Design
  • Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions: English-Version Artwork
  • Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia: English Version Artwork

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Thanks, MasterPikachu6 and beatz7



      1. What do you want child and I’m playing x again I will 100 percent everything I’m grinding the current characters I have to level 60 then I will continue go do the side missions then when I get bored of those do the main mission and rinse and repeat then eventually beat the game but continue to do the side missions and all the rest of the stuff

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      1. In other words he saying the same thing I’m trying to tell sassori Jr. there. Don’t disrepect the people who made his games possible. Some people will never learn and he might be one of them if he can’t respect the elders. In other words, he may own the system as he said he owned before, but he also blindly hating for no reason.


  1. Oh. I thought this was about the guy in charge of Pokemon designs altogether but it’s just a guy working on the western releases. All the same, sucks this guy died and while driving his daughter around, no less. Poor girl. I hope this doesn’t scar her into thinking this was somehow her fault. :/

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  2. Wow..that’s horrible =(…but thankfully his daughter survived. Oddly, my car was also hit by a large tree last Sunday during a strong windstorm near Snohomish in Washington State…thankfully it didn’t hit my side of the car, but it’s totalled.


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