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Rumour: Final Fantasy XV Could Come To Nintendo NX In 2017

Update: This was an April Fools posted by the original source. Sadly the publication that also reported this failed to update the story to reflect this. Sorry!

Japanese gaming blog Gamekana is reporting that Final Fantasy XV will be coming to the Nintendo NX and PC before March 2017. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the rumour that the game is coming to Nintendo’s next generation platform and I doubt it will be the last. With Nintendo and Square Enix having a decent relationship it does seem more than plausible. We should hopefully find out for sure at E3 which takes place this June.


“We, Square Enix, the confirmation from the internal source, Final Fantasy XV, qui have, will be released on the Nintendo NX and PC before March 2017.”

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126 thoughts on “Rumour: Final Fantasy XV Could Come To Nintendo NX In 2017”

  1. That’s great and all but after trying out the platinum demo I don’t think I want to wait another 4 months to play it. Considering how much money went into it and what there expecting back, I do think it’s more than possible for an NX port.

  2. Of course the NX version will be the watered down forgotten port once the “definitive” next generation Xbox and PlayStation versions are released..

    Late to the game again Nintendo… Pathetic.

    Your like the soft spoken husband who dreamed to have his first child with his newly beautiful bride only to come home early from work and find a Mexican Gardner inpregnating her before you..

    Late to the game….

    1. Leave it to a stupid apologist like you to blame Nintendo for the mistakes of third parties that can’t even make content parity a thing in their own easy ports when it’s on a Nintendo system.

      1. You mean blame third parties for Nintendo giving them last-gen gimmicky hardware and not showing any interest in getting more third party support themselves? Riiiiiiiiight ◔_◔

        1. Well said, third party’s can only work within the confines of the hardware they are developing for. They are not to blame. Mother Nintendo, the harlot of this industry is to blame.

          1. No.
            The software they were working with was LAST GEN PORTS, on a system that was MORE THAN POWERFUL ENOUGH to handle said ports.

            They didn’t optimize the games, they didn’t include all of their content [and in many cases CUT CONTENT OUT FOR NO REASON], then WHINED ABOUT IT when they didn’t draw people to the system.

            Third parties are VERY MUCH to blame for LAST GEN THIRD PARTY PORTS.

            Not holding them accountable for their mistakes, makes you a miserable apologist with NO VALID OPINION.

            Sit the **** down.
            We’re done here.

            1. I hope you had saved enough Club Nintendo points to purchase those Yoshi knee pads when you had a chance, because you must really need them seeing that you’re in the fellatio position of the Kyoto harlot. Nintendo smiles down on you as you “please” them while they feed you bullshit lies and promises of “pleasa’aUndastaan”..

              It satisfies me knowing Nintendrones like you are the laughing stock of the gaming industry…

              You’re just a pawn in the larger picture of things which is the campaign to destroy a certain mechanical faggot and his empire…

              1. Can’t even form a coherent response to the criticisms, so you resort to nothing but childish ad hominem attacks.

                Good job proving me right.
                Sit down and shut up.

            2. You can’t put the blame entirely on them. It’s Nintendo’s fault that the Wii U was selling poorly, had a lack of advertisement, and was significantly underpowered compared to the other two consoles. None of that is the fault of third party companies. Ubisoft was probably the biggest one supporting it the longest. Other big companies (Take Two, Bethesda, etc) saw no reason to get involved with Wii U. They probably figured it would be a waste of their time trying to take the risk of gathering an audience on a console that wasn’t even selling well when they could just focus on their already existing ones that make them plenty of money. As for the last gen ports, I hate to break it to you, but even if they were all polished up working fine with all DLC included, that doesn’t mean they will always be a success. Assassin’s Creed 3 wasn’t even that late of a port. That one was off by like a couple weeks compared to the PS3/ 360 versions and only because the Wii U wasn’t out back then. It became a launch title, got supported with DLC, included the multiplayer, and look how that ended up. The Wii U contributed like nothing towards it’s sales. Assassin’s Creed 4 did miss out on DLC, but you are foolish if you believe that millions of people didn’t buy it for that one reason alone. What’s pretty funny is that those same people complaining about the LACK of DLC are the ones that also complain about Ubi constantly releasing TOO MUCH DLC in games! LOL! And Ubisoft could have easily added it in if that version of the game sold well enough, but if the base game ain’t even selling, then why waste more money into it? In fact, let me use a better example. Need For Speed Most Wanted U. The Wii U version is without a doubt the best console version. It included the previous DLC. However, it DIDN’T get the newer DLC that released a while later. EA said it could be added if the game sold well enough. It never got that DLC. What does this mean? That it did not sell well enough… The new DLC as I said wasn’t announced until awhile later. And prior to its announcement, the Wii U version already had everything in the previous game as well as having additional new Gamepad features. That was clearly not a lazy port so you can’t really use that as an excuse this time. A lot of Nintendo fans have shown that they have no interest in getting these kind of games on a Nintendo system. The people that wanted to pick up NSMBU on Wii U far outnumber the ones that wanted Assassin’s Creed. Look at the top selling Wii U games and I GUARANTEE it will be a Nintendo game sitting right at the top. Now look at PS4 and Xbox One. I’m not sure, but you’ll probably see CoD or GTA. Lol. Where’s CoD at on the Wii U though? I bet it’s way under a bunch of other Nintendo exclusives. Nintendo needs to do a better job at getting these kind of games to sell to people. They will happily churn out those Mario ads all year long but never really do anything for the bigger third party games.

              1. “You can’t put the blame entirely on them. It’s Nintendo’s fault that the Wii U was selling poorly, had a lack of advertisement, and was significantly underpowered compared to the other two consoles.”

                I never said I blamed them for Nintendo’s mistakes with the Wii U in advertisement and other areas.

                I place the blame on third parties for making ports of last gen games on it crappy when there was no excuse, technical or otherwise, to make them so.

                Those games failed to sell even to the die-hard Nintendo fans that got a Wii U despite its low sales.

                You can’t blame Nintendo for making those ports unattractive, because Nintendo had no hand in their creation.

                Third parties are responsible for the the sales of their games.
                When they fail to take that responsibility seriously, it does more damage to sales chances than hardware ever could.

                Furthermore, the failure of so many of these third party games right off the bat, was more than enough to kill off any interest people had in the few good games third parties made.
                Relatedly, in your Need for Speed example, you said they had the intention of putting in the DLC if it sold.
                But the flaw in that reasoning, which you cannot deny if you’re being fair and objective, is that having that DLC from the get-go would have made it sell closer to their expectations, if their expectations of a console with a small install base and little faith in third parties was a fair one.
                Similarly, you also cannot deny, if you’re being fair, that it was a mistake to expect a game that everyone already owns elsewhere, from years back, to sell anywhere near as much on a new console with no third party faith in its fans, as it did on systems where third parties are upheld as the best source of games.

