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Japan: Metroid Other M Out Now On Wii U eShop

Nintendo Japan has confirmed via its YouTube channel that Metroid: Other M is now available to download on the Wii U eShop. If you have a Japanese Wii U then the divisive game will cost you 2,700 yen. You can check the action packed game out in the trailer, below.

67 thoughts on “Japan: Metroid Other M Out Now On Wii U eShop”

      1. The reason, at least based on my dislike, doesn’t actually have anything to do with the game mechanically. It’s the fact they took a strong independent character like Samus and made her the complete opposite. It actually would have worked incredibly well as an origin story for her, showing her growth into the character we know but sadly they didn’t really put a lot of thought into that aspect.

        1. That’s what I was actually expecting from a game with Adam in it. Fusion had me thinking Adam died before the events of the first Metroid game. :/ Maybe Sakamoto listened to the fan uproar over Other M & will eventually retcon the game.

          1. Except we’re still getting FF and it’s still chibi-cartoony. And we have now seen how painfully slow the game is even by Prime standards, which FF still is not. To say he’s taking fan feedback seriously is premature at best.

            1. Except Sakamoto has nothing to do with the Metroid Prime franchise. You got Sakamoto mixed up with that asshat Tanabe who is in full support of Federation Shitforce.

        2. Exactly! If this had happened earlier in the timeline and this was only Samus’s 1st or 2nd time seeing Ridley after his attack that left her orphaned, I would have had no problem with “that” scene (still would have had problems with the authorization thing and that Adam still makes really stupid decisions overall though). But as it stands, Other M is one of the last stories in Metroid, with Fusion being the only story taking place after, and by this point Samus has squared off with Ridley at least 5 times before.

          1. Here’s a way to get through that scene without chunking your wiimote in frustration. Assume that Ridley has never actually died in any Metroid game except for Super Metroid. So when Samus sees him in Other M, she freaks out because he was actually supposed to be dead & she’s already mentally weakened from the Baby being dead & seeing Adam and Anthony again after so many years. It worked for me, anyway. lol

            1. But that’s why the game’s story is badly written. It doesn’t even EXPLAIN why she’s freaking out in the first place. The fact the scene has her turning into herself as a child probably didn’t help matters, either. *shrug* Too late now, though. Damage already done.

    1. i’ve played and beat it once and despite its flaws i like it, its a fun game, wont get it digitally as i bought it at gamestop for $10 and came with an unused club code

  1. I have been thinking of getting this game ever since it came out, but the negative reviews have been discouraging me from buying it…but now, I think I’m going try it to experience the game for myself. It can’t be THAT bad…can it?

      1. The WordPress up screwed up my reply to you, so I’m pasting it again:

        Except exploration and useful power-ups. You know, the franchise’s defining traits.

        Beyond that, the gameplay is nothing fantastic either. Mechanic-wise, the game’s polish is all over the place. The gameplay is serviceable at best.

    1. I’d say it’s one of the most over hated games ever. It has really fun gameplay and it looks pretty good for a Wii game. The story wasn’t good, and there are a bunch of plot wholes. But other than that it’s a pretty decent game.

    2. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

      -||It’s rather bad in terms of Metroid game with its story and partially game mechanics||-

      -||As a game it’s challenging and great||-

      1. It was more the fact that she wears normal boots in the Varia Suit, but then when it fazes out of existence she’s magically in heels. It’s just goofy lol

    1. Sounds like a soap opera scene XD. Yeah, that sounds kinda weird, but I’m a big Metroid fan, so I’m probably going to play it all the way through, even if I’m suffering.

      1. Are you going to play federation force since you may be suffering in this game because unlike a lot of people since I am a metro I’d fan I will hold judgement until I try it for myself if there is a demo and will definitely let it be known whether the game is bad or OK or absolute horse shit like Nintendo

    2. -and people still refuse to understand the Baby Metroid is an integral part of the story itself and it’s events.

