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Kimishima Advises That The NX Will Not Be A Successor To The Wii U

In a recent interview posted on the Japanese Asahi website, translated by Tom’s Hardware, Nintendo’s President Tastumi Kimishima advised that the NX will not be a successor to the Wii U, but will be a home console sold alongside the Wii U and 3DS consoles.

Kimishima didn’t elaborate much further regarding the NX, and when asked about the console’s price and performance he did not disclose any information. Kimishima did mention that developers are pushing Nintendo to add new features to the console, and Nintendo is considering these suggestions, however it would raise the production costs and the company’s aim is to remain affordable.

This information is sure to ignite more speculation regarding the console and its features, but only time will tell what Nintendo’s new console will have in store for us.



103 thoughts on “Kimishima Advises That The NX Will Not Be A Successor To The Wii U”

    1. Coming from Nintendo? lol

      You believe in Emily Rogers now? XD

      What’s next? 10k Plus telling the truth about Nintendo now.


    2. Except this is the exact thing Nintendo has been saying from day one of the official announcement of NX’s development. Every time they’ve been asked what it is they’ve said it’s not a successor to the Wii U or the 3DS but a new product category that’s aligned alongside the previous two.

      I find how funny it is that every time someone makes some outlandish statement based “on sources” that the NX is some superpowered Wii U replacement, it’s taken as highly probable, despite later being proven to be baseless rumor by more reliable sources. Yet Nintendo themselves can officially state it’s completely new and unexpected; and that the Wii U is here to stay, and everyone cries BS.

      Man the Wii U, as good a console as it is, really does have a PR problem, dunn’it?

  1. My only speculation is that all of the Wii U games (including all those indie games that I’ve purchased… -_-) will not be compatible with the NX. Then again, I think Iwata said that the Wii wasn’t a successor to the GameCube and yet that was compatible with most of the GameCube games (at least until the near end of its lifecycle)so I don’t know.

          1. While that’s true, they don’t have to completely discard it. They can do what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One. And if Sony does end up making PS3 games, et al compatible to the PS4, they would (probably) be doing the same thing.

            As for the controllers, that truly is a non-issue. Save for the GamePad, all controllers are communicating via Bluetooth (and they’ve done their R&D stuff there). As for the GamePad, if I’m not mistaken, it’s a modified Wi-Fi connection (I really do need to check if that’s true, but that’s what I remember) and the R&D stuff has been done in there as well. The only thing is that all physical copies of the games can’t be used.

            If I’m not missing anything, then I really don’t see a big problem with this.

            1. Considering that the Gamepad loses connection with a semi thick wall, it’s definitely not Bluetooth and definitely a pseudo-Wifi connection.

  2. It’s crystal clear that Wii U software development has been halted already. So, if the NX is not going to replace the Wii U, what is the NX for?

    I don’t get Kimishima.

      1. LOL! I really like the Game Theorists channel!

        My avatar is Willy from Rockin’ Kats, the best NES game ever, in my humble opinion.

  3. WTF That’s fucking stupid. Why would they put another home console on the market alongside the Wii U? Unless they’re just saying this now until the NX comes out then maybe a month after it’s out, they say “WELP WE’RE DONE WITH WII U”. They better know what they’re doi- OH WAIT They never know what they’re doing. Better not get my hopes up.

    1. Because the Wii U failed the market. Even Kimishima has said so himself. No more Wii U’s forever!

  4. Tweets about to surface from a famous Nintendo insider:

    #1: “Had a conversation today with people from NX department”

    #2: “NX is not going to replace Wii U, NX games will be compatible with Wii U instead”

    #3: “NX will have exclusive games down the road, 2018 holidays is a realistic date”

  5. Just add the features. Affordable shouldn’t be a goal. As I’ve written before, Xbox One and PS4 were not affordable, but yet they sold more than the Wii U, and in less time. The Wii was affordable, but the motion controls are what caused the huge sales. Let’s be realistic. And if you absolutely have to be affordable, then don’t make any “innovative” controllers. Or don’t do backwards compatibility. Honestly, not having BC is probably for the best. That would mean new architecture from what I understand, which would make ports easier for third parties (assuming they use the same one as everyone else of course). But if third parties want some extra features (assuming they aren’t too outlandish) then give them what they want.

