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E3: Someone Is Apparently Dumping The Zelda Wii U Demo To SD Card

Update: User’s Twitter account has now been deleted.

Rumours are circulating online that an individual is currently trying to dump The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild E3 demo for Wii U onto an SD Card. This isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened so it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s actually legitimate. If they are successful then no doubt this will be circulating its way around online.


31 thoughts on “E3: Someone Is Apparently Dumping The Zelda Wii U Demo To SD Card”

  1. BS. He can’t get that close to a demo build to do anything as the only places to play it are NYC and LA. Security at both places is tight because they DON’T want this to happen. I’ve been to enough Nintendo media events to know they keep eyes everywhere and systems locked down.

    If anything, fans should hold out hope that Nintendo will release a demo on the eShop after the show at some point (yep, and before year’s end) so anyone can play it for free without needing to go to such measures.

  2. The fact that the Twitter account has been deleted (by himself) just prooves that the rumour is bullshit.

  3. :/ Please no. If we get a shit load of leaks about Zelda because some managed to download the demo which had more than what Nintendo showed, I’ll be pissed. We’ve had enough of that bullshit concerning Zelda with fucking Hyrule Warriors on Wii U & 3DS!

      1. Every single fucking playable character in the game! What’s worse is the fact it was Nintendo themselves that did it!

  4. Played the demo at Nintendo NY today. NO chance of anyone nefarious getting anywhere NEAR the demo stations as they were… wait for it…


    The 8 (9 if you count the main station no one knew where it was located) Wii U’s were each encased inside big display stands with a HD set on top. You’d need a hammer, some knockout gas to put out the people playing and the large amount of Nintendo staff flown in PLUS the crowd watching from behind the demo stations time to be evil and escape. Didn’t happen. Everyone was glued to their screens with one rep for each pair of stations.

    I absolutely did ask about the chance of the demo(s – there were two) coming to the eShop, but there wasn’t a clear yes or no answer. No one was sure most likely because they simply had no information (as it’s not their job to do anything but make sure people playing were enjoying themselves, and yes, they asked questions and took notes as people played).

    I’d gather anything happening regarding that will have to wait until after the show and what Nintendo decides. I’d gather they DON’T want people digging into the code, but as the demos timed out after 15 and 25 minutes respectively, I’d also gather that someone would need to figure out how to shut the timers off.

    There was SO much to do and see that it was actually very overwhelming (in the best possible manner).

    Off to do a hands-on now.


  5. At E3 the demo stations aren’t really too secure in some places… not suggesting anyone does anything stupid like this.

    But yeah, it’s possible.

    When I was setting up our equipment we did have some systems that were not enclosed in plastic and the like but it’s generally the private press only rooms where you have to be part of the invited press for that specific company/room and typically there’s always people watching you.

    I got to go into the Sony booth when I was at E3 where you had to be a member of their team, and from what I recall they also had some open stations.

    But in general unless you’re working the booth before or after E3 actually starts or ends you’re probably not gonna have a high chance of getting your hands on anything there’s too many people around it’s nearly impossible unless you could some how hack the console remotely or something.

    Either way, I’d say it’s possible but chances of it happening are slim to none.

      1. Creig is probably one of those losers that commits crimes then gets pissy because someone ratted their loser ass out.

    1. Better to be a snitch than a loser that let’s bad people get away with bad things. Typical criminal mentality, though. “Don’t snitch!” More like don’t do bad shit & you won’t get told on.

  6. The reason why it would be terrible is because it would be an immense blow to Nintendo’s profits which would affect other things that Nintendo would later on put out.

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