                It’s not “foolish” to say that at least one or two million people who got a Wii U skipped on these games due to lack of content and having bought them before on other systems.

                It’s LOGICAL to skip on a version that comes out too late to be relevant, and with missing content to boot.

                When third parties make every mistake possible to piss off Nintendo gamers, it’s OBVIOUS that they’re going to pick NSMBU over Assassin’s Creed.

                The harsh truth which has to be accepted by third party lovers, is that third parties didn’t do anything to make themselves loved on Wii U.

                They are the ones that dug that grave, not Nintendo, because Nintendo had no hand in deciding that Nintendo fans weren’t worthy of games with content parity, or of new games instead of old ports.

                That was all on third parties, who wanted to skate by on old ports like they do on other systems, then fled when they failed to recognize just how stupid an idea it was to expect the sales of a 3 or 4m install base console’s multiplats to match those of consoles with nearly twice that install base, when the games don’t have the content needed to inspire buyer confidence, let alone enough new games from said third parties to off-set the damage that bad ports did.

                The bottom line is, you can’t blame Nintendo for third party games not being attractive to Nintendo gamers who bought the Wii U.
                Nintendo’s not the one who killed off consumer interest in third party games in general by releasing bad ports that ruined consumer confidence in third parties in general.

                That’s just how it is.

                1. You seem to exaggerate about third parties… I can tell you right now that if the next Call of Duty game came to the Wii U the same time as the others with full DLC support and missing no content, it still would not sell anywhere near as good as the other versions and I’d even say that the Wii U version would be a failure. The proof has been shown time and time again. Nintendo fans aren’t interested in a lot of these games compared to Nintendo’s own. And just so you know, late ported games can still sell well if there are enough people willing to buy it! Do you not see what happened with GTA V? A year later and people bought it on PS4/XB1. Square Enix does not need to delay FFXV for Nintendo. Delaying the game longer hurts people that already pre-ordered for other platforms and makes people’s interest in the game go down.

                  I don’t know why you keep trying to deny it. Nintendo IS the main reason third party games struggle to sell on the Wii U. Years worth of big games constantly skipping the Wii resulted in people moving on to other consoles. Nintendo could still have those same customers had they not screwed up last generation. But it actually goes further back than that to the N64. Missing out on games too. The Wii U not getting third party support is not a coincidence. It’s Nintendo’s past decisions that made it get that way. Sony and Microsoft don’t have the same problem getting games. Why do you think that is, huh? Do you believe they have special magic dust that attracts developers or what?

                  1. “You seem to exaggerate about third parties… I can tell you right now that if the next Call of Duty game came to the Wii U the same time as the others with full DLC support and missing no content, it still would not sell anywhere near as good as the other versions and I’d even say that the Wii U version would be a failure”

                    A theory with no evidence remains just that; a theory.

                    If they release the latest CoD on NX with all of the same content support, at the same time as on other consoles, that will be one single step in several NEEDED steps by third parties to show that they’re serious about the system.
                    And that showing will, in turn, if shown by enough of the other third parties, prove to consumers that they can safely buy into third party games on Nintendo again.
                    It will show that they’ll continue getting these games in a form that is worth buying into at full price, and that will, in the long term, make the NX a good home for those that love third party as well as Nintendo games.

                    “And just so you know, late ported games can still sell well if there are enough people willing to buy it! Do you not see what happened with GTA V? A year later and people bought it on PS4/XB1.”
                    If a late-ported game can sell well to PS4/XB1 fans, then a late-released game can release there just fine, too, especially when it’s as hyped up as FF is.

                    What you’re missing here, is the fanbase equation; the NX, and Nintendo consoles for the past three gens at least, have not had a lot of third parties trying their best on them.
                    There’s no confidence in third parties from Nintendo fans on Nintendo’s home consoles, which means even small mistakes are amplified in their effect on the consumer base.
                    PS4 and XB1 do not have this problem because, for better or worse, the gamers on those consoles are, for lack of a better term, “trained” to trust third parties on that system.
                    When they see a game they want, a short delay doesn’t stop them from going all-in, because they’ve grown to love and trust third parties and their multiplats.

                    This attitude in the fans doesn’t exist on the Wii U, and certainly won’t be able to exist on the NX unless third parties TAKE THE EXTRA STEPS NEEDED TO FORM THAT CONFIDENCE.

                    I don’t understand why you keep trying to deny that third parties did more harm than good to the way they treated the Wii U, and why it’s necessary to do something big in the here and now to turn that perception around.

                    If the Wii U had gotten no ports at all, it would have been much more barren, sure, but it would also have avoided killing interest in third party games on Nintendo systems in general by not having a bad example set at the forefront of a generation.

                    Nintendo is not the one to be blamed for the form that these third party games came in.
                    That was a DEVELOPER DECISION by said third parties.
                    What, do you think Nintendo has some sort of secret Ninja clan that held a dagger to Activision’s throat and told them not to include DLC or modes into CoD on Wii U?
                    Do you think they dangled EA’s execs over a pit of hot oil or something, to get them to release only ME3 when a collection was just around the corner that should have been released in its stead on Wii U?

                    There are A LOT of examples of games that COULD have at least sold enough to be WORTH THE EFFORT, if they had been released in a form worth buying.

                    A game like Sniper Elite V2 with missing modes, no crucial patches, and a general lack of optimization, is NOT something you should be blaming on Nintendo, because none of those things are things Nintendo told the developers to do to their own games.

                    The bottom line is that if Nintendo steps up with the NX by putting worthwhile tech inside it, third parties need to step up to release games that will draw gamers TO the NX.
                    Late ports and content-deficient games will only do HARM to the NX.
                    There is no going around or denying that.
                    At all.

