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Trademarks: Pokemon Sun & Moon Mascots Could Have Been Leaked

Two trademarks have been discovered that were listed back in February which seem to be the Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Sun & Moon. The two names are Solgaleo (ソルガレオ) and Lunaala (ルナアーラ). Interestingly the trademarks weren’t registered by Nintendo, Game Freak or Creatures Inc. Serebii has found out that that these were trademarked under the name Yusuke Inui who appears to be an IP lawyer in Japan. Hopefully we shall find out more about these characters soon.

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8 thoughts on “Trademarks: Pokemon Sun & Moon Mascots Could Have Been Leaked”

  1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    There are no secrets in the Game industry. Except for the Class S Meetings where they erase everyone’s memories after they have reached an agreement.

  2. Oh. It’s just the names. I was hoping for images of their designs! Thanks for getting my hopes up, guys! D:

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