GameStop Compares Potential Nintendo NX Sales To Wii U And Wii And Are “Excited” About It

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While we admittedly know very little about the Nintendo NX it seems that US retailer GameStop is expecting it to be a big hit with consumers. During the company’s quarterly financial conference call Executive Vice President of Business Strategy Mike Hogan discussed how Nintendo’s next generation system could faire against the Wii U and the Wii. They also talked about the rumour stating that the system could launch with cartridges rather than traditional discs. Here’s what they had to say.

“Nintendo has confirmed that they will be introducing a new console in early 2017. So let’s take a look at the potential for just that one new console. Once again, we’re not projecting. We are simply looking at the potential for the new console in comparison to prior consoles.

Should the new NX perform only slightly better than the Wii U, it would generate 2.7 billion dollars in incremental sales over the first two years. Should it perform at even half of the level of the Wii, it would generate 7.5 billion units of incremental sales over that time frame. You can of course apply GameStop’s market share to estimate the impact on GameStop’s sales.

While it’s too early to offer definitive projections, we are monitoring the situation closely in terms of product availability and features, consumer awareness and purchase intent. We plan to provide updates this quarter.”

“We saw these rumors, and of course we can’t comment on them. I don’t think we know anything about it anyway [about whether it’ll be disk or cartridge-based], but certainly for us physical media is a good thing.”

“The only difference would be on the refurbishment and pre-owned side, and actually cartdriges are much simpler to refurbish and repackage, so there’s a little bit of an advantage in that direction.”

“But it’s early, and we keep a cool head. Certainly I would say that there are rumors of that type, just confirms that this is an important console for next year, it will have physical media, we will play a role in it, our pre-owned business will also play a role, so we’re excited about that, and of course we love Nintendo IP, so… it’s all good news.”



  1. Cool. And that is the right idea… not a projection, but the potential success. And somewhere between both of the past two Nintendo consoles would be very , very good. The Wii is a bar that is almost impossible to recapture (unless the “gimmick” many are worried about is exactly what gets the system there, like the Wii) but to almost quadruple the Wii U sales mark in the first two years would be just what Dr. Mario ordered.

    Here’s hoping… cartridges are cool, but what are the limitations and are they more expensive? Or rather, how much more expensive are they? (also worried about having to blow out my NX all the time, but hey, that could be fun too)

    1. Cartridges are not much more expensive to produce then disks, I don’t know the exact numbers but there’s not much of a difference. As for advantages the number one advantage is no disk drive, which lowers cost, and size, and moving parts which generates less heat and noise, in turn causing them to need less cooling for the system, lowering costs even more. Cartridges are also faster to read meaning better load times, and more durable which saves money on shipping since you don’t have to take as many procautions, also just better for consumers in that regard. Cartridges can also hold way more data without being rediculously overpriced, and you can make cartridges with bigger and smaller storage depending on the game, also lowering costs for smaller games. Over all the switch to cartridges would be far more good than harm, but you do have the fear of the general public being like “cartridges? What is this the N64 days” and thinking cartridges are inferior, when they are really superior.

      1. Awesome thanks… Yeah I thought maybe somewhat more expensive to produce, just based on the different plastics and the internal storage and readable mecanism, but as we see with sd cards and the like, they definitely hold more information as you said and I never thought about the loss of need to include various parts to the console itself just to handle the disc drive, and the noise and the bs. Not to mention durability as you said.

        I am definitely all for it, but wanted to raise the topic. With media going to full on stream mode, the need for disc drive or ability to play blurays/dvds is needless and a gaming system fully dedicated to that in its hardware functionality is certainly preferable.

        1. No problem man. Yeah i would definitely be in favor of a switch to cartridges. I just can’t wait for them to reveal the NX! I’m hoping that they will do it around September, since that just seems to make a lot of sense.

            1. Yes, i do too, I’m thinking maybe they will mention it during Zelda, like “it will also be available on the Nintendo NX stayed tuned for more details on what we are adding to that version” or something.

              1. What you said about load times is something that will be interesting in terms of cartridges. It has been so long, I am unsure just how that will feel. Like driving a Tesla, wondering “Is this thing even on?”

                  1. I guess just getting from point a to point b without all the familiar noise and mechanics of the disc drive… at least that is how it seemed you proposed it

                    1. I never hear the disk drive on my Wii U so its already like that for me. Plus i grew up with cartridges so its not a big jump for me. Also noisy disc drives annoy me, so all that put together means it wont annoy me.

                    2. I hear my Wii U disk drive all the time and it annoys me. It’s much louder than my ps4. I’d put it on par with the noise level of… maybe my 360. Regardless, my childhood consisted of cartridges and so I’d welcome that change. If the NX supports mobile play it would make sense to have a cartridge similar to the DS cartridges to pop out and take on the go. I’d even enjoy putting them in my Mario DS backpack holder for on the go. The more I think about it the more Nintendo NX blue balls I get!! #pumpedforMarch2017

                    3. Yes sir. And you can get creative with cartridge design as well. As silly as it seems, the look and feel of the system and its components will go a long way in how it is received. As gamelall123 said, there is a feeling out there that cartridges are step back, a negatively primitive way to play games. PR will have to be much stronger than the wii u to get all things in working order success wise

        2. I myself am so excited over the idea of cartridges making a return that I’m going to feel VERY disappointed if it turns out to be discs again. Then again…..if it’s NOT disc format again, there won’t be backwards compatibility with Wii U games. Which would suck, because I was looking forward to packing away my Wii U when the NX releases. And there’s no way I want to keep both consoles connected. Especially when I already have the PS3 and PS4 both connected.