                    1. If developers release games on Nintendo platforms and they do not sell, they’re not going to want to keep bringing anymore games. Simple as that. Why should they continue to keep taking losses on their games believing that one day their games might actually sell there? It’s a waste of time and money. If Nintendo made a console meant to actually compete with the other two consoles long ago, then maybe they could have had enough customers they needed that are interested in games like Assassin’s Creed. And we would have more third party support. Nintendo failed yet again to get the core gamers back. They’re taking baby steps and it’s not good enough. Developers do not need to give Nintendo special treatment. If Nintendo wants to continue to ignore what third party developers want in favor of being unique or innovative, then too bad! Like I said, this isn’t a Wii U problem. Nintendo’s third party support has been on a downward spiral since the N64. And they’ve done several things to make that happen. They stuck with cartridges with the N64, Gamecube had no online as well as no DVD playback and opted to use those smaller discs. It also suffered with marketing. Wii had no HD, no proper online service, and most games were built entirely around the Wii Remote. Not everyone wants to play with that thing…

                      And now that leads up to where we are now with the Wii U. How many fans do you think Nintendo lost throughout all those years due to PlayStation and Xbox? A lot! Nintendo drove developers AND gamers away from their system with all those decisions. The Wii especially helped with that! And don’t forget that Nintendo still has that “kiddy kiddy” image. Which they still haven’t gotten rid of. Nintendo only has themselves to blame for where they are. Like I said, SONY AND MICROSOFT DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM.

                      1. Here’s the thing about all of that; No amount of system power, advertisement revamps, or rants about a past of wrongs long gone and dead that no one should be holding such stupid grudges over, changes the fact that THIRD PARTIES DON’T MAKE GAMES THAT SELL NINTENDO HOME CONSOLES.


                        If you need proof of it, LOOK AT HOW THEY’VE TREATED THE WII U.

                        It was more powerful than the PS3 and 360, and was closer to a comfortable architecture than the PS3 was, yet third parties STILL released crap ports on it instead of exciting new experiences.

                        If you honestly think that all it will take for Nintendo to sell, is to make a “me too” clone of the competition, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

                        No one’s going to buy a PSXB4.5 with a Nintendo logo slapped on it, especially when it’s doing NOTHING NEW and third parties don’t bring anything exciting to it.

                        If third parties bring a game to a console, and they do not sell, they should be re-examining what WILL sell on it.

                        They didn’t give up when the PS3 and its cell architecture threw them for a loop and they had a few bad hits; they kept pounding away until they DID sell.

                        If they can do that for others, there’s NO REASON they can’t do it for Nintendo.
                        Unless, as I said, they’re holding the same stupid grudges that anti-Nintendo fans seem to be holding that prevent them from accepting the fact that THIRD PARTIES BEAR SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WAY THIRD PARTY GAMES SELL.

                        1. “No one’s going to buy a PSXB4.5 with a Nintendo logo slapped on it, especially when it’s doing NOTHING NEW and third parties don’t bring anything exciting to it.”

                          So what do you suggest they do? Make another Wii U type system that focus on adding a “innovate” experience like the Gamepad? Gee, that worked out great, didn’t it? Seriously, it’s not the hardware of why so many people like Nintendo. It’s their games. Nintendo can still make their great games if they have a system just like the PS4 or Xbox One. Forcing people to deal with a controller like the Wii U Gamepad is not the way you’re supposed to do it. They put all their effort into trying to make the Wii U so different and ignored making the system more powerful to please third parties. The Wii U isn’t that far ahead of the last generation consoles. Those consoles are way outdated now compared to PS4 and XB1. Developers have to severely downgrade their games even further than the other two versions all so they can utilize the Gamepad for unique experiences? And for what? They lose too much money for too little gain! At least with the PS3, going through the hoops with the cell was still profitable with their games!

                          1. Yes. 3rd parties should prove they care about a Nintendo console even if that means losing money. Nintendo shouldn’t meet them halfway. It’s not Nintendo’s responsibility to make 3rd party games successful on THEIR console. Or so I’d say if I was a Nintendo fanboy that thinks the last 4 gens was always everyone BUT Nintendo’s fault. “Nintendo’s past actions doesn’t change the blah blah blah!” If it was just the N64 where Nintendo was pushing 3rd parties away by sticking with old tech, he’d have a point about it being past actions. But they did it again with the Gamecube with small discs. Again with the Wii using motion controls. Again with the Wii U using the Gamepad. Each time, they made those things integral instead of optional. Nintendo only has themselves to blame for 3rd parties being so damn distant. But no! It’s all 3rd parties’ fault! lol Like I said, he’s just a Nintendo apologist. Nothing more, nothing less.

                            In other words, don’t waste your time, Hollow. He’s too busy covering his ears screaming “la la la” at the top of his lungs. Ironic since he practically accused Namie of that.

              2. No, I mean blame third parties for not using a system more powerful than last-gen consoles to fully support last-gen ports that should have had all their content if they wanted to sell anything more than what they ended up selling, which was precisely jack crap.

                And don’t even TRY to blame it on the controller; that thing has all the buttons a standard one does.
                It doesn’t work as an excuse.

                Quit being such a damned suck-up for stupid third party mistakes; the hardware didn’t hold them back on these ports.
                Their own ineptitude and stupidity did.

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        3. I don’t think I’ll be seeing myself playing a Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo home console… It just seems weird to me… I’ll be getting the Collector’s Edition on PS4 though… I’m just glad many more people will experience this game..

          1. Wait, did you just say you’ll be getting the collector’s edition? Well, I hope you already did that. Because it’s extremely limited. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get that so I’m going for the deluxe edition.

          2. Do you own a Nintendo handheld or did you ever own a Gamecube or even a Wii? Because Final Fantasy games have been coming to Nintendo platforms (especially the handhelds) as far as I can remember. Me personally I’ll opt to wait to get it on the NX but what’s funny to me is how some people have the nerve to complain that 3rd party titles don’t sell well on Nintendo home consoles and how 3rd parties often ignore Nintendo gamers but yet they are the ones who are not supporting the cause when a AAA title does come to a Nintendo console but hey…..if you want the PS4 version by all means get it but I really don’t get why playing a Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo home console will feel weird to you

            1. It’s not about people not wanting to support the game on Nintendo platforms, it’s about the game coming to Nintendo platforms a later than to other platforms.
              I have waited 10 years for this game, and I sure as hell won’t wait an additional, undefined amount of time just so I can “support” a certain console, all I want is to play the game – I’m sure many others feel the same.

              1. I know what you mean. I want a PC version, but there’s no telling when it’s coming. So eh. I’ll just get it on the PS4. I don’t mind going to back to it in the future if it does because the game looks awesome enough for a second playthrough.

              2. Well, if releasing it later than the others really does throw its sales under the bus, when they could just delay it so that all versions release simultaneously [and use that time to maybe add new content or refine what they’ve got], then they’ve only got themselves to blame for not making the decision that would have given it a shot.
                Not that it’ll matter since they’ll make a killing off of it on other consoles anyways, but if they want a foot in the door on the NX, so that they can start making a killing on that as well instead of settling for profits on only two of the big three, then they’d better not let a late port’s expected lack of sales serve as an excuse to stop trying.

