Platinum Games Head Tatsuya Minami Has Stepped Down

Some rather unexpected news has emerged regarding Platinum Games this morning. The company’s big boss Tatsuya Minami has decided to step down from his position. Minami will be replaced by Kenichi Sato. Details regarding why Minami has stepped down remain unclear at present.


  1. Well damn and cant wait for scalebound and i will be getting a wii u and ps4k neo and slim xbone and a 3ds xl or new 3ds xl all of this year or all of next year or some this year and some next year and i have a shit ton of games to huy and eventually buying a ps3 and a ps2 which i cant wait to play rival schools again one of my all time favorite fighting games and marvel vs capcom 2 etc etc and god damn nintendo is shiet the nx better be at least on the ps4 level in terms of power because it wont come close with features etc etc all of the small stuff but maybe it will but who knows its nintendo

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      1. I will be buying multiple systems all because nintendo is shit does not mean that they have no games i want to play on the systems they made throughout the years it is just they dont have a lot of games i would like to play the only nintendo consoles that i will guarantee buy a lot of games for is going to be the ds and 3ds and gba and the wii which i will play those games on the wii u and i still have to check out the nes and snes but i doubt it and no there is no sarcasm ya little shit


    1. i was just thinking about rival schools the other day and how i’d like to play it again, i might look and see if i can find a rom for it, i’ve been too busy playing nothing but sfv though, i’ve moved on from ryu to cammy and i think i’m doing better with her i like her because she is faster, i’m looking forward to trying out guile later this month when he is released into the wild of sfv, his trigger skill sounds really cool, i hope they announce blanka soon, he is literally a beast. i’m going to go to a thrift store this weekend and try to find an old crt tv because i’d like to hook up all my old systems again properly because they look like utter shit on hd tvs, but i’ll probably be playing a lot of the new starfox and there is a splatfest this weekend and my friend just got mario maker so i probably need to play his new levels and he just got pokken tournament so i might have to go online and destroy him with my pikachu libre god this weekend is going to be so busy i won’t even get to relax but oh well i have a lot of important work to do


      1. nah he’s pretty good, in fact everyone in the game seems pretty well balanced but i’ve noticed some characters are better to use against other certain characters so i feel like it has become a big game of rock paper scissors, i might get a fight stick soon, i’ve always wanted one and it would make me get back into fightcade again, i wonder if rival schools is on fightcade hmmmm i will have to check


  2. I can’t Japanese for shit? XD Sickr. You are awesome when reading these text. Did you get a learning course at a Japanese class in college? ;) Your Japanese reading is pretty good. Please come to the Usa, so that someday, I can greet you at your first E3 in the Americans? You will like our culture over here. Plus I always wonder what you looked like outside of Nintendo based websites? If I ever get a job anywhere online. I wanted it to be working with you! ;)


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