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VideoGamesPlus Stocking Final Reprints Of Rare DS Video Games

Canadian video game specialist retailer VideoGamesPlus has announced that they’re stocking final reprints of a bunch of rare Nintendo DS titles. The games that are picking up the most attention online are Infinite Space by Platinum Games, GTA Chinatown Wars, Valkyrie Profile, Front Mission, Dragon Quest Rocket Slime, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker. You can find links to these specific titles below and for rare reprints they’re reasonably priced!


12 thoughts on “VideoGamesPlus Stocking Final Reprints Of Rare DS Video Games”

            1. oh man it’s been a long while since i’ve played but i think the story line may have had to do with some sort of territorial war amongst all the monsters in the dragon quest universe

                1. I haven’t really played much of the monsters series to give it a fair evaluation, I’ve actually only played some of the original on GBC but it was pretty neat. It was in that 8 bit style of the original NES Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior games and the monsters you capture join your party and walk around with you on the map, I think eventually you can breed the monsters in your party but I never got that far into it.

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