New Details On The Mega Man Animated Series Have Been Revealed

There is new information on the Mega Man animated series that is slated to launch in 2017 for Mega Man’s 30th anniversary. Firstly, there is a picture showing how Mega Man will look in the show. The picture can be seen below.

Secondly, we have learned more about the show’s premise. The Mega Man animated series is targeted towards “kids 6 to 9, as well as their parents who grew up loving the video games” and will feature “exciting new technologies and robots”. However, the show’s plot is about Aki Light, who is a “normal, upbeat, and above all optimistic young school-aged robot living in Silicon City”. He discovers that deep within his programming are “secret protocols that allow him to transform”, which gives him “nanocore armor, a Mega Buster, and the iconic helmet to turn him into the superhero that is Mega Man”. Our hero must contend with “threats to Silicon City, while trying to keep his superhero identity a secret and maintain a normal robot school kid life”.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Mega Man’s design.



Thanks, MasterPikachu6



      1. You’re a fucking moron.
        Just cause you disagree with someone about how they feel about something does NOT automatically make them a FUCKING TROLL!!!
        He’s right!
        Bad Box Are Mega Man looks better than this garbage!!!
        He was not trolling, he was stating an opinion.
        Pull what ever is shoved up you’re retarded ass OUT!


      2. LMFAO! XD WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU COME FROM! HOLY SHIT! I think I just pissed off one of those little 13 year olds online? XD

        Bitch! I’m 23 and I know about their BS ever since Legends 3 got canned!

        Hell! You idiots didn’t even care much about them until they cancelled Legends 3?



        You gave me the biggest laugh in america!

        Only someone would have the balls to call me a retard? ;)

        Here’s a wonderful video just for you.


      1. No you fucking moron, Crapcom has been pulling bullshit like this LONG before Mighty No9 was even conceived you fucking dipshit.


      2. Calm down, dude. Parachan has a tendency to use troll tactics. He’s rarely dead serious about some of the things he says. In other words, you essentially got trolled.


      1. MN9 is a perfect example of nostalgia being used as a selling point, with no real effort put into the game design. It looks horrible, and from what I’ve played of it myself, it’s a huge letdown. Inafune has completely lost my respect.

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  1. I actually like the design, but that premise is just… What.

    Why does it feel like that every “superhero” show these days has to deal with a teenager leading a double life? At least they can make it work in most of them, but here is just… No. Seriously, a teenage robot? How does that even work? (No one bring up My Life as a Teenage Robot)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Because it’s an easy trope to use and it rarely fails to succeed. That’s all it is.

      Is that bad? I guess…

      Is this thing going to fail? No, it’s not. It will make them money because little kids are going to like it. It’s not going to be the next “Avatar: The Next Airbender”, but I’m pretty sure that Capcom will make back their money very easily.


  2. In terms of premise, the show has absolutely no respect for the Mega Man lore, choosing to invent something completely asinine instead of using the Lore that exists in some capacity. Generator Rex, another Ben Ten team creation (unless this is a different Ben Ten team, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reboot is being handled by someone else) was closer to the premise of Mega Man than this show is.

    The only hope I have is that this isn’t intended to be THE Mega Man, but rather just one of the many Mega Men. You could set it somewhere between ZX and Legends, with the Silicons eventually giving rise to the Carbons. Obviously it wouldn’t be a part of the continuity of the games, but it could still be nice to have ‘Aki’ acknowledge the earlier Mega Men.


  3. WTF how did they screw up mega man up so badly?! i don’t care if the show isn’t geared towards my age group, that’s no excuse for using such a terribly generic premise. that character design is just so sickening it makes me want to barf right now. what sucks the most is that most of capcom’s i.p is known for having excellent art production, specially megaman! battle network had some of the most well designed characters and environments, but this looks like absolute shit!

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    1. YOU CRAZY!!!!!! That plot could never work, it’s stupid and in no way has sown to be a good plot in the past. Besides it’s not edgy and hip enough for kids today, now if we can get Megaman to twerk, then we got some promising plot developments.


  4. Times like this make me wish I could Mega Man 11 (akin to Sonic Adventure and Ratchet & Clank). One of the main issues is, Capcom doesn’t treat Mega Man like Mario or Sonic.

    The fans are the only ones we can trust.


  5. The synopsis is basically a complete rip off of spiderman. Young boy is miraculously given powers and must hide his secret identity while living a double life, at school and as a hero. We’ve seen this a million times. Whose lazy work is this?


    Seriously terrible artwork. It looks like a bad megaman tron mash up. Im concerned at this point.


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