Nintendo Has Denied That Some Paper Mario: Color Splash Dialogue References An “Online Hate Campaign”

A pair of Paper Mario: Color Splash screenshots from the Nintendo Treehouse stream at E3 included material that wasn’t entirely welcomed with open arms. This is because some sections of dialogue were interpreted as a reference to the harassment of developer Zoe Quinn,  where the dialogue references a group of “Five Fun Guys” and an event dubbed “Shufflegate”, which would “ruin” someone’s career. Nintendo has released a statement on the matter, saying that the dialogue “includes two jokes separated by commentary and gameplay that have no relation to each other. One joke has to do with Watergate, while the other is a nod to the Fungi Fun Guys from Mario Party 8”. Nintendo continued by saying that “It was brought to our attention today that these two jokes have been spliced together and misconstrued as a crude reference to an online hate campaign. While we typically do not speak on localization matters, we feel the need to confirm that these jokes are not linked in the game and were never intended to be linked”. The company concluded by declaring that “Nintendo firmly rejects the harassment of individuals in any way and was surprised to learn that its gameplay was misinterpreted in this manner”.



  1. Surprising nobody. Taking things out of context and trying to force it to mean something else.

    1. Because Zoe was… let’s say…not entirely faithful to her boyfriend when slept with five known people in the gaming industry (devs and journalist) . People banded together to complain about this and initially the hashtag ‘burgers & fries’ was used (five guys burgers and fries). People tried to move the conversation away from Zoe’s deeds (past and present) by using hashtag GamerGate, but by then it was too late. Every anonymous troll knew about and had access to the hashtag, because…well… It’s a hash tag lol.

  2. I’m pretty sure most balanced human beings have seen through the dubious “hate campaign” claims at this point. People are wising up on the smearing techniques.

    1. To be fair, most people are saying that Nintendo called ZQ’s supporters a “hate campaign”, which is mostly correct. Also Nintendo is showing that they’re at least aware of the problem.

    1. Techinically the site is just posting what Nintendo said.
      Nintendo said the references weren’t to do with a “hate campaign”. But note that they they didn’t say GamerGate was a hate campaign. Make of that what you will ;)

      GamerGate is a lot of things but that blanket statement about it being a hate campaign cuts out a lot of nuance. But generally, most neutral parties who have looked into it agree and there is a lot more care taken when reporting now. Except for maybe the wiki mafia or something lol.

      1. True. Looks like Rapp’s firing is already showing its effects. And I still believe more needs to be done. Like we’re still getting Sarkeesan puff peices on sites like IGN

  3. Why are you calling GamerGate a “Hate group”?
    That’s kind of biased and I should know, I’ve studied Journalism and this type of behaviour is considered biased and disrespectful. You could easily be held accountable if anyone from that group takes offense to your comment.

    Deformation of Character is a serious issue and by calling Gamergate a “Hate group”, that’s just show how you don’t know much about journalism and some of the people who use the group to help making gaming journalism transparent very upset, vus they have a reason to take you to court.

    1. Excuse me Sr. Journalist. Betwen all your journalism-knowledge,Do you know what is a quote? The expression “hate group” appears in a quote. IS NOT ssf1991 words, on the other hand, ssf1991 use a objective formula saying that it ” were interpreted as a reference to the harassment of developer Zoe Quinn”
      I think that anybody (journalist or not) must be read carefully what is going to comment.

      Have a nice day

      1. Stupid mainstream media comparing basement idiots like Chris Chan to Isis of all people.

        I’m done!

    2. Everybody’s too damn sensitive. Who cares if someone from that group takes offence? This is a rough world we live in, either grow some thick skin or get out of the spotlight. To some people gamergate is a hate group. It depends what side of the fence you are standing on..

    1. …No one said anything about GamerGate.

      I didn’t even mention it because of how I don’t want the two to be connected, which was something I learned the last time I wrote an article of this nature.

      1. To be fair, I should’ve used quotes. But everywhere I looked I just saw wording like that going around. So I assumed that it was factual.

        Judging by the comments, it’s not.

  4. Everyone is getting pissed at GameGate being called a “hate group” when it was Nintendo who said that.

    Fucking priceless.

  5. Well. I have no idea what is going on. And quite frankly I don’t really care. Doesn’t seem like something to get all ruffled up over. A couple of jokes taken out of context. Whatever

    1. Believe me, you’re not alone. I want no involvement with this. But being a news reporter, you have to leave your comfort zone if it means getting the facts out. Opinions don’t matter.

      Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

      I hate it.

          1. You’re doing a good job. This is my main choice of my three Nintendo sites. You guys aren’t super strict or super fanboys. You just report news. Keep it up. By the way, what happened to Incomtaldi (I’m probably butchering the name). I’ve haven’t seen him writing articles in forever. Does he not work here anymore?

            1. What Procurer said. He left because he got a job for a website that pays if I remember correctly.

    2. I’m feeling like “Did I miss something?”… I’m so tired of keyboard warriors and their sense of justice, or the lack thereof…

      World is a place that is becoming so full of BS… Oh, well.

    3. Not something to get riled up about! What! Im going to write a biiig looong paragraph on FACEBOOK about YOUR coment and blowing it out of proportion!

      Dear guy on nintendo blog, stop acting as if this isnt a problem and that your BETTER thn a helpless hoe firced to have sex with those five men,!

      Love annoying Attention whore on facebook.

