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Azure Striker Gunvolt Has Surpassed 160,000 Downloads On Nintendo 3DS

Azure Striker Gunvolt has achieved another milestone on Nintendo 3DS. The handheld version of Inti Creates’ side-scrolling platformer has surpassed 160,000 downloads across the globe. The developer recently made the announcement via Twitter, alongside a thank-you note aimed at fans and supporters of the game. Azure Striker Gunvolt was initially released in August 2014 through the Nintendo eShop, and a direct sequel is in the works for Nintendo 3DS as well.


  1. How about releasing that Azure Strike 2 bundle, that’s being released in japan, here in the west! you know, the bundle that has the physical versions of Azure Strike 1 & 2 in a dual pack!

    1. i’d like that too, and while they are at it, include Mighty Gunvolt so instead of 2 games, its 3, plus i dont want to waste memory on those games because i plan on buying more physical than digital unless its digital only.

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