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DFC: Nintendo NX May Capitalise On “Largely Ignored” Kids Market

Nintendo has a long-standing history of making its games appeal to both children and adults and what everyone is asking now is who the Nintendo NX will appeal too? Research firm DFC Intelligence believes that Nintendo will be aiming to appeal to the younger market which it claims is often ignored by both Sony and Microsoft

“One of the ironies of the latest generation of console systems is how children under the age of 12 have been largely ignored. The Nintendo Wii U is the only dedicated system remotely targeted at kids and it has been a failure. Twenty years ago many casual outside observers viewed children as the ONLY market for video games. The fact that console systems can thrive without targeting a younger audience speaks volumes to how the industry has grown. However, it also highlights a major missed opportunity,” DFC says.

“Arguably Sony and Microsoft don’t need younger gamers and can simply rely on the trickle down effect where kids come on board several years into the lifecycle. Really it is hard to point to major specific new generation games targeted for kids outside of Lego titles and toys to life products. Furthermore, these products play fine on older console generations and do not really justify an investment in expensive new hardware.

“Of course, the company that has had the greatest success with targeting children is Nintendo. Nintendo is currently in a holding status until they can launch a new console system but the company has a real opportunity to reinvent the groundwork in the game space by introducing an easy to use system that targets the entire family.”

“The original beauty of the console business was a kid could push a button and in seconds be playing games. In the current generation, that appeal has been lost and the immediacy of being able to play games is now found on Apple devices, the Nintendo DS and even PC games. Of course, it is not only kids that want to get in and out of games as fast as possible. Apple, Supercell, King Entertainment and other major growth stories are all about giving consumers quick access to games,” DFC continues.

“The current hole in the market for accessible high-end games that are NOT on Apple devices could be a real opportunity for Nintendo. Nintendo really helped pioneer the easy in and out accessibility that is a major appeal of Apple devices. Of course, saying there is an opportunity and doing something about it are two different things. The market is ready for an easy to use system that targets the family. The question is will Nintendo be able to capitalize on what is clearly a major vacuum in the game space.

“Someone is going to come along and take advantage of the opportunity to make games simple again… Many observers are rightly skeptical of Nintendo’s chances. DFC also believes Nintendo is a dark horse… Poor recent execution has not been encouraging but the opportunity to turn things around is clearly there.”


114 thoughts on “DFC: Nintendo NX May Capitalise On “Largely Ignored” Kids Market”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Games are already beyond simple, this is why humans are devolving further than their current useless existence…||

    1. How do you devolve?…

      I like a complex game, I like a simple game, I like a game that appeals to me….

      Show me what games non-humans have created, oh wait, all games are on a computer, made with computers, so in your theory, computers suck at games….

      Just wait and play some new Zelda, that should help alleviate some of those virus in your head…

      1. Thats exactly what I was thinking. This research firm thinks that both MS and Sony are neglecting that demographic, but that exact demographic makes up a major part of their platforms.

        1. As i always say, videogames are entertainment and as that it has to be inclusive, but you know how fanboys think about themselves, i don’t think NX will be exclusively for kids, a game like breath of the wild could be boring for them, i am sure nx will acknowledge both hardcore and casual gamers, remember that miyamoto said that it was time for them to take in account the hardcore gamers.

  2. I’m genuinely worried in what it could mean, it could either mean
    A. The UI will be simplistic or nonexistent, which I would hate as I prefer the more sleek look of UI such as the ones Xbox and PlayStation have.
    B. Games could end up being simpler with more tutorial ridden beginnings and/or simpler controls. Which I’m not too fond of since I love being challanged.
    C. Online functions being ignore once again as to “protect the children”
    It could go well but these are my biggest concerns.

      1. Honestly, I dislike people like you with that idiot comment. I would love to play with my family and friends in my house; however, they live in different states now. I cannot play most Nintendo games because they are mostly local player games. All these games would make good online games: Tropical Freeze, Mario U, Star Fox, Wonderful 101. Nintendo doesn’t make them online because they want me socializing with family that I can’t socialize. You know what Sony does? They give me share play where I don’t need the game, the person goes to local player mode, and I can play the game with them! Any local player game I can play with them together. Any game that’s one player, I can watch them play it or play it from there playstation on my system without the game using my own playstation from my house even if they are miles away. Nintendo wants local games, give me that and other people that at least. Nintendo doesn’t care about gamers, they just want that casual gamer crowd that paid for their wii and didn’t play them after a few weeks.