      I never believed the hate the game got. I also have several explanations for some things in the game’s story. Some parts of it are stupid, I will agree, but lets start with the one a lot of people hated: Samus being under Adam’s command when she’s the most feared and powerful bounty hunter in the galaxy, and possibly the universe:

      Reason 1: Adam had knowledge of the Bottle Ship that she lacked, he and his men having been briefed before being sent to it. Samus is a third party who happened upon it. So joining up with Adam is beneficial to her survival on the ship cause Adam could warn her of dangers, among other things. The caveat being the romp through the Pyrosphere without the Varia feature active with I will deal with in reason 2.

      Reason 2: Adam allowed Samus to join the mission on the restriction that features of her Power Suit be locked down was reasonable. It’s not because he thinks Samus is stupid, or that the plot is treating her as such, it’s because, from a story standpoint, the power Samus’ suit has is highly dangerous, and once the beams leave the barrel, Samus has no control over the outcome, and as the Secter Zero cutscene showed, if she caused extensive damage to a sector, it would detach and explode, so it’s an issue of safety for himself, his men, and Samus. It’s also cause of the Bottle Ship’s connection to the Galactic Federation, he’s obligated to protect the GF’s assets. As for the romp through the Pyrosphere, my figuring is that Adam didn’t authorize it then because storywise, Samus’ training has prepared her for worse… that and it’s a very short amount of time compared to later in the game.

        1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

          -||The point is despite its few flaws, it still felt like a Metroid game unlike Federation Force Chibi nonsense||-

                  1. but seriously, if you’re not going to at least give a new Metroid game a chance just because it’s chibi or outside of your comfort zone because you think Metroid games should stick to the same formula every time then you’re not a true Metroid fan.

                    1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||


                      -||My word is final and you civilians can think whatever you want, my logic is the only thing that matters and I hold the essence of Metroid within me||-

                      -||Chibi nonsense has no place in Metroid and neither do idiotic sports, period||-

                    2. This is Metroid, not Zelda or Splatoon. You want a new artstyle? Stick with Zelda where it’s perfectly fine to switch the artstyle. You want a new formula for a game? Stick with Splatoon or ask for a new IP. And you think you are a true Metroid fan because you accept everything? lmfao That’s not being a loyal fan. That’s being a slave. Plain & simple. But enjoy Federation Farce, Color Splash, amiibo Festival, etc that are blights on the franchises they were shoved into. Just shows how much of a casual you are.

                    3. lol i’m a casual then, the way you guys take things so seriously is quite hilarious. i just try to be optimistic, positive, and open minded about things. i’ll pass judgement on the game after i’ve actually played it and if it sucks? oh well, there will be another one. ultimately you guys are just trying to compete to see who the biggest “real nerd” is and as someone who has been around your “scene” for many years i can assure you it is quite pathetic. i hope one day you can wake up and realize that and just relax lol

              1. He’s either trolling you, he’s a casual so he isn’t a true Metroid fan, or he’s both. Just ignore it.

      1. Don’t waste your time again. Some people have such seething hate for Other M that they won’t listen even if you have some logical explanation for some of the things that occur in the game. Believe me. I’ve tried. I even used something similar to defend the “Hell Run” by stating Adam didn’t tell her to activate the Varia Suit because he had faith in her capabilities to rush through a dangerous area like that. Hell! He eventually gives her permission to activate the Varia Suit of her Power Suit when she gets cornered into an inescapable area because a monster has trapped her. *shrug* Oh well. Just have to wait for Sakamoto to redeem himself. He wrote the awesome stories for Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, & the extended story for Zero Mission, so I am giving the guy the benefit of a doubt.

  2. People hate this game so much but I still hope they release it on the NA eShop, I always wanted to play this game but never really got a chance to.

        1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

          -||Besides the flaws it’s still somewhat a Metroid game and atleast it’s challenging, FF is incredibly boring, chibi nonsense that doesn’t feel like Metroid at all||-

          1. It’s Metroid in character/enemy/scenario design only, and even those aspects were quite bland compared to previous games in the series. Exploration was non-existent, although the atmosphere was decent.

