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Video: Here’s How Amiibo Work In Hyrule Warriors Legends

Nintendo UK has uploaded a new video showcasing how your Zelda amiibo figures will work with the soon to be released Hyrule Warriors Legends on the Nintendo 3DS. The coolest new addition is the Wolf Link amiibo that came out alongside The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. This specific figure will unlock weapons for Midna. Non-Zelda related amiibo will also work with the game and will supply the player with random weapons, materials or rupees. You can check out how amiibo work with the game, below.


  1. although the game looks good i think i’ll stick with the wii u version and get the dlc via the eshop for the wii u version

    1. from somwebody who played the demo from my friends japanese copy on his new 3ds i must say i wasn’t very impressed but Medli, Tetra,Skullkid, king of Hyrule and Linkle are worth the dlc

  2. I do like the portability of this version. It seems like it’s going to be a good time occupier while I’m waiting in between collage classes.

    1. if they had beefed up the graphics like resi evil revelations than the game would be amazing

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