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The Head of Inti Creates, Mighty No. 9 Developer, Hates The New Trailer

Takuya Aizu is the head of Inti Creates. Inti Creates is the developer behind Mighty No. 9. However, Aizu is not pleased about the recently released trailer. Aizu tweeted just how much he hated the trailer and blamed Deep Silver for it, censoring their name.

Mighty No. 9 will launch on June 21 for various platforms, including the Nintendo Wii U. A 3DS version will come “at a later point.”



  1. The trailer is lame because the game is lame.

    Is it that difficult to understand, Mr. Aizu?

      1. The game looks like utter shit. I canceled my pre-order and hit the pass button on this. All that money and time for their delays to see a blue character dash repeatedly through the stage with a gun? What a fun game.

      2. Okay, I probably stretched it too much. I meant, the game turned out to be a huge letdown. Inafune had everything to make a good game, but he failed big time. The blog management issue, the greedy attempts to drain more money from people, the delays… Also, the final art direction ended up being terrible — just take a look at the earlier teasers to see how better the game looked in the past.

        I’m maybe bitter towards Might #9, I’m aware of that…

      1. Yeah… You’re quoting Kamiya. I may agree with that statement, but it seems both — Kamiya and Inafune — have some grudge, which makes that idea (Inafune is more a businessman) a little bit biased, in my opinion. I believe Inafune has talent as a developer, and he proved that he’s able to, at least, lead his staff to pull out good games. Something went too wrong with this game, and we don’t know exactly what…

  2. It was kind of bad but it was kind of funny too xD Also I think the game looks great! I don’t care who made the game or what people think! IM GETTING THS SHIT

  3. Of the many, MANY lessons we can all take from this, one of them is “Watch who’ll make your trailers”. A trailer can make a bad game look good and vice versa. And I don’t think the game is bad (overhyped definitively) but the trailers aren’t helping at all.

  4. Good, because that trailer was bad and your advertisers should feel bad. And I thought the “Hyped for Combat” trailer for Tokyo Mirage Sessions was awful.

  5. Aside from the game not visually benefiting from the massive amount raised by the project’s Kickstarter and the “like an anime fan on prom night” comment, a real failing point in that ad for me is the utter lack of enthusiasm/conviction in the narrator’s voice. Here’s a guy telling me that this thing is “totally awesome” (to paraphrase), yet it never actually sounds like he believes it. It sounds more like a friend of a Deep Silver employee was getting free lunch for reading words on a page.

  6. The trailer ends with the retarded voice saying “it will make you cry like an anime fan on prom night”. Wonder how many people are going to get offended by that lol its funny that they would actually insult the same people they want to buy the game

  7. I thought it was funny, but in a more, ‘this is so stupid it’s hilarious’ kinda way. Graphics are crap though, and the gameplay looks meh, which is what i care about.

  8. I agree. Even if you think the game looks shit you gotta admit the trailer was thrash. Announcer talking about how cool everything is and makes it mega cringy to sit and watch.

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