        1. Umm wass talking to him, but if your not lucky enough to have everyone next to you, maybe look somewhere else!!!….

          That’s was competition is, one comapny offers this better and the other this better, we can all wish for one being absolute over everyone with the best of everything….

          Sounds like you wish for better but ultimately, individually, we can most likely not do anything about it….

          So find it else where, if you don’t like my comment or mind set, it cause you can’t relax, live in the real world fanboy 2016…

          1. You really are an idiot. If I’m not lucky to have someone else next to me, then what do I do? I look towards ONLINE GAMING, DUMBIE. THATS WHY SONY AND MICROSOFT HAVE ONLINE IN THE FIRST PLACE. TO PLAY WITH OTHER PEOPLE.

            And the rest of your comment makes no sense. You cannot spell, have no grammar, and are clearly a moron. I’m not a fanboy, I’m stating truth. Share play is an option that gives Nintendo the ability to keep marketing local game plays ideas as something fresh. No one wants an absolute, we want options. Not stupidity of targeting little kids, no microphone in online video game because the developers are butt-hutt that they suck and get yelled at for it. Nintendo is a shell of their old self and a lot of us see that. All this potential, best IP, best capabilities, one of the best developers, billions of dollars. And they bring me and others delays, bullshit, lies, false promises, repeated Mario games, no zelda, the death to Star Fox, paper Mario, Metroid, and no hope for them in the future. Again, go see the signs. Nintendo is doing shit backwards

          2. You need to tell Nintendo to live in the real world, brother. They still thing it’s party time like 1999. Isn’t that when Nintendo started to go downhill until the Wii?

        2. P.S.

          Nintendo is more Japan focused, being it their home country…

          Being close is something more of a tradition, they are just more traditional….

          Can’t hate on a Japanese comapny creating products focused for Japan even if it reduces profit overseas, right, almost borderline, you know, don’t wanna say it cause well it’s not…

          Even if it wasn’t there plan originally, it still went that way…


          1. Nintendo is in it for the money, kiddo. If this was about family, they wouldn’t limit gaming bundles that could cater to the families in the West. They don’t release Japan bundles that are family driven over in Japan in the states. Why? Because Nintendo isn’t too smart these days. There leader, Iwata was too driven on old practices. His visions were great, but it wasn’t about family. He wanted new ways to play games. Japan didn’t like them. Nor did we.

            1. It’s ok, no reason to be depressed, just relax, I didn’t even your comments, looked ignorant as hell with little to no meaning or new content….

              But when all is said and and done, the big boss forever defeated yet still lingering, as he basket in the shame that follows…

              (hopefully not, this is getting kind of depressing:/)…

                1. I don’t know anymore, you just can’t except other people’s opinions….

                  Plus I go to an Ivy League school (University of Delaware) for mechanical engineering with a minor in Architect….

                  Grammars not the greatest but my math is on point loser ;)….

                  1. Did you just Google that? You just gave me proof you don’t know anything when I read that there’s no such minor with that major. Thanks for playing.

                    1. You were the one googling stuff, and you must not have went to college, can minor in anything, I had already took perquisites for architech at Del Tech, but the credits didn’t transfer:(….

                        1. Lmao. I hate it when people say “you must not have been to college/finished high school”. As if it’s such a big deal. Only thing you’re gonna do afterwards is get a career so you can waste the majority of your life working. Screw that. Gotta aim higher. Degrees don’t matter if you do the same as everyone else. Come up with big ideas! Instead of wanting to be an employee and forcing yourself to get up and go to that job you hate, should rather think of a plan to get rich. XD

            2. I tried shareplay once, my friend shared me his MKX game and it looked really really bad, it was like watching a youtube video with the lowest quality video setting

              1. Ew! Really, bro? I don’t have internet and use a hotspot off someone’s password, and my friend shared Might No.9 and let me play. There was small lag when my connection got bad, but overall it was great with little lag. I streamed in SF5, and he said it looked good. Two good connections work well with it. I think if Nintendo did it, it would work great.