  6. so nintendo happens to make jokes about their other games or one within the game and everyone and their mom looses their minds, see this is why i dont jump to conclusions, if something sounds like its a reference to something bad i first think that it may not be because nintendo makes a habit of making references to other games that sound like something else.

    1. Ik, might as well live in a grey world with no sound to protect the drama queens and sheltered babies. No living or creativity. Heck in there world suicide is the most fun thing to do.

      I say just hurt there feelings more be cause honestly if i call a grasshopper retarded or some shit and it makes someone cry thats there issue not mine. Its rediculous.

      1. Yea people are way too sensitive. Most overly sensitive people have lived extremely sheltered lives. They have never had to endure any hardships in life. If they have, I can assure you they would give about two fucks about what someone calls someone else on the internet.

  7. I swear people just want to make anything and everything a problem. They’re either plain dumb, annoying sheltered bitches their whole lifes and just dont know or just blowing things out of proportion just because. God is social media made things 10 times more annoying.

    If there was a reference who cares, theres kids getting abducted by reggie and sold for cocaince money everyday. Lot worse things than all this papercut issues.

        1. Don’t try quin got like 50 abortions and i also heard her virgina is ruined beyond repair. The baby wouldjust fall outabd break its neck.

      1. Not much out of the ordinary, been outside a lot latley, with no nintendo in sight. Pretty much a world without nintendo lol.

        Back when i was a kid, i probably couldn’t live without nintendo lol but that was back when they specialized in videogames and not amiibo s

          1. Poor nintendo, i mean should of seen it coming ever since 2013 it was going to be like this.
            The wii u has always been dead, now its burried.

            1. Damn shame too. But Nintendo made way too many mistakes. And so I’m waiting a year after NX launch to see if I’ll buy or not. No way in Hell am I buying day one. They do it right, I’ll jump aboard after a year. They repeat the same nonsense, good-bye.

                  1. ||Nintendo will never let you all go…||

                    ||Before Breath of the Wild, the boy Iceazeama was nowhere to be seen, but now he commented more than the 2 years of absense alone in 2 days…||

                    ||He returned because we are not done with him nor any of you, Stranga will be next…||

                    1. Stranga? Haven’t heard from him in a long time either. I think he is done with this site for good. Ice may leave for long periods of time, bu every once in a while we get couple of comments from him. As for me, believe me. I want Nintendo to turn things around. I hope Breath of the Wild is the starting point of things to come and that the NX is everything we want in a console.

                    2. ||He might be done with this base, but he will never be done with Nintendo, his very existence is connected to us for eternity…||

                1. ||And yet you still bought some Nintendo games after your “exile”, you can’t run away from me boy, no one can…||

      1. They already destroyed themselves, wth a little help of nintendo on the side. No point in kicking already beaten cry babies, plus you can only take so much rabid angry dilusional fanboys.

              1. By your comments, you make it sound like you’ve been here a while, but I haven’t seen your name until recently. Did you change your name? Or am I mistaken in my first sentence?

                1. ||He came around some time after my first arrival and mimics my original speech…||

                    1. ||He recently appeared again just weeks ago…||

  8. So has the “-gate” suffix (born with Watergate) become primarily synonymous with “Gamergate” for an entire generation, then?

  9. Does no one know what Watergate is??? Thats what it is referencing to. Zoe is just overreacting and making it about her like the conceded woman she is.

    1. I don’t blame you for not knowing what’s going on. There’s a lot of complicated history behind this story, so it would be hard to explain everything. The shortest and best way to explain this is feminists going nuts over something absolutely trivial and stupid.

  10. Pretty sure Nintendo has no idea what GamerGate is, considering they are referencing Watergate in the game, and they were just made aware of GamerGate from Quinn getting offended, so I don’t blame Nintendo for referencing a “hate group” because they probably don’t know anything about it, and they probably don’t care. Keep in mind Nintendo just fired a pedo feminist and got backlash for it from other feminists, yet Nintendo stuck to their guns on the decision. In addition to not putting a female Link in Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has been made into a target for feminazi’s, so it’s no surprise that feminists went after Nintendo for this. Feminists do not like Nintendo right now.

    1. is it because nintendo is doing the right thing for firing a pedo and not because nintendo fired someone for being a female? so if a guy is a pedo and get fired none bats an eye because of the gender but does applaud for firing the pedo but if its a woman who is a pedo then everyone looses their mind and claims nintendo is sexist and completely ignores the pedo part. to me watergate sounds like a landmark just like how apocalypse is choking mystique because its two mutants duking it out but to the few watergate is gamergate (not the steam store clone) is the same as apocalypse is choking mystique because its violence against women. what does this have to do with anything? it does because people take things out of context like the controversial x-men choke ad.

  11. Wow, this stirred a lot of ugly muck. I won’t say Gamer Gate is a “hate group”, but it’s supporters certainly get up in arms when you suggest that personal attacks are unprofessional.

  12. Just to clarify, I have no personal stance on the matter. I’m just observing a trend in the narrative of this comments section.

  13. Gamergate? Isn’t that that loser group that attacks women with threats of murder, rape, hope their family members die horribly, etc? Ugh..! Those scum make those of us that hate for logical reasons look bad. Yeah, Anita makes some bullshit claims at times but that doesn’t justify threatening her or her family. *shrug* Whatever. At the end of the day, it’s just losers being hated on by even BIGGER losers I guess.

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