                I’m fairly certain that Bravely Default has proven there’s still quite a few Squeenix fans amongst Nintendo fans; they just need to tap into that the right way and be persistent in their efforts.

                1. Yea, it certainly sounds like a great idea to delay FFXV even more after 10 years, just so they can support Nintendo. Absolutely angering their own fanbase and basically the whole industry doesn’t matter, am I right. /s

                  Seriously, how delusional is that? Do you really think that’s a reasonable option? I truly hope you don’t. The video game industry doesn’t revolve around Nintendo, and if you think it’s plausible for 3rd-party developers to risk their own success just so they can support Nintendo, I really have no words.

                  You’re basically suggesting SE to do the same thing as Ubisoft did with Rayman Legends back then, and we all saw the extremely harsh backlash Ubisoft has gotten for that, and I’ll assume you weren’t too fond of Ubisoft’s decision either, as you seem to be pretty “invested” with Nintendo, to put it like that. But if it’s SE doing the same for the sake of Nintendo, you’d be completely alright with it? The hypocrisy is real.

                  1. It doesn’t help the fact he comes off as a big Nintendo apologist. Ironic, really, since he just called someone an apologist for defending 3rd parties the other day.

                    1. Name one time I’ve put the blame on third parties for Nintendo’s failure in advertising the Wii U correctly, and you’ll have a point.
                      Until then, it’d be best for you to keep the ad hominem attacks to yourself.

                      1. Referring to stuff like changes to Xenoblade Chronicles X & other stupid censoring. I could care less about 3rd party support on Nintendo consoles, anymore. I got a PS4 so if Nintendo wants to let their console business die from lack of 3rd party support, that’s their problem. I’ve given up on Nintendo in that area. Maybe the NX will make me care again. Doubtful, though. Oh & nice big word you got theres. I forgot you can be a smartass, too. lol

                        1. Deflecting, not answering the question, admitting you’ve given up on Nintendo third party support yet still defending third party mistakes which implies you’re just anti-Nintendo at this point, trying to bait me with more ad hominem attacks…
                          Classy. Really classy.
                          Here’s an idea; how about you don’t comment towards me again until you’ve got something worth saying that isn’t an attempt at starting a flame war?
                          That’d be great, thanks.

                          1. Wow. A hypocrite on top of being a smartass & a Nintendo Apologist. “Here’s an idea; how about you don’t comment towards me again until you’ve got something worth saying that isn’t an attempt at starting a flame war?” Yet that’s exactly what you did with that final comment to Namie. Then again, that wasn’t you starting a flame war. That was just you flaming the woman then running off like a little cowardly boy. Keep going, though. Take your ball home with you like the whiny little boy that can’t win the game because everyone else is better at it than him. “Classy. Really classy.” lol Says the guy that isn’t exactly being classy himself by actually insulting people back. If you are the more classy, aka mature, person here like you THINK you are, then you wouldn’t be resorting to insulting us in retaliation for my insults or what you perceive as Namie’s insults. In fact, you’d refrain from insulting us & just let us bury ourselves as we continue to insult you. But go ahead. Use that big, fancy word ad hominem again that you like to use so much to make yourself somehow feel more superior to us. I might be flaming you but least I admit to flaming. Here’s an idea; how about YOU don’t comment towards me again until you’ve got something worth saying that isn’t an attempt at being a little bitch? That’d be great, thanks.

                            1. Step off and step down; you’re no better and you’ve got no point either.
                              You lost the argument a long time ago, so just go sit in your corner like a good little beaten mongrel.

                    2. You honestly think that their fans are just going to up and abandon getting it because they wait for release parity?
                      THAT is delusional, given the amount of hype for it.
                      If you think it’s plausible for third parties to get decent sales if they keep releasing ports way too late to matter with content missing, then you don’t know what it’s going to take to make third parties succeed on Nintendo consoles.
                      As to the Rayman Legends thing, you’d have a point.
                      If it weren’t for the fact that #1 the other systems already have established fanbases that won’t quit buying third party games over one small delay, and #2 the NX is in much more dire need of the sales from a third party game than the other two, because it NEEDS those sales to start building confidence in OTHER third parties so that they’ll release more of their games on the system.

                      It’s only hypocrisy if you ignore the fact that the other two have firmly entrenched third party fanbases that won’t go anywhere over a small delay, whereas the NX does not have said third party fanbase, and NEEDS this delay if the game is going to help push NX units and create sales that will push developer confidence in the system.

                      Late ports and missing content will KILL third party sales, which will KILL any interest that OTHER third parties would have in making their multiplats come to the system.

                      You NEED to recognize this, if you ACTUALLY want the NX to get high sales.

                      To deny that a late port would only worsen the NX’s sales chances, is the same as saying you don’t give a damn about it failing early.

                      1. “You honestly think that their fans are just going to up and abandon getting it because they wait for release parity?”
                        You mean like people boycotted Ubisoft and Rayman Legends after Ubisoft provided “release parity”?
                        Again, you’re completely delusional if you think delaying the game for an undefined amount of time wouldn’t cause significant damage to Square Enix and FFXV.

                        And I’ll repeat myself once more: The world does not revolve around Nintendo. Square Enix is not going to give a rat’s ass about how Nintendo’s console is doing on the 3rd-party front, apart from their own support. Why would they? You’re basically expecting them to model their business strategies according to how Nintendo is doing. Do you even realize how silly that sounds? It’s not Square Enix’ job to worry about the amount of 3rd-party support Nintendo is getting, and actively work on getting other studios to support them too, lmao.

                        And no, other platforms having more 3rd-party support doesn’t chage anything about the validity of my point, or the level of hypocrisy in the things you’ve said and suggested. Ubisoft delayed a game on WiiU just so it could launch simultanously on other platforms. You’re suggesting Square Enix should delay FFXV on two platforms, just so it can launch simultanously on a Nintendo platform. Same thing. Whether or not the two other platforms already have “established fanbases” and in how much of a dire need for 3rd-party support the NX is, is certainly not going to make Square Enix delay one of their biggest and most important games. Especially not if you consider people have been waiting for it for 10 years already.
                        If Nintendo wanted games like FFXV, they should have built the WiiU in a way where it could keep up with the competition. It’s the WiiU that normally should be in consideration for FFXV, not their console of the next generation.

                        Expecting 3rd-party developers to sacrifice their own success + reputation just to make up for Nintendo’s own mistakes, is nothing but absolutely and completely delusional.
                        To deny that makes you look like a blind fanboy who is incapable of reasonable and logical evaluation of the situation.

