Amazon: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Is $29

Fancy playing some Mario themed tennis on your Wii U this spring? Well, popular online retailer Amazon currently has the game available for $29. This is significant saving of 40 percent off, so it’s a good deal. However, the game has received mixed reviews so it’s worth reading them before you make your purchase. You can read our review of Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, right here.

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    1. is it fun online? I thought it sounded kind of neat that you could bring your trained amiibos online with you, I wish you could do that in smash. if this was $20 i’d probably get it, but i get bored of these tennis games quick.

  1. Isn’t this what you wanted Nintendo fans.
    More Wii U Mario right…. Right?

    You reap what you sow bitches..

    I have spoken to Lord Sasori Obinna Mii ,and had an “interesting” conversion. He has commissioned that the final scroll be opened and the immediate awakening of the Mongolians of Unnatural Decent .. The ones without eyelids shall rise and do the dirty work of their master.. The demolished and defeated physical representation of Quadraxis will be on display for all to see… The purge has come to fruition.

  2. 29 bucks? We can get the original Mario Tennis for less than that price. Lower it some more, Amazon! 5 bucks should be good.

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