    1. “And if you absolutely have to be affordable, then don’t make any” innovative” controllers”
      Fucking preach it, Jesus Christ.

      I recall reading that, while having the same architecture does facilitate porting greatly, there are other ways to make it port-friendly even under other architecture models. Something about code-compiling black wizardry. If anyone can expand on this, I’ll appreciate it.

      And yeah, give third-party studios what they want. I don’t think they’re asking for TV implementation or anything like that, so as long as it’s game-related, it can only be beneficial in the long run.

  6. The more they say this, the more I don’t believe it! If it’s not a replacement, then why are they re-releasing some of their biggest titles for it then!? You don’t release a new console unless you are replacing the old one with something better!

  7. Does Kimishima know that the Wii U right now is only good for streaming and web browsing?

    -Splatoon sucks
    -Super Mario Maker sucks
    -Ultra Smash sucks
    -No exploits for N64, 32X, Sega Saturn, PS1, Dreamcast, CPS3, PS2, or Gamecube emulation.
    -No Wolf or Ice Climbers
    -No Street Fighter IV
    -No Sonic Generations
    -No Sonic 4: Episode 2
    -No J-Stars Victory

    1. Biased af. Sonic Generations and SF4 were released way before the Wii U so I don’t see why you mention that, and it’s not like they were the only third party games to not get released on the console. You should’ve just said “virtually no real AAA third party support”. Splatoon and Mario Maker do not “suck”, they’re very well made games and almost everyone likes them. Just because YOU don’t like them doesn’t mean they’re bad. Ultra Smash is basically non-existent anyways and nobody was going to buy it in the first place.

      This happens every time Nintendo announces a new console. They say it “won’t replace” the older console but it always does. It happened with GBA and NDS, and with the GC and Wii.

        1. Ice Climbers, anyway. Unless Wolf returns with his own unique moveset, I’d rather he stay gone. Or ditch Falco for Wolf.

          1. Ice Climbers can’t get in due to hardware limitations of the 3DS, that and Smash DLC has been over since Bayonetta and Corrin.

            There’s 58 characters in Smash 4, isn’t that enough? It actually seems overboard tbh. People just like to complain for the heck of it.

      1. Lol you know they’re trolling when they start with a well-received game like Splatoon and say it sucks :p and then they worded Ultra Smash in a way that makes it sounds like they’re talking about Smash Bros to bait people lol

      1. It’s not retarded to think that something you don’t like sucks. I mean, what other word are you going to use to describe something you dislike or hate? Trash? Shit? Crap? I wonder how many times people that defend Nintendo have used those words to describe voice chat, online multiplayer, 3rd party games, etc because they don’t like those features or games. But then again, it’s okay to use those words for non-Nintendo things, right?

      2. *facepalm* Ugh… Sorry if I misinterpreted something from your comment. My reading comprehension seems to be taking a bit of a nose dive right now because I’m feeling bleh right now. @.@

        1. Yeah you’re right. Its just my brother is annoying AF because he acts as if anyone who does like anything Nintendo is a fucking idiot and stuff. Usually he’s joking but recently he’s actually fucking serious and I’m like “Damn dude let people like what they like” and like “People should never be ashamed of liking something different” then he just says I sound like a women lol fucking idiot. And sorry for the stupid rant lmao xD

    1. Normally I’d say SFV,

      But apparently, no one wants SFV. I bring up games like SFV and Sonic Generations, because they were kept from the Wii for the system “not being powerful or HD enough enough upon their release. The Wii U solved those issues. So where’s ours?

