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Toys-To-Life Sales Down 12% This Year

Chart tracking firm GFK Entertainment is reporting that while toys-to-life games were a huge hit in 2015, people are now splashing out less on the figures. The firm points towards Skylanders and the recently ceased Disney Infinity as examples of the decline as well as amiibo. The toys-to-life market has been down 12.1 per cent in 2016 which is strange considering the recent introduction of LEGO Dimensions. The decline in revenue is blamed on supermarkets offering heavy discounts on starter packs.



  1. Well, what would you expect? Most Smash amiibos have already been released at this point, and Nintendo seems to be focusing most on releasing amiibo designed for Animal Crossing amiibo Festival. Not to mention, Skylanders and DI were already seeing somewhat of a decline, meaning that amiibo were most likely “carrying” Toys-To-Life (but that’s just me being optimistic).

  2. I feel like if Skylanders hadn’t tried to pull kart racing into the mix and went with their regular platforming action adventure they could have done better. Usually their slightly more expensive figures are cooler, bigger characters, but this time round they were boats, planes and automobiles. Not exactly the greatest thing to change when appealing to an audience that likes the series for it’s wacky and fun character design.

  3. There hasn’t been a lot that was released. DI burned through their characters pretty quickly, as did Skylanders, and I haven’t seen an amiibo that caught my eye in months.

  4. There haven’t really been a lot of cool new amiibos as of late. But don’t worry, when they release that sweet line of Zelda Amiibo (you know they are gonna announce it at E3) i will single handedly revive the toys to life market!

  5. It’s obvious why the amiibo have gone down in sales: the only ones you can actually find are Mario characters and characters like Link & Samus Aran, which most probably already have. Where’s rereleases of Marth, Lucina, Meta Knight, and other characters that sold out in less than an hour & never once got restocked on a massive level!?

    1. No. Sold out in less than an hour was far too generous. They sold out in less than fucking 30 minutes! No. I think that’s still too generous. Less than 15 minutes sounds more like it.

    2. Even Samus isn’t very easy to find anymore- I haven’t seen her amiibo in stores in over a year.

      Then again, if FF is any indication, Nintendo doesn’t seem to care about her anymore, so maybe that is why.

  6. once nintendo releases the final wave of smash bros amiibos the sales will rise, how much? +12% or +1%, who can say?. anyways nintendo need to hurry up and announce the final wave so that i can buy cloud and bayonetta then i can focus on the older waves.

  7. If Banjo & Kazooie were in Smash then their amiibo would sell out quickly! BUT they aren’t thanks to Bayonetta. Not bothering to buy her figure TILL I get every other Smash figure, she doesn’t deserve me getting hers, since she crushed Banjo & Kazooie’s dreams.

    1. They never had a chance to get into Smash to begin with, so they definitely didn’t get in because of Bayonetta stopping them. Take that up with Nintendo & Microsoft and leave poor, innocent Bayonetta alone.

      1. I don’t think BK had NO chance- remember, even Phil Spencer wanted to see them added in- but it admittedly was very slim. Doesn’t mean they will never be added in the future.

        …just like Krystal, K. Rool, and Sylux had better be. Eventually.

        1. Saying he wants to see them in there is one thing but actually trying to work with Nintendo to even get them in there is an entirely different matter. More importantly, it’s not happening if Sakurai doesn’t care for the characters. Just have to wait til the next entry when Sakurai isn’t in charge. But he’s lied before about being “done” with a franchise.

            1. But that was back when Nintendo still had their hands on some of Rare’s stock. He might have changed his mind since then, too. After all, Sakurai is known to change his mind a lot when it comes to Smash. This is the same guy that didn’t want to add Villager in Brawl because he wouldn’t fit in a fighting game.

            2. Not to mention he said Brawl would be his last Smash game yet he was in charge of Smash 4 Wii U & 3DS.

            3. The point is, they weren’t going to get in whether Bayonetta was a DLC character or not. Now if you wouldst to accuse Cloud of taking Banjo & Kazooie’s spot, that would have been a different thing entirely. Although, even Cloud has a bit of a case as to why he could get into Smash since he is in the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm games which are on Nintendo handhelds.

              BUT!! Don’t get your hopes up entirely. Smash might end up being like Splatoon where Sakurai will decide he wasn’t done adding stuff to the game & actually make more DLC characters in the next few months…. maybe.

    2. Banjo and Kazooie are the property of Microsoft and therefore will not appear outside the XBOX family of systems. Not to mention the series hasn’t been that popular since Nuts & Bolts came out.

  8. Toys to life is old fashioned now, it’s been 20 years now since the world watched this kind of toys to life magic in toy story, things change, people move on.

  9. Can we just get release dates for Corrin, Bayonetta, and Cloud already? Once I have them and the Squid Sisters, I am DONE.

    …unless they do an F-Zero line featuring all 30 pilots. Then I’m back in again. Highly unlikely though.

    1. I can’t wait to get Bayonetta. I’m less excited about Corrin & Cloud, though. Unless Corrin gets released as a male and female Corrin & unless Cloud gets released in his Final Fantasy VII attire & Advent Children attire, I’ll probably pass on them. Might make an exception for Cloud, might not. If they did release Corrin as a male & female Corrin amiibo, I’d hope they’ll go back & release an opposite gender of other characters that come as male & female in Smash 4 like Robin, Villager, & Wii Fit Trainer. Oh & release an amiibo of Alph, too, for posterity (I think that’s the right word to use.)

      1. Honestly, Alph should have been his own character, perhaps using a modified version of Olimar’s Brawl moveset, and used Rock Pikmin. And Louie, Brittany, or Charlie should have been an assist. I admit I am not the biggest Pikmin fan- I only got 3 due to Wii U’s lamented lack of software- but I think it needs more representation. Just like DK, Star Fox, Metroid, and many lesser series like Custom Robo or Golden Sun.

        1. But since Alph is an alternate costume for Captain Olimar, it makes it pretty clear to some of us that Sakurai was probably just going to make Alph a damn clone, anyway, so he simply made him an alternate costume instead.

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