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The 15th European Splatfest Will Take Place Next Weekend

The 15th European Splatfest is set to commence next weekend, asking Splatoon players what their dream trip is – a world tour or a space adventure.

The Japan and North American dates and themes are yet to be announced, but we will keep you posted when they are.

The European Spatfest will take place at 19:00 CEST on June 11th, which side will you choose?

9 thoughts on “The 15th European Splatfest Will Take Place Next Weekend”

    1. Either way, you’re getting an adventure no matter which side you choose. I would choose world adventure (I kinda fear space- we can blame Mission to Mars for that), but since I’m in America, I get to keep waiting for our next theme. Yaaaay…

      1. Well space isn’t much about adventure, it’s more about a surreal experience, just floating in space.

        Unless you’re talking about intergalactic travel, that’s a whole other thing, but intergalactic travel necessarely needs ground adventure, so I guess they are only referring to current space exploration

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