      2. they are not inferior as they reduce load times by a lot, even if there was a load time it would take a couple seconds. the only problem i see with nintendo using cartridges is that the memory size is ass, the minimum should be an actual 32gb (raise the size above 32 to get the actual size like say its 36/37gb but the actual size is 32) and the max should be 100gb (same thing i said with the 32 to get the actual 100) though that might be overkill unless its used for legacy/bundle collection of games. now my question is how big will the card be? 3ds size or vita size? also the storage capacity should be 1tb (removable and the max should be between 3tb and 4tb), i know its meh but its a start and not only that it should have an internal memory used for the os and updates of the os.

        1. 32 is a reasonable size, the Wii U bluray disks are only 28 gigs. Cartridges are actually better on memory than disks.

      3. What I think you kinda of forget about the Optic disc solution (especially the Blu Ray) is that people love to do multiple things with their console like playing video games, watch TV cable and movies (PS: this is not my case). This solution is what I believe make the PS4 and the Xbox 1 sell more. I do remember that people want to do much more than playing video game on their consoles. So cartridge format will already limit the option but saying that Nintendo seeing their system as a video game only and never wanted to be a mutlimedia platform (this could change with the NX from what I remember of the first slide).People won’t see the performance aspect that cartridge offer over the optical disc but the fact the NX don’t offer the “multimedia capability”.

        1. They already don’t and never have . The Wii sold gangbusters and didn’t have multimedia. They could just have really good streaming services then no need for disks. I know its not great for everyone, but pretty much everyone has an Xbone or PS4 or PS3 or just a regular bluray player so the NX doesn’t really need one. But yeah that could be a problem in the eyes of the general public, but the problem is really non-existent in practice.

      4. You forgot to mention nintendo can offset the cost for cartridges making it comparable to bluray.

    2. Why would you think you would have to blow out your NX or your NX cards? This technology is in no way the same as is was back in the NES and SNES days. When was the last time you blew out a SD card or a 3DS or 3DS card for that matter? Today a card/cartridge format is in every way more superior to BluRays. The only concern would be the manufacturing cost compared to BluRays but I’m pretty sure Nintendo does some amount of subsidizing to bring closer to parity with BluRays for third party developers because I’ve never heard devs complain about the card/cartridge format on the 3DS.

      1. Just some sarcastic levity. So far as cost and other questions, I brought it up as a conversation starter on the topic as I have read some of these concerns brought up in the comments section of other articles

        1. Yeah and like the guy said above, my only concern is that uninformed gamers will hear card/cartridge and automatically think it’s primitive because they are comparing it to cartridges back in the NES/SNES/N64 days. You just have look at the YouTube videos that uninformed gamers started posting after the cartridge rumor broke. If it’s true Nintendo will have to do a good job explaining to the non-tech savvy gamer population why cards/cartridges are better.

    3. I still have my NES and love the old school cartridges but most likely they will be modern versions. You won’t have to blow into the connectors. I picture something like ps vita cartridges or the 3DS cartride. Heck, SanDisk makes the tiny Micro SD cards and they would remove the need for an optical drive. That’s saving money!

    4. Not necessarily- if the NX does use cartridge format and goes by SD or Micro SD cards with slots like on the original 3DS, not only could they hold upwards of 32 gigs, but blowing into the slot/onto the carts themselves could be kept to a minimum. I don’t expect us to back to the NES or SNES days of blowing anytime soon.

      1. That was just to be funny about the “blowing”… All for cartridges, can’t wait to see what they look like if N goes that route

    1. They definitely know a lot of things we don’t. With retailers like GameStop, Companies have to be forthcoming with a lot of info because retailers have to decide how much they are willing to support the device. For example, if the NX was digital only then GameStop would almost certainly not carry the device because it hinders the largest part of their business which is physical game sales. A while back GameStop stopped carrying console bundles that comes with digital download codes for the included game/games. But just like developers GameStop will also be under strong NDAs.

  2. NX is still a distant future for consumers, and the Wii U has already been written off by Nintendo. Aside Zelda U, which big hitter is on the way?

    On GameStop, they are building momentum. Or, at least, trying to. No way this kind of outlook should be made, or even taken seriously, especially because the market has no clue at all about what the NX is.

  3. Sales wise, we can only hope the NX does half as well as Wii. But games wise, let’s hope it’s on the same level as Gamecube. Meaning more quality games & less shovelware. If Wii didn’t get so much shovelware that greatly outnumbered the quality games, the Wii’s game library quality would have been way better & we’d be looking at Wii as a much better console than what it really is.

  4. I hope they’re right. I need to see the actual console and what I can do before I can get excited too :p I know I’ve said this a few other time on other posts, but I just wish Nintendo would show us something!! They’ve had plenty of time to prepare a short reveal =_=

    1. I’d like to think the reason they won’t show us anything til the NX is close to release is because it’s going to completely make the Wii U look like total horseshit and no one is going to want to buy a Wii U & will just wait til the NX releases next year.

  5. I was excited for the NX, but having no information and a ton of rumours not in its favor hasn’t helped. I remember being much more hyped for the U.

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