      1. I don’t see people demanding a port of such an old game. It wouldn’t have made a difference, especially now. More people want SFV than SFIV, especially when taking into account that V is a MUCH better fighting game than IV mechanically speaking. Give it time and I assure you SFV will make a big comeback

  8. If NX is gonna be sold alongside Wii U, that probably means they’ve scrapped any plans for backwards compatibility, which I don’t mind as I own every worthy Wii U game already. There’s nothing left for me to go back too, I just wanna go forward from here on out. No BC, stronger hardware hopefully. Also, if the most expensive console this generation is selling the most, I don’t see why Nintendo’s still talking about price. I’m fairly certain any features devs are asking for are basic features the other two consoles already have, and X1 ain’t that much more expensive than the Wii U, so again I dunno wtf Kimishima is talking about unless they already racked up expenses with gimmicks, so now they don’t have anything left to spare on basic features.

    You shouldn’t be thinking about maybe listening to devs, you should be listening to them. Unless you wanna be the only one making games for your system…again. I swear, I ain’t buying an NX out the gates lol. I’ll scope it out for a year or so before I know if I’ll be picking up the Neo instead. Tired of the BS.

  9. Kimishima, there is an easy way to explain this. Just say the NX will be to the Wii U & 3DS that the PS4 is to the PS3 & Xbox One is to the Xbox 360. Those last gen consoles were still getting support at least one or two years into their life cycles. But the fact you refuse to use that simple explanation makes some of us think you have no intention of supporting them, at least the Wii U, for 1 or two years after the NX comes out.

  10. Uhhh, haven’t they said this before on numerous occassions? The biggest occassion being that of the Nintendo DS? Why do they further insist on none of their consoles ever being successors?

  11. So they’re considering the suggestions of developers are they? If they had taken the suggestions from developers when they were developing the financial disappointment that is Wii U they’d probably have sold twice as many units. All I want from Nintendo is a powerful console with a normal fucking controller so that I can play my Nintendo exclusives and third-party games in peace.

  12. “sold alongside the Wii U ” – Haha, this guy has humour! As if anyone would still buy the Wii U in 2017. But let’s get serious. Does that mean that there won’t be a successor to the Wii U at all? No more Nintendo home consoles? (a handheld that you plug into your TV is not a home console!)

    1. Not a good attitude to have. You literally know nothing about the NX. It could a piece of crap for all we know. You’re not doing yourself a favor with that kind of mentality. Wait and see. Let Nintendo impress us first. The last thing we need is people blindly purchasing things. That sends a signal that a company can do whatever it wants and get sales no matter what. I hope for everyone’s sake that the NX is amazing, but I’m not just going to buy it just because.

      1. I trust Nintendo though… people think the Wii U is complete crap, but I personally love it to death. I bought it day 1 and said that I would be getting before any info came out… doesn’t matter to me if people find it to be shit, i’ll still play it. Doesn’t matter if it’s “not a successor to wii u” i’ll pretty much still enjoy it. Doesn’t matter if it uses a new gimmick, because it’s a new way of playing a video game besides a simple controller… doesn’t matter if it’s weaker than ps4 or xbone, it’ll have nintendo games on it anyway… see where I’m going?

        1. I meant as an individual. As in, Nintendo could make something that that you don’t like. Not everyone else. But if you are going to just buy it anyway then have at it. I’m not going to talk crap to you or anything. I just have a different opinion. No big deal.

  13. Saying the NX isn’t the successor just causes a lot of confusion. I don’t see the Wii U selling anymore (even less than now) once the NX releases. I don’t even see myself playing the Wii U anymore at that point. I hardly even touch it now (except for when I use it for internet purposes, like I am right now).

  14. Wow, just when I didn’t think Nintendo couldn’t kill any more of my enthusiasm, and they had to go on and mention the ‘A’. word. So far Nintendo’s idea of affordable has been a regrettable nightmare in my book…

      1. U take that back! Or U’ll have to deal with Mii! No one talks bad about the Wii! I’ll get Reggii after U! U better do your best Robert E. Lii and surrender! Do U hear Mii?! Gollii gii U got Mii all worked up!

              1. Just drop the internet part. I haven’t referred to any of the people I call friends that I made by way of internet as that. Personally, I hate the terms “internet friends” & especially “irl.” It makes it sound as if people on the internet are just freaking imaginary people that don’t actually exist.

