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Paper Mario Colour Splash Coming To Wii U October 7th


Paper Mario fans will no doubt be pleased to learn that Paper Mario Colour Splash will be arriving on the Wii U on October 7th. No doubt we will learn more about the game during an upcoming Nintendo Direct as details regarding the latest Paper Mario title are very scarce. Still, it’s great to finally have a release date!

15 thoughts on “Paper Mario Colour Splash Coming To Wii U October 7th”

  1. Even if I was still into my Wii U, I still wouldn’t buy Sticker Star Console Edition! Either a Paper Mario in the same genre as the first two or no buy! *simply shakes head at the Nintendo defenders at top of page*

    1. xD I think sickr might be trying to be sarcastic. Like when he says “everyone’s favorite analyst Michael Pachter” when he makes an article about that guy.

      1. Not to mention this IS sickr posting the article! He loves to add sarcasm into his articles where the subject is not particularly well liked. He is the one that puts “everyone’s favorite analyst” into Michael Pachter articles, after all.

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