          2. “Oh Nintendo is fine just the way they are. Either deal with it or go somewhere else if you don’t like it.” Because that worked out so fucking well for Xbox One when Don Mattrick pretty much told the Xbox customer base the same thing, right!? lol If Nintendo continues down the path idiots like you want them to, I hope Nintendo commits suicide & stops making video games just so you fucktards can learn how stupid you were for letting Nintendo get so far behind the rest of the world.

            1. A person who is completely loyal to a game or company reguardless of if they suck or not.
            2. A pathetic insult often used by fanboys themselves to try and put down people who don’t like whatever it is they like.

            You are the second definition. As for your opinion, it’s a selfish one & it sucks as bad as the Wii U to Wii U system transfer. “I’m happy with how Nintendo is so fuck others that want better! They are just a bunch of angry fanboys anyway! They aren’t a real fan like me! They can go somewhere else if they don’t like it!” Oh don’t worry. We will. Meanwhile, you & Nintendo will continue to get mocked & made fun of by people a lot worse than me, iambigb0ss, and fanboydestroyer. Why? Because we’ll be too busy pitying you for being such a selfish idiot & no longer have any games to play because you got your head too far up Nintendo’s ass to play anything non-Nintendo because Nintendo has left the video game market, leaving you with NOTHING to play. Maybe they’ll go back to making toys so you guys will have at least something to play with. Probably wasted my time with this long comment but I got to see if I can make you think about more than just yourself. If this doesn’t work, oh well. Not my problem you’d rather remain a selfish fanatic to Nintendo than actually think about your fellow gamers that want more and better from the company we all apparently love. I’ve done all I can. It’s up to you now… So good luck.

        3. i think people will be satisfied for this new info that they are giving us and sony and microsoft did not pay any attention from us audience. because sometimes they too stupid to realize that nintendo is trying everything in there power to stay in console business.

      2. It’d be really sad for us grown ups if nintendo decided to focus on younger market again.
        Also, I believe it would be a rather bad decision. Parents who like games are more likely to buy gaming systems to their children. Now, they would probably pick a system that offers some value for themselves as well.

          1. Why shut up? He’s right.
            Gamers of yesterday are parents of today.
            Rather than sit there worrying about kids, they need to appeal to the father’s and mothers who game, cause they’re the ones who work and will ultimately plop down the cash.. not their own damn children.
            So i agree with him, appeal to the adult gamers.
            Kids now days get their games on smart phones and tablets anyways.

      3. “Nintendo has a long-standing history of making its games appeal to both children and adults”…. I disagree with that statement and I hope it’s not a Nintendo statement. Nintendo is out of touch with the kids, the teenagers, the young adult and the adult. Nintendo tried that approach with the Wii U and it did not work. They forgot about the long standing fans and failed to appeal to the gamers.

        Mario kart 8 is an easy game, new super Mario wii u is an easy games, mario marker is creative and easy for children to play. Captain toad is more than easy…

        So Nintendo did provide some games for children and just to make sure we are on the same page punch out on NES or Salomon key are really hard game when you are 10 years but guess what the kids did not have any choice….

        1. “long-standing history”

          They’re not talking about recent trends or the Wii U. They didn’t say Nintendo is currently making games that appeal to both children and adults. They’re talking about Nintendo’s entire history.

          1. well from my point of view they make game easier when the N64 came out. I took recent example to illustrate my case and it was the game of the top of my head. Zelda 64 was an easy game, mario kart 64 was really easy, and the same could apply to super mario 64. Myamoto-san himself say they are making game easy cause you have the graphic to appeal the people and get stuck to the game. Before games were harder to make the game challenging and they did have much else to go with. So if for you the N64 is recent OK but for me it kind of retro.

            1. Difficulty does not equate to appeal. The article talks about games that “appeal to both children and adults”. A game doesn’t have to be easy to appeal to children, and it doesn’t have to be hard to appeal to adults. All the games you mentioned may have been easy, but they still appeal to both kids and adults alike. The N64 had games that appealed to both audiences so I would consider it part of Nintendo’s “long-standing history”.

          1. well depend who make the course I guess it, some could be even easier as the 1st super mario on Nes, some could be nearly impossible to pass. I would still stand and say that mario maker is an easy game for children.

