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Nintendo: Supplemental Computing Devices Patent Cleared

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You may remember that Nintendo had previously filed for a patent for game consoles (home consoles and handhelds) to draw their power from other devices not just the console itself. This could be from additional devices and applications such as cloud based devices which are called supplemental computing devices. Well, the patent for this how now been passed by the United States Trademark and Patent Office so we could effectively see this in the forthcoming NX platform.


22 thoughts on “Nintendo: Supplemental Computing Devices Patent Cleared”

  1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

    -||We will consume energy from all Xbot devices and convert it into pure energy||-

        1. I would very much prefer that, however, to me that is wishful thinking. It seems that developers are really pushing games to require an online connection. It is going to happen, and when it does, they simplyly aren’t getting my money. I’d rather spend it on the amazing backlog of games from Pong to Xbox 360/ps3/wii/3DS/Vita

    1. not really, both Xbox and sony already have forms of this in Xbox one and PS4. but this syncs with reports a few days ago about having a portable gamepad that could stream games. this would allow you to stream those games on the go and use cloud computing to help buffering and such. this also lines up with the whole mixed portable/home system hybrid. this could also mean that the next handheld well also have this streaming ability as well.

    1. This is why Nintendo needs to stop being tight-lipped about the NX and start talking about it soon because if they don’t more FACTUAL information will get leaked out. They need to act fast before it’s too late

      1. They can take their time. They know when they will talk about. The minority vocal on the internet does not concern them. Reveal will be when they are ready. No amount of rumors and leaks will change that.

        1. yea, honestly they can take their time, even if xbox and PS4 “copied” then 1) its ok for the industry it allows for innovation and Nintendo copies what they do anyways. this is how we get variety. 2) the Kinect was in the works for 7 years meaning they were working on it way before the “revolution” was even show off. 3) it would still take both companies to come up with competition. 4) this patent is similar to ones for things both the PS4 and Xbox one already do. 5) Nintendo has plenty to catch up on in terms of OS, games, third party support, cloud, online play, DLC, apps, and sales numbers. so they just need to take time to get it right.

          1. I don’t know if you was adding on to what I was saying or refuting what I was saying. The post has confusing me of the point of the number statements.

  2. I wonder if the supplemental computing devices will come in special designs. I could see them designed as mario blocks that could be stacked upon each other if you’re feelin’ like playing with power.

  3. Give me one of these in the shape of the Triforce. I’ll buy it simply as a fashion choice for my room.

      1. Fuck that bullshit! People shouldn’t be punished for making use of a glitch THEY failed to fix before releasing the damn game.

        1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

          -||It’s like they want that Golden Poo Award more than the Electron Army this time||-

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