                        1. “Again, you’re completely delusional if you think delaying the game for an undefined amount of time wouldn’t cause significant damage to Square Enix and FFXV.”

                          “And no, other platforms having more 3rd-party support doesn’t chage anything about the validity of my point, or the level of hypocrisy in the things you’ve said and suggested. Ubisoft delayed a game on WiiU just so it could launch simultanously on other platforms. You’re suggesting Square Enix should delay FFXV on two platforms, just so it can launch simultanously on a Nintendo platform. Same thing.”
                          No, not the same thing.
                          In this case, fans would wait, because FF is a much more beloved and important game franchise compared to Rayman, which was a cartoony game that non-Nintendo gamers were not going to buy in droves in the first place.

                          The two cases are not comparable because the way the fanbases view both, especially an entry as particular as FF 15, is on a totally different scale.
                          If Squeenix put this on the back-burner for a few months in order to put in even more content, firm up what they already have, and release on three consoles instead of just two, no one would bat an eye.
                          It was different with Rayman, which broke exclusivity.
                          ANd you’re completely delusional if you think it would.
                          I’ve already explained the difference between this and the Rayman case.

                          “Expecting 3rd-party developers to sacrifice their own success + reputation just to make up for Nintendo’s own mistakes, is nothing but absolutely and completely delusional.
                          To deny that makes you look like a blind fanboy who is incapable of reasonable and logical evaluation of the situation.”

                          Again; they wouldn’t be making a sacrifice of their success or reputation, because FANS WOULD BUY IT ANYWAYS.
                          The Uncovered event pretty much guaranteed that people aren’t going to want to pass up on it even if it’s delayed for polishing it and adding more content, and if that delay puts it on release parity with the NX, then that’s just added icing on Squeenix’s cake because it means MORE SALES.

                          Also, keep your ad hominem BS to yourself; I’m neither delusional nor incapable of reasonable and logical situational analysis.
                          Seeing something from a different perspective than you are capable of is not the same thing as any of the BS you’ve just spouted.

                          But you know what? I get that you’ve got your hands up over your ears on this one, so let’s just stop here.
                          You’ve suggested nothing third parties could do to make themselves sell better on Nintendo systems, and have shot down every reasonable idea as “delusional” because it would require third parties to treat Nintendo fans the same way they treat Sony and Microsoft fans; with a bit of extra care and consideration that would make them WANT to trust third parties again.
                          I guess anything that would help Nintendo sell an NX off of third party support, and help third parties in general launch based off of that initial success of the few, doesn’t matter to you.
                          You want third parties to fail to make NX sell, by repeating the same mistakes they made on Wii U; your attitude towards anything that would give them a chance at appealing to the Nintendo audience, towards treating them with as much care and consideration as they do other consoles, shows that you frankly just want third parties to abandon Nintendo altogether.

                          Whatever helps you sleep at night, Namie.
                          You’ve proven nothing to me other than how much you apparently want Nintendo to be abandoned and die off sooner rather than later.

                          I can’t believe I wasted my time trying to convince you that third parties need to do something other than late old content-deficient ports to get people onto Nintendo systems. You may be satisfied with seeing Nintendo in that state, but the people who want Nintendo to become better than they have been the past two gens, most certainly do not.
                          This conversation is over.

                          1. It’s pretty astonishing how much you’re in denial about the suggestion you’ve made, which simply is awfully similar to what Ubisoft had done with Rayman, a move from Ubisoft you originally were absolutely not okay with, back when it happened. Instead of denying it, why can’t you just accept it was a bad suggestion? There’s nothing wrong with that. But instead, you just keep going on and on, making everything even worse.
                            Also quite amazing how you dodge some heavy bullets, such as me telling you that the Nintendo platform in considertaion for FFXV actually should be the WiiU and not the NX, and how it’s Nintendo’s very own fault that a simultanous launch is not going to happen simply because the WiiU can not keep up with the competition. Can’t expect 3rd-parties to make up for such big missteps from Nintendo.

                            You keep repeating the same thing over and over again. All you say is that Square Enix should make sacrifices for the sake of Nintendo, which, if you like it or not, is delusional. Me saying that you lack reason and common sense if you can’t see that, doesn’t have anything to do with different views or perspectives; it’s simply unrealistic and illogical.

                            FFXV being more loved than Rayman doesn’t change a single thing about both situations being fundamentally the same. And saying “fans would still wait, it’s Final Fantasy, after all” is not a valid excuse. Do you truly believe nobody would “bat an eye” if they delayed FFXV for another several months? Do you really? Sorry, but it’s pretty difficult to take you seriously when you say things like that. You can’t tell me you haven’t realized how much of an anticipation there was for the release date for FFXV, and how badly people want it to be released already. For crying out loud, Square Enix threw an entire event to even announce the official release date. Are you truthfully thinking it would cause no damage at all if they went back on all that? You’re being absolutely ridiculous, seriously. I’m actually wondering if you’re for real, or if you’re just a bad joke.

                            Oh, and also, how are you so sure people would still buy it anyway? Using your very own quote from one of your comments in this article: “A theory with no evidence remains just that; a theory.” lmao.

                            Also, why would I suggest anything 3rd-parties could do to make themselves sell better on Nintendo platforms? That’s not the issue of the article. Do you even understand what this article is about? It’s about a rumour of FFXV coming to NX (which, ironically enough, turned out to be a joke, LMAO), not about any 3rd-party developers worrying about the success of their games on Nintendo platforms. It was you who randomly started rambling about it, I’m not here to make any suggestions, because it’s not the issue the article or I have been adressing at any point here.
                            And I’ve shot down “all reasonable ideas”? First of all, you only brought up one single idea. And second thing, calling that idea “reasonable” is kinda farfetched to me, sorry.

                            And this next thing ?
                            “I guess anything that would help Nintendo sell an NX off of third party support, and help third parties in general launch based off of that initial success of the few, doesn’t matter to you.You want third parties to fail to make NX sell, by repeating the same mistakes they made on Wii U; your attitude towards anything that would give them a chance at appealing to the Nintendo audience, towards treating them with as much care and consideration as they do other consoles, shows that you frankly just want third parties to abandon Nintendo altogether.
                            Whatever helps you sleep at night, Namie.
                            You’ve proven nothing to me other than how much you apparently want Nintendo to be abandoned and die off sooner rather than later.”
                            Just because I think one idea of yours is completely delusional, you were able to analyze the totality of my entire views and opinions on how the relation of 3rd-parties to the NX should be? A console that’s not even out yet?
                            ???????? ?????? ????????????????? ?? ?????? ???
                            Sorry, but I don’t have many words in response to that, because of how indescribably nonsensical and absurd that was. I’m not sure if I can ever really take you seriously anymore, after reading that mindblowingly ridiculous paragraph.