                1. Fair enough. Didn’t know what to call it and I didn’t want to just assume… And I hate pretty much all the acronyms going around these days. Omg, imo, tbh, af, and plenty more. Call me old fashioned, but I wish people would just spell it out.

                    1. Yep. I really hate when someone responds back with just “k.” The worst is when you do something for someone and then all they write is “ty.” Like, I did you a favor and you can’t even spell out a full thank you for me? For crying out loud!

        1. Reminds me of an old user that abused the “Mii” puns when he spoke.

          I wonder what ever happened to him.

      2. Well basically the going cheap started with the Wii, father of the term ‘shovelware’. Man, if only the would have made the Wii as powerful as the PS3 and 360. Things would have been much different than they are now

  15. 1) it better have backwards compatibility (mot likely dues if Zelda is coming to both systems)
    2) “not replacing” most likely means that they well support the wii U and 3DS for a while after NX comes out. which in reality means it is a replacement, but not one you need to run out and buy to get new games.
    3) the SDK probably has some conversion software to help developers bring wii U and 3DS games to the NX
    4) developer requests are most likely more focus on the core controller, as well as X86. the requests are probably from AAA developers at this time, so these requests are most likely about power of the system, and main stream features that developers are used to on Xbox one and PS4.
    5) selling the system at a “profit” is a simple matter of selling it at a price that more then covers the cost of the system, thus these requests are most likely about power of the device, more then features.
    6) also by not being a “successor” he may mean that the main controller is not a gamepad or a classic controller. in other words its probably some hybrid controller (or VR/AR) that might still have alternative controllers but would be sold separate and thus developers wouldn’t use them by default.

  16. Stop with the clickbait, you are confusing people! Kimishima meant that the NX will not be just, will not be a merely successor to the Wii U. It will be a successor but it will not be a third version of the Wii family. That is it, just it…..

        1. Not a successor like the Wii U was to the Wii, but as a successor of the console spot itself? Yeah. But then they still shouldn’t be saying it’ll be sold alongside the Wii U and the 3DS, because…it won’t. The Wii U is almost dead, and they’re slowing down production. As cobb19 said, they also said that the 3DS would be the “third pillar” alongside their console and the game boy, and look how that turned out.
          So yes, technically it’s not the “successor” to the Wii U, but…it’s still the next console coming. So. Pot-tay-to, Po-tah-to.

  17. It is just the “Third Pillar” thing again.

    … like how the DS was “Not a replacement for the Gameboy Advance”.

    They HAVE TO say that, because theybthink it will make people continue to buy WiiU and 3DS consoles and games.

    … which people SHOULD totally do, because there are some GREAT games on both.

  18. It’s PR talk,they still need to sell as many Wii U consoles as they can until the NX is released then after that,they’ll let go of the Wii U. I swear,people need to understand the business standpoint of all this..

  19. … They’ve already stated that it isn’t another Wii U or Wii, that it is in fact something totally new own its own. It’s a new console and ecosystem BUT it will still be sold in addition to the Wii U being sold. Similar to how the XBox One is/was being sold beside the 360. Same with the PS4 and PS3. They are simply saying that it will also be sold alongside the current systems.

  20. thenintendoreviewer

    Really, Kimishima? Because everything I’m hearing about it so far says otherwise. Also don’t try more Wii gimmicks again. Something more straight forward please.

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  22. Literally all he is saying is it’s not another Wii system. It’s something new. Will it replace the Wii U? Yes. Obviously. But a successor would be like what the SNES was to the NES, or even Wii U to the Wii. Also, it’s PR talk. Nintendo is a business, in case you guys are forgetting.


  23. This is annoying. He’s only saying it so that people will continue to support the Wii U through to Spring 2017. Understandable, but a little disingenuous.

  24. if its not a successor of wii U then NX will not be a desktop machine or aimed for home gaming… I smell a huge disappointment. I smell nintendo lost it a bit for what gamers want… )

    I remember some NVIDIA involvement into NX? I remember shield could stream from desktop machines or other machines high quality games. Maybe NX is a kind of streamer or more streamer than gaming hardware…

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