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Today Is Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima’s 66th Birthday

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima’s birthday is today. He is now 66 years old.

Kimishima’s time with Nintendo began in 2000, when he became the Pokémon Company’s Chief Financial Officer. In 2001, he was appointed the President of Pokémon USA Inc. He succeeded Hiroshi Yamauchi as Nintendo of America President in 2002 and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board in 2006. The Nintendo of America President position was succeeded by Reggie Fils-Amie. Another promotion came about in April of 2013 when Kimishima became the Managing Director of Nintendo Co., Ltd and his Nintendo of America CEO position would be succeeded to Satoru Iwata as an additional role. When Iwata passed away in 2015, Kimishima would succeed him as President of Nintendo.

We wish Tatsumi Kimishima a very happy birthday!

41 thoughts on “Today Is Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima’s 66th Birthday”

        1. i gave my friend my original xbox a couple years ago because he said he was going to turn it into a lynux computer, i guess he’s still working on it lol

      1. As people walk down the street, their heads turn and watch this mysterious man who refers to himself as Nintendo Commander stomping on a square shaped box with a big green X on it. People are puzzled, shocked, and afraid that this man might need help. They run away quickly and try to pretend it never happened.

        1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

          -||Man? I’m not a filthy human, you must have had that dream again boy||-

    1. giving him credit for iwatas plan SHUT UP IDIOT

      wii and wiiu are the most forward thinkigconsoles in existence

      and nx will cary on on with great controler innovation and include mouse aimingand advanced mtoin etc

      its not a wii is bloody obvious regardles of whoever is president the nx and overall nintendo future was layed out by iwata before he died DUMB NUTZ

      1. Oh right! So many feels from Prince being gone that I totally forgot about Poor Chyna passing away… yesterday? I found out about both deaths today.

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  1. ssf1991… I don’t know if my eyes are deceiving me, but Kimishima didn’t succeeded the late Yamauchi as the President of Nintendo of America. He was evidently succeeded MINORU ARAKAWA. I hope if that info is accurate and corrected.

  2. So while we get to celebrate the birthday of one person we’re aware of because of his celebrity status, as being the CEO of Nintendo guarantees of you, we also get to mourn the death of another person. I don’t know what I should be feeling! Mixed emotions be damned! D: R.I.P. Prince! T_T

  3. Wait. Kimishima was in charge of NoA before Reggie!? That explains why before Reggie, NoA was awesome. Yep. I have even more faith in Kimishima now.

    1. To be fair and honest, NoA was great up until 2010 or so, Reggie being there for at least 9 years by this point if my math and understanding are correct. Reggie USED to be cool, and we have him to thank for “My body is ready,” but now… He isn’t the same anymore, like something has… possessed him.

      1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

        -||Not “something”, it’s called Xbot infection and must be cured||-

  4. who care about his birthday, today is the Queen (of UK and common wealth) Elisabeth II’s birthday she is 90 years old and still kicking! She really does look like 90 I swear.

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