            I didn’t find it challening at all, even without energy tanks. The evade + charge shot mechanic is ridiculously broken, it’s not even as challenging as any Ninja Gaiden on easy.

            I can forgive bad spin-off more easily than bad main entries, is what I’m saying. Bad spin-offs are quickly forgotten, but bad main entries stick out like a sore thumb in the franchise’s resumé for quite a while, especially if the game turns out to be as “controversial” as this one.

            1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

              -||Atmosphere > Exploration anyway but combined of course is what we all want||-

              -||I’m basing everything on the very first time you play a game, if you died once or a few times during “Veteran Mode” then it wasn’t easy||-

              -||Easy is when you never die at all or get hit||-

              -||Veteran Mode was just a perfect balance of challenge since you only had 99Hp||-

              -||Still the [Bioweapon Research Center] alone makes it a better Metroid game than FF ever will||-

              -||But Echoes will always be my favourite for eternity as of course I came from there too||-

              1. I take it you like Fusion better than, say, Zero Mission, then?

                I don’t think the number of times you die during the first run of the game has anything to do with overall difficulty. Think of QTEs or death traps. Those can cause an insta-death, but I wouldn’t call them hard at all, just unfair. The elevator scene near the beginning of the game comes to mind as an example of this.

                And as I mentioned, it doesn’t matter how much life you have when you can avoid anything that comes your way by brainlessly mashing the d-pad. Other action games like Bayo or even Ninja Gaiden have similar mechanics that work MUCH better than what was implemented in Other M, there’s literally no excuse.

                About the BRC, that area was just too similar to what appeared in Fusion to do anything for me. And too short and uneventful, if I’m recalling the game correctly.

                1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                  -||I think both are equal, Fusion was a tad better in Atmosphere and Zero was a tad better in Exploration||-

                  -||Of course those 2 game mechanics are excluded since they aren’t really your 100% gameplay, I only take into account when you play for real without such things||-

                  -||Well sometimes they could hit you if there were enough enemies around you attacking from all sides at once so it’s not 100% guaranted but otherwsie I agree that games like Bayonetta 2 specially has a better system for it||-

                  -||Maybe I got the name wrong, I’m thinking of the sector before the final confrontation with MB, the path that felt like Super Metroid in Tourian before Mother Brain||-

  3. On a story standpoint and Samus’s character standpoint, the game sucks completely. On the gameplay, creatures, collectibles, and exploration levels, however, the game is a blast. The game’s strong point definitely being the combat with dodges, over strikes, and the badass lethal strikes.

  4. As much as I love the return to 3rd person Metroid, but in 3D, not interested in getting this game a second time. I’ll wait for, hopefully, the inevitable retcon that retcons Other M out of the timeline. Preferably a prequel Metroid game of Samus’ days in the Galactic Federation under Adam’s command that features him dying at the end to save the rookie Samus’ life as some of us probably originally expected a game featuring Adam was going to be because Fusion made it feel as if Adam was dead for many, many years, not a couple of months. Oh & please bring back Anthony. I enjoyed his character. Wouldn’t mind if they kept Furby Ridley & Lizard Ridley canon, as well. Ridley turning out to be a far more vicious & dangerous Mogwai turned Gremlin was pretty awesome to witness. Too bad it was used in a game that many hate, though.

  5. I mostly agree with the Anthony part, even though how he survived the events in the Pyrosphere was as ridiculous as how Glen survived falling off a dumpster into a horde of walkers on TWD. I wouldn’t mind a Metroid game where he and Samus go on a joint mission where they separate in order to tackle different aspects of said mission but when they run into each other, it’s where they need to work together to open a path or defeat a certain enemy (like one where its weak spot is only available if another part of its body is under fire, so one must be the distraction and the other must exploit the opening).

      1. True, true. After all, even though there were others on the ship working with her, she was still alone for the most part.

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