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Shovel Knight Developers Working On Two New Campaigns

Fans of Shovel Knight and its DLC Plague of Shadows awoke today to some good news as Yacht Club Games confirmed that it is working on two new campaigns for the game which are Specter Knight and King Knight. Sadly there’s no estimated release date for either of the updates yet, but rest assured that the team are working on it. Here’s a variety of answers to the most frequently asked questions:

  • We’re working on two new campaigns: Specter Knight and King Knight.
  • Campaigns will not be releasing at the same time. Specter Knight will be released first!
  • No estimated release date for any Update quite yet.
  • Similar to our last update, we’ll probably go overboard too. Hey! Maybe that’s why we’re called Yacht Club Games!
  • New campaigns will come with new Feats and Challenges for the new campaign character!
  • We’re also working on two new modes: Body Swap and Battle Mode!
  • Just like Plague of Shadows releasing with Challenge Mode, we’re planning to release one of these new modes alongside each campaign.
  • Battle Mode is being designed as a single screen, multiple controller, multiplayer mode and is currently not planned to arrive on handheld versions of the game. We’ll be sure to announce if there are any changes on that front.
  • Much like Plague of Shadows, all of the announced upcoming Shovel Knight content will be free on ALL platforms! For disc/cart and digital versions!


18 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Developers Working On Two New Campaigns”

  1. Awesome, I bought this game back in 2014 and I don’t regret buying it in the least! Yacht Club Games is extremely generous to give us these campaigns for free and I can’t wait to play them!

  2. Oops, I think I mentioned playing the ending of “Specter Knight”, when what I meant was Plague of Shadows. Oh well.

  3. This entire time they’re still committed to delivering all the free DLC they promised during the campaign, and it looks like they’re putting their all into it. This is absolutely a textbook case of “How To Run a Crowdfunding Campaign For A Video Game.”

  4. I appreciate the free dlc, so no complaints there. But at the same time I would rather have a new map area with brand new missions. I’ve already played through the game three times, don’t know if I could play through the same levels again, even with new characters.

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  6. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

    This is why i love shovel knight as it’s the game that keeps giving long after it’s release

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