            1. I think that he’s saying it’s not easy to design courses. Mario Maker is easy to pick up and play around with, but it takes skill to design a good course. I don’t see any children designing amazing course in that game.

              It’s like painting. Any person from the youngest child to the oldest person can pick up a brush and start painting. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to paint a masterpiece.

      4. The majority of kids these days play “mature” games now so is there really much point? Besides, there’s stuff like leap frogs, apps on phones and ipads to make up for this. If this is true, I’m sure people will walk away from Nintendo…

          1. OH HELL YES! :D

            (Note: I have NOTHING to do with this shit?)


            Now do one on Emily Rogers and we all cool? ;)

                1. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff about her.
                  Then it is your homework to do her article, good luck.

        1. Insufficient data. According to information, the only Fisher Price toy is a dildo know as the PlayStation Move.

          1. Those things are hideous. I do find it messed up that Sony came out said those things were optional but every VR game at E3 this year used them. I hate it when Sony bullshits their way through anything, and even worst when the fucking fantard try to defend them.

      5. People understand what is being said right? That it isn’t the games specifically that aren’t as simple as they used to be or simple enough to grab that “hole in the market”, but the system as a whole, the entire interface that is not as inviting as it used to be or how an ipad or other tablets are. There is less time between “I want to play this game” and the actual game with a tablet than there is with a console in their current form. The OS, the menu, the “social” aspect of these systems takes away from what should be the main focus, and that is the games themselves.

        As usual, conclusions are too quickly jumped to and knees jerked needlessly with a drastic lack of comprehension. It is not about simplistic games and keeping an eye only on the child market, it is about bridging the gap of accessibility. That is definitely an issue with the Wii U, and something I noticed on the last round of MS and Sony consoles, although I admit I have never gotten my hands on their latest modes… Yet, with the focus on those consoles being “do it all” systems, I imagine they are in a similar place.

        1. XMB – Sony’s UI is by far the easiest. You put your game in, it takes you to the game menu and you press X or you don’t. Xbox is the same. Wii U isn’t. Wii wasn’t either. If you wanna talk UI, Nintendo UI is by far the worst and always has been. Since they went disc base, the UI is slow and leggy at best. Everything is slow. Sony and Xbox aren’t. Load times on disc is another story but that’s because of the graphic whores who want more and more out of game visuals. That’s forcing developers to push games and systems further. Not a bad thing, but games are fucking loading too long even with an SSD and loads of ram in a system. The off load of data from a blue ray to a system is taking forever. No one wants to buy a game to wait an hour to play the game. Blame that on the industry who want movie games on stronger systems.

          1. Let’s see if cartridges can help as well as not wasting time on BS like TVii and other nonsensical parts of a slow OS. That UI is definitely one of the worst things about the WiiU

            1. I wrote about this in another comment. The way ps4 and Xbox work with there games, from what I’ve seen, is that a disc off loads the data onto your system. It saves onto the system as a install. That way, the system plays the games the moment you click on them to play. You just need to do one big install. The bigger the game, the bigger the install and update as well. After that install happens, the disc is just to confirm you can access those files. Digital downloads are the same but install faster onto the system. But you don’t own those games in the end, Sony can remove them whenever. Cartridges aren’t going to have this issue. You pop it in and it should play right away. Like games on to a hard drive, it loads right away. No waiting time. No installs. The install is the cartridge and will be using a flash memory card. So it’s one two three. That’s genius in my mind. It’s cheaper than blueRay’s, you can sell off the nostalgia pretty hard, and you can make gold, red, black, etc cartridges for different games. Zelda being gold. If this is true, it is a backwards move that is forward thinking because disc are not the way to go with the massive amount of data being out onto games. Memory cards can handle anything disc do now. Even better because it loads everything quicker. It’s really a future thing that’s so old. And cost will be cheaper for developers and Nintendo because no massive production on disc and case. Small case, small cartridges, done.

          2. I’ve not had the Wii U long but I do find the quick start feature great for getting into the game without going to the menu and there are load times but nothing worth complaining about, granted I’m a PC gamer and I haven’t bought a console since the Wii so I’m not the best person to talk about this stuff. And I do find areas of the UI to be stupid like some of menus and getting to the friends list is a bit tedious, rather than a quick overlay like steam and not being able to switch the controller screen off during certain games is annoying, unless there is a way and I am just silly. I am hopeful, I’ve no interest in Sony or Microsoft as I’m a pc gamer but Nintendo always feels very different to pc gaming.

