Xbox’s Phil Spencer Praises Zelda: Breath Of Wild And Excited For NX

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has praised both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and also the fact that Nintendo is launching a new system next year codenamed NX. Spencer, who has praised Nintendo before, said on Twitter that when Nintendo launches a new video game system it is always an exciting time for the video game industry and consumers.

“When Nintendo launches a new console it’s an exciting time for the industry.”

“And Zelda looked good at E3,” Spencer said.


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    1. And since he works for a company that pays him a nice little tidy sum, he can definitely afford multiple consoles.

  1. Well he’s just speaking the truth. What do people expect, for him to come out and say “Zelda looks like shit and the NX will fail”? That would do nothing but bring bad PR to Microsoft. He would say Zelda looks good even if it didn’t.

  2. People love to hate Microsoft/Xbox but Phil just likes games. He’s even honest about bad moves they’ve made. If he was in charge when Xbox One was in development they’d probably be doing a lot better than they are.

  3. Phil Spencer is a douchebag. The guy always plays stupid when it comes to leaks, and likes to pretend that the Xbone is knocking every other type of gaming platform out of the park.

    1. Lol everyones plays stupid when it comes to leaks. Why would they announce anything that iant ready to be announced?

      Do you really expect him to say “oh well, you caught me, this rumor that you heard from an anonymous source, well its real, fuck me right?” XD

  4. Microsoft won’t be in the gaming industry for too long, judging by their actions, canceling their games, closing their studios, and releasing multiple consoles which is dividing an already diminished fan base, I think they will even abandon Xbox Scorpio owners early in it’s life cycle next year just like they did GFWL adopters! Here’s a video with more hints to this being true, because the company that did this analysis have been dead on in every analysis!

    1. I don’t have an Xbox one, but did have the original and 360. I also have hated M$ as a company since the early 80’s, but I think you’re dead wrong here. You say that them having multiple consoles is dividing their fan base…hasn’t happened to Apple. All Xbox One systems will be able to play any original Xbox One games and it’s believed that most future Xbox One games will be playable on the original Xbox One just like how PC games can be played on a million different computer configurations.

    2. Lol Sony has been shutting down games and closing studios for generations. Theyre also going to be announcing the neo soon, which if rumors are correct, will split its fanbase aswell (at least according to your logic.) According to your logic, does this mean that both MS and Sony will be closing down? Or does your fanboy BS only apply to MS because you somehow have a problem with them?

  5. I’m excited for the new XBOX Scorpio for the first time ever I’m excited for Xbox. If it plays 4K Blu-Rays I’ll def pick one up if Sony PSNeo doesn’t play 4K Blu-Rays which if it doesn’t I just see that as a huge missed opurtunity to push 4K as the new standard like they did with Blu-Ray.

    1. Since the Slim XBO will play 4K Blu- rays im almost 100% certain that the Scorpio will also support the format. As for the Neo, well come on, Sony is one of the founders of blu- ray, and theyve been pushing 4k. If theyre dead set on pushing 3D Blu-ray why wouldnt they want to push 4k Blu-ray? It would idiotic of them to pass up on it. Specially since they always future proof for everything (or almost everything.)

      1. Demi-god I hope you’re right. I mean it sounds like a no brainier. But you never know. I hope Sony does include a 4K Blu-Ray player.

  6. Zelda BOTW was something else. Even Sony and Microsoft got out of their console war ways to praise it.

    My eyes are tearing.

    These are good times to be alive.

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