                            But to dwell on your very last words: If you truly wanted the NX to not go through the same things as the WiiU has gone through, you would realize that it’s mostly in Nintendo’s hands to take repsonsibility for that, and not 3rd-party developers’ that are not even affiliated to Nintendo. 3rd-parties are not treating anyone with special extra care; the reason why Nintendo isn’t getting the regular kind of care everyone gets is, for the most part, caused by Nintendo’s own mistakes, missteps and old-fashioned way of thinking.

                            I truly hope this conversation really is over now, because I’m tired of reading the same pointless thing over and over again. And as I’ve said, it’s going to be pretty difficult for me to take you seriously from now on, so maybe you might try considering that before deciding to respond to me in the future.

                            1. “This conversation is over so let me make sure I insult you on my way out first by calling you anti-Nintendo, so I can feel like I won or something!” >..<

                            2. Damn! I forgot putting two of these >.< cuts everything after the first one off when I post the comment! As I said after the quote: Like I said, it doesn't help that he's a Nintendo Apologist. Good thing we aren't on Miiverse or else he'd report us to the big, bad corrupt admins.

                2. Yea, I feel the same way. This game is a day one buy for me, no way would I wait for an NX version, if there even is one. I support good games, regardless what console those games are on. Unfortunately for Nintendo, they have just not been making many good games lately… I haven’t touched my Wii U in a long time. Since Xenoblade X, and honestly it sat a long time waiting before that. This year I have found myself drifting the furthest I ever have from Nintendo. Not because I’m a hater, or think it’s childish or anything like that. Just because they haven’t been making any games! None. I mean wtf. How can you be a video game company and not produce any worthwhile games. This year alone for the PS4 we will get Doom, Dark Souls 3, and Final Fantasy 15. Two of those releasing in the next month. Look, Nintendo has to step up their game. I mean Zelda will be great, but where is it? We don’t have a release date yet, and are not likely to anytime soon. They have waited way too long about releasing NX information. They are losing their fanbase.

            2. Honestly never played Final Fantasy on SNES… I find it funny that people can’t post something on here and get hate for it… And yes started playing Final Fantasy VII first… So I’m still young… Also I manage to get a preorder on FF XV Collector’s Edition… Let’s just hope I don’t get screwed over.

              1. Final Fantasy started on NES, NES! You know nothing about games. I am sorry for you, why did you chose the plagiarism side of gaming? They just want to be N, they create characters based on Nintendo, they are de cancer in this industry… Too bad for you.

          3. Its a shame that this will be a late port, because unlike things like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed, I think this is something slightly more Nintendo fans might actually be interested in. Most of them, however, will likely be getting it sooner on another system. I’ll definitely be getting it on PS4; probably before NX even comes out.

            1. Agreed.
              The delay is probably going to kill interest in getting it for NX.
              Which is ironic, considering, unlike the Ubisoft case with Rayman Legends, they’ve got tons of fans that would buy this on other consoles even if it was delayed, whereas the delay on NX does way more harm than good towards their chances of making the game sell well on it, but does nothing to negatively effect the sales of the other two.

              As for me, if the NX turns out to be something I want, I’ll pick this up for it.
              Otherwise I might just wait until I have a decent enough PC before picking it up on that later on.

          4. I’m sure this version of Final Fantasy would look better on the NX considering they give it extra time for development for that system but for now the PS4 version will do me just fine.

            1. Rumours point to the NX being as powerful as an Xbox One (which could be very true knowing Nintendo’s likes to be one generation behind their competition), meaning it looking better is not looking likely at all, if FFXV coming to NX was even true.

                1. I kinda hope you’re trolling me, because what you just said was dumb in itself.

                  You mean the Wii, that was slightly more powerful than a Gamecube. You mean the Wii U, that was slightly more powerful than an Xbox 360? I don’t call that being “more powerful than the previous gen”, I call that putting aged-hardware in a new console and Nintendo hoping no one will notice.

                  1. Why do you care? You are not going to buy the next console anyway, you are just here to insult N in a Nintendo dedicated site, agreeing with “Patcher”, talking about the “Nintendo go software” nonsense… Please bye bye.

                    1. Because unlike what you think, I want Nintendo to be great instead of them all the time shooting themselves in the foot like idiots with a loaded gun.

                      You honestly think Nintendo is going to be a good company if you let them give you shit and you thank them for it? If you really want Nintendo to be better than Sony or Microsoft, call them out for the crap they are doing, not turn a blind eye and wag your tail.

                      And you’re right, I’m not buying NX. Nintendo has shown how good they are with consoles already, and the Wii U was enough for me.

                            1. I’m not going to get ahead of myself and say something arrogant like “yes, I do”, but I will say some of my suggestions would be in their best interest.

                          1. There is nothing to do right now about the Wii U, so I am presuming that you know about the future of the company and their next decisions? I want to know too! Oh no, let me guess, THEY ARE DOOMED, is that correct?

                            1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                              -||Do you own any Xbot devices or to some extent Sonyan?||-

              1. Nintendo making a system less powerful than the PS4 would cost even more in manufacturing costs because those parts would be very difficult to find. And you do know that only the Wii and the Wii U were the only two Nintendo home consoles that were underpowered don’t you? There has been a unamed developer that has confirmed that the NX will indeed be more powerful than the PS4 and the Xbox One so it’s very easy to take information from a rumor and run with it but that doesn’t necessarily make it a fact….if that’s the case then the NX’s GPU will be on par with high end PCs according to the Wall Street Journal….smh

                1. I understand your point in the first sentence but it is possible to get new, weak hardware. Just like I can get a 8Gb flash drive at a cheaper cost than it was a decade ago. Also it just sounds to me like the NX is going to be a 9th gen that’s slightly more powerful than a PS4 (sounds familiar? Starts with a W, Ends with a U). You think Nintendo is going to hand us a console that is 9th gen-worthy, all of a sudden, after two generations of weak hardware? Seriously, I dare Nintendo to prove me wrong (I’ll even admit I was wrong).

                  The GPU is only one part of the console, and even so, there is one question I want to know: What kind of high end PC part is it? That’s the problem. Not only is there different levels of “High end” PC components, but this hardware could be severely aged by the time PS5/Xbox2 is launched (it’s a 9th gen console, that’s crucial).

