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Story DLC Coming To Runbow Wii U This Thursday

Satura’s Space Adventure, a story DLC for the Wii U title Runbow, will be arriving this Thursday to download. The DLC will be $6.99 to purchase and some costume bundles will also be available ranging from $1.99-$6.49 each. Here’s a list of all of the new content that will be released later this week:

  • Professional / Anime / Steampunk Packs: $1.99, €1.99, £1.79
  • Winter Pack: $2.99, €1.99, £1.79
  • Costumes and Music Bundle: €6.49, £5.89
  • Satura’s Space Adventure: $6.99, €6.49, £5.89
  • Extra Val-Hue Bundle: $12.99, €11.99, £10.79

On top of the story DLC and costume bundles, Lilac from Freedom Planet will also be available as a playable character for free. It’s also worth noting that the price of the game itself will be reduced on release of the DLC packs and will be on sale up until April 28.

Here’s Nintendo Life’s run down clip of the updates:

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