Target Stocking Special Splatoon And Zelda Pyjamas


US retailer Target has started stocking some special edition Splatoon and Legend of Zelda themed pyjamas for women. The stylish nightwear is currently available for purchase along with Marvel and PlayStation themed pyjama sets. Pricing varies dependant on region, but they appear to be reasonable priced. You can check out the Legend of Zelda themed ones here and the Splatoon themed set, here.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6


  1. I’m buying that for my wife! Fuck yeah! Then I’m gonna throw her in bed and Splatoon all over… Never mind.

    1. lol Speaking of, while I’d like the Zelda pajamas to come in short shorts, I have to admit my wife’s ass would look great either way.

    1. Pyjamas is the European spelling. Pajamas is American.

      ie color vs. colour, gray vs. grey, theater vs. theatre, defense vs. defence, organize vs. organise, labeled vs labelled, etc.

      1. Well here’s the thing. The article itself says US retailer. Therefore it should use US spellings for that… yeah.. definitely legitimate argument..

        1. This is a Europe-based site, therefore UK standard English is used in the articles.

          The retailer’s location is completely irrelevant in this situation.

  2. I’m definitely getting the Zelda ones. Glad that they are pants instead of shorts, since it gets cold where I live and those shorts look like they could be low riders, which aren’t comfy to sleep in.

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