                  Lastly, yes I’m aware of Nintendo’s past consoles but even before the Wii, Nintendo was screwing up. Example: Gamecube was more powerful but had 1.5Gb of disc space. O_o The PS2 was less powerful and had 4.7GB! (Nintendo, higher graphics=require more space. More space=more content)

                2. If the NX’s GPU is supposed to be “on par” with high end PC’s, well, you can say goodbye to any chance of it being affordable at launch. Unless Nintendo decides to takes a big loss on it. And I doubt they will.

                  1. Nintendo is selling yesterday’s bullshit in a pretty new bow for a premium. They’ve been doing this for years now. You don’t exactly acquire the amount of money their business has by seeing new tech at an initial loss. They’ve made money by fucking ppl over.

                    1. Yea and Sony and Microsoft fuck over people by selling cheap low end laptop parts as top of the line hardware. I don’t see your point for even a second. So instead of trolling and siting on a site that never moderates the comment section and bashing anything Nintendo related because you feel like you can. Don’t think for a second you can’t sling shit and think it won’t be slung back. Don’t act fucking ignorant and come at a conversation without an iota of intelligence.

                3. I agree with you I think it will be more powerful than current consoles. But they need to release information on this system already. They shouldn’t wait for E3 to reveal it, that’s just too long. These last two years have been really sluggish for Nintendo. They have been in this transition phase for far too long now. Time to let the cat out of the bag. Time to reveal the NX. The longer they wait, the more people lose interest..

                  1. “Too long”?
                    It matches the 5 year cycle, in which they announce the system a year before it’s released.
                    If anything, waiting until E3 is the same thing as AVOIDING pulling a Sega Dreamcast situation by pulling a new system out way too soon.

          5. The title is misleading, “before March 2017” don’t means precisely 2017. If NX launch on november this could be a launch game perfectly.

          6. Might check it out then if it does.

            Given my history, I’ll get the NX without a doubt. Getting to try a Final Fantasy game for the first time in over a decade for me would be a bonus.

              1. So have several other rumors, I just don’t see this game in the cards for NX. In saying that I will say it would be wonderful for Nintendo and the NX if it was announced for the console. And honestly would probably boost my interest in the NX because I’m already interested in this FF, and don’t own a system that can play it. As in, I have the cash right now to buy a Xbox one. But I wouldn’t .

            1. I’m hoping there will be a PC version, eventually.
              The more mediums this game can sell on, the better.
              As a Squeenix fan, I want to see them succeed with this game on as many machines as they can.

          7. People seem to think Nintendo is finally releasing a console with a goal in mind to compete with Sony and Micro$hit, but really, what have we seen to indicate that? If anything, Nintendo is more and more going back to its toymaker roots and will not be releasing a serious piece of technology. What have we seen this generation to give anyone hope that Nintendo has altered its trajectory? Almost non-existent 3rd party support? Marketing that almost exclusively targets children and families? Entering into the mobile space? No, FF will not be coming to NX. Nintendo would’ve really sucked up to Square for this to happen, yet a game like FF really isn’t part of the image Ninty is trying to craft for itself and its new console, so there would’ve been no point. What people don’t realize is that Nintendo has given up on the larger gaming market and are trying to carve out their own separate space. People don’t know what that means, or don’t want to face it. They could be the next Leapfrog/LeapPad for all we know.

            1. I hate agreeing with you just as much as I’m sure you hate saying it. Nintendo as we knew it is probably long dead. :/

              1. The Wii was a massive success for Nintendo. But perhaps maybe it was one of their biggest mistakes as well. The way it’s looking now, doesn’t seem like Nintendo will ever recover from the Wii era. A lot of people have wrote them off as a company for children or that if you’re serious about gaming, you shouldn’t go with them. Nintendo has the cash to keep lasting several generations, that’s true. But it still makes no difference to the core gamers out there. They’ll just continue to ignore Nintendo as if they don’t exist.

              2. It does pain me to say it. I love my Wii U. The Wii was a lousy console phenomenally marketed, whereas the Wii U is a decent console catastrophically marketed. Compared to the Wii, the Wii U is actually a fairly traditional console with the fairly useful feature of off-TV play. I just hate the way the system was marketed to me. I fear that while Nintendo may be dropping the Wii brand (partially, they have not dropped the “Mii” brand, after all), they have not dropped the underlying philosophy, which does indeed involve tapping into whatever made the Wii successful. Nintendo, it seems, wants to succeed without competing. They just want to concoct some magic formula that will repeat the success of a decade ago.

            2. I could not have said this better myself. You hit every point correctly. Patcher once said one of the big three could be dropping out of the console race, and Nintendo fits that bill on point. Whether Nintendo or their loyal fans want it or not, Nintendo will be going third party at this rate. They can only continuing making hardware and software no one wants for so long (yes, I’m aware how much money they have banked). No one is going to keep investing their money in another console that barely anyone wants or supports.

              1. Considering the library and IP that Nintendo has they’ll be fine.
                I would expect Microsoft to drop out and dedicate itself to PC/mobile as they won’t even confirm sales of the XB1.

                1. I also expect Nintendo will be fine, financially. That isn’t what’s at stake here. What I don’t expect is for Nintendo to be in touch with industry trends or receptive to its own core fanbase. Nintendo is being run by a small, tight-knit group of circlejerking dinosaurs who have no idea how to make themselves relevant again when, in reality, it isn’t actually that hard.

              2. ” They can only continue making hardware and software no one wants for so long. ”

                Oh that’s right because nearly 7 million people didn’t want Mario Kart 8, oh wait because Smash Bros wasn’t bought by 5 million consumers, man I forgot that no one but 4 million people cared about Splatoon, oh yeah that’s true that 3 million people totally ignored Super Mario Maker and it bombed oh and 4 million help make Super Mario 3D World flop….smh. Wow your skepticism of Nintendo has totally got you in complete denial. The Wii U has had the best selling exclusives this whole entire gen so I don’t know where the ” software no one wants ” nonsense came from. If anything that comment would’ve been suited for the PS4 and Xbox One since neither console has one exclusive that has exceeded over 3 million sales. And as far as hardware goes….as I recall over 100 million people bought the original Wii regardless who in general it specifically was. But go ahead and keep being naive if you want to. I hope you eat every last word you say if the NX turns out to be a bonafide success

                1. Mario Kart 8, you mean the worst selling one in the series since Double Dash? You mean Smash Bros Wii U, the worst selling Smash Bros in the series to date?

                  You see what I’m getting at, dude? That’s the problem. Like I said in one of my comments, I dare Nintendo to prove me wrong with NX. If NX is so “great” as everyone hopes it be, then you have nothing to worry about AT ALL ◔_◔

              3. I actually see Nintendo going further in the opposite direction, i.e., no longer viewed as a traditional console or video game developer but rather seen as occupying a completely separate space than Sony and Microsoft. For example, perhaps one day you will continue to find the PS5 and XB2 in the video games section of your local Walmart, but the successor to the NX (whatever silly, gimmicky thing it is) in the toys section. And places like Bestbuy won’t carry it at all. Sony’s roots are in electronics, and Microsoft’s in software, but we need to remember that Nintendo was a toy company before it was a video game company, and a lot of the dinosaurs who are running Nintendo today were working there back when Nintendo was just a toy company. It puts things in perspective. In their minds they have already pulled out of the console race. That doesn’t mean they’ll stop making gaming consoles, i.e, manufacturing devices that play electronic games–but it does mean that they see what they do as something markedly different (potentially unrelated even) from what Sony and Microsoft do. We just don’t realize it.

          8. lol I could tell this was joke just from reading the title. Final Fantasy XV on NX, that’s as likely as Uncharted coming to the Wii U. I’m pretty sure Nintendo thinks we’re still satisfied with being spoon fed Mario games yearly.

            1. “Uncharted” is a “Playstation” exclusive, of course this game would not be released for a Nintendo console. But, Final Fantasy, is just a prostitute franchise from a prostitute company, so, everything is possible :)

              1. I know, that shows the odds of it coming to NX, which is like a 4% chance of happening. Square Enix at least knows what it’s doing, unlike our friend Nintendo.

                1. I think the odds of having Final Fantasy XV ported to the NX is 98% possibility. Even Square Enix had spilled the beans on Dragon Quest XI coming to the NX. And since they’re in good terms with Nintendo (thanks to Cloud being added to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS, there’s also an even greater chance that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming to the NX.

                  1. Cloud joining SSB really isn’t much of an indicator for FFVII Remake coming to Nintendo. Ryu made it into SSB too, but you don’t see SF V on Nintendo platforms, do you? The last time Ryu has made an appearance on Nintendo platforms was years ago, and it doesn’t seem like we’ll see him on Nintendo platforms in the near future either. The same thing might be the case Cloud – and Cloud actually was on Nintendo platforms more recently than Ryu was.
                    The main reason why they got added into the SSB roster is because they’re very iconic in the video game world and have some kind of history with Nintendo, not necessarily because they have a future with Nintendo; all of which seems to apply to most other 3rd-party characters in SSB as well.

                    Also, 98% possibility for FFXV getting ported to the NX? How did you calculate that? What makes you come to that conclusion? Why 98%, and not less or more? How does the possibility of Dragon Quest XI coming to the NX have anything to do with FFXV or FFVII Remake?
                    Personally, I really don’t see any meaningful indicators that point at a FFXV port for the NX. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I really just don’t see what would make you believe in it at this point.

                      1. Next time maybe try raising some reasonable points to counter my arguments, so I can take your reply a bit more seriously.
                        It’s a bit ironic to be called “naive” by someone who, as far as I have been able to witness throughout the years on this website, seems to tend to blow even the smallest bit of optimistic news or positive report about Nintendo way out of proportion.

                        Also, *she.

                2. You are so negative to where it’s just ridiculous. It’s already been confirmed by Square Enix that Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are coming to the NX so why would it be hard to imagine Final Fantasy XV if Square Enix themselves are already announcing games for the damn thing when the general public hasn’t even seen it yet? You are naive as hell bro

                  1. I can’t even remember the last time a Final Fantasy game came to a Nintendo home console. Even the Xbox gets more support with those. Got FFXIII trilogy a couple years ago. And FF Type 0 HD. I thought the Xbox wasn’t even doing that well in Japan, so it’s pretty weird.

                    1. The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games came exclusively to Nintendo home consoles (Gamecube and the Wii). The Final Fantasy games have only completely skipped two Nintendo home consoles and that was the N64 and the Wii U so far

                      1. Tbh, I don’t really see FFXV coming to NX. The chances of that FF7 remake are even lower. I’m not too sure about Xbox getting that one either. From what I’ve read, Nintendo did not get FF7 because they opted to use cartridges rather than discs. Is that perhaps where Nintendo royally screwed up? They basically handed over Final Fantasy to PlayStation with that one mistake?!

                        1. Why wouldn’t it come to the NX especially if Square Enix is saying that they have interest in bringing over some of their titles to the platform? You forget that Sony has sold the stock they had in Square Enix so no they are free to put their titles on whatever platform they choose. You mark my words….I really think that Final Fantasy VII remake will come to the NX and Final Fantasy XV will come to the NX because Square Enix seems to behind the NX but of course we will see

                          1. I’m saying it’s unlikely because Nintendo has been missing out on main Final Fantasy games on their consoles for a long time. If I’m not mistaken, I think the last main game was 6 on SNES.

                            1. You never know… because it will happen. The latest Final Fantasy title will return to a Nintendo system.

                  2. You’re so positive about Nintendo it’s equally ridiculous ಠಿ_ಠ Do you seriously think they are doing a fantastic, perfect job? Sounds like you’re the naive one.

                    Dragon Quest is a separate franchise from Final Fantasy.With that logic, if the Wii U got Deus Ex Human Revolution, we should have gotten Tomb Raider as well. Heck, we should have gotten Kingdom Hearts too.

          9. With Cloud’s addition to the Smash roster, I see things like this as extremely likely and wasn’t there a thing a while back about porting a highly demanding (graphically I think it was) game for PS4 to NX. I don’t know it’s been a while but I think it was Square Enix.

          10. Pingback: (Update) Έρχεται το Final Fantasy XV στο NX; –

          11. I’m so used to the name “NX” that it makes me wish that was the official name of Nintendo’s new console. Sure is better than Wii or Wii U. Those were HORRIBLE names. I’m just SO afraid of what the official name of the NX will actually be. Let’s hope it’s not called “Nintendo Poo” or something else embarrassing. LOL!

            1. Wii U yes. But Wii? Man you’re retarded as ever! -_- SMH! Get a real job and move outta your parents house, dumbass?

          12. I hope Nintendo thought about 4K when the NX was in early stage development. If not, if I were them I let the PS4K.come.out first and then purchase the Ps4k, take it back to my R&D take it apart and use it to make the NX better. Nintendo could trick Sony. But Nintendo is stupid so NX could be on Par with PS4

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