            1. Everything is a load on the Wii U. The game menu, friends list, and e shop are not implemented right. But I don’t blame you for PC gaming. Xbox is giving you all their exclusive games. It sounds like if the new Xbox one doesn’t work out for them, they’re going to cancel out their system and focus strictly on PC

              1. Lol it says right there that the XMB was phased out of consoles when the Vita released, and out of TVs in 2014 which is what I originally thought. The PS4’s UI isnt called an XMB, that wiki didnt go into specifics but from I remember Sony was calling it the Dynamic Menu. I might be wrong about that name though but its definetly not called the XMB anymore. Im almost 99% positive.

                  1. Sort of, I do prefer the astetic and priorities that the new menu has. The old XMB was ok when it came out but it eventually became cumbersome. To many apps, which some were unnecessary and undeleatable. PS4 menu always outline games and its extremely easy to use.

                    At its simplest terms though, they do essentially do work the same.

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        1. really? ok, ED (encyclopedia dramatica) is a website that documents the biggest lolcows on the internet.
          The person who shared the image forgot to share the link to the article…i want to see that person used the “ss clickbait” article lol.
          One thing to keep in mind, is better to keep things quiet when anybody has been added to that website, i mean don’t try to fight those people…

        1. The most sexiest avatar of all time. You will have beautiful fanart drawn by a hentai artist very soon. :3

        1. Hardcore fans will never be supported again. And we are leaving Nintendo. I know of 7-8 personally. We’ll look at the NX after its been out, and we can compare what it has to the other boxes. Nintendo has become a side company for me. If I get a good game now and then, awesome, but I stopped counting on them and stopped giving them my money.
          Oddly, I’m much happier without them in my gaming circle. Much less frustration.

      7. Kids nowadays are either playing Call of Duty on Xbox 360, or on their parent’s devices.

        In fact, most of Nintendo audience are adults, so their statement is just nonsense.

      8. People shouldn’t read into these statements as being any more than the speculation by a firm.

        Fact is, their statement is somewhat similar to saying “This Blu-ray player is targeting the kids market.” It’s kind of dumb because the system is just a means with which to play various different types of content. When it comes to Nintendo’s own games for the system(s), I wouldn’t say they target kids so much as they have a wider appeal but that’s inherent to the Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Starfox franchises and even franchises whose appeal swings slightly older like Zelda, F-Zero, and Metroid.

      9. And this is why I have little faith in NX. So Sony and Microsoft has ingored the younger audience? How many of you were young and played Zelda, Punch Out, Castlevania, Ghost & Goblins, and still beat some of them or kept going back for more? My parents didn’t know which games were hard or not. They just brought me the game to shut me up. Most parents do this. Those games are why we are on this site at 20, 30, 40 years old. We loved all types of games. But Nintendo is so fixated on this casual group and younger generation, that they forget the young kids just want games. They don’t need to be easy, just bring out games hard, easy or not. Stop catering to that crowd that clearly isn’t interested in you. That’s why Sony and Microsoft have the bigger fan base. They don’t cater to one group, they just give to all and don’t care two shits if they game is easy or hard as long as they have your money and you buy more games. Nintendo, get with the times that you set yourself and stop moving backwards.

        1. i think nintendo is trying to get there new games on the apple devices, thinking about there hard opportunity to getting the NX ready for the big reveal. so basically i think nintendo is getting sony and microsoft to help with the new powerful hardware by getting one of there games develop by other companies. so usually, i think nintendo won’t fail at this point because we all know that nintendo is gonna change everything for there next hardware i’m really glad that some people on the internet started to get more info and rumors about what nintendo is keeping from us but i know i hate rumors alot but this is started to be new phase for nintendo.

          1. I kind of agree and don’t agree. I think NX is going to be a cartridge system, and I think Wii U, 3DS, and mobile devices will all work seemlessly with your devices. Nintendo is going to floor their product on decided that attract the most people. The kick to it is that Nintendo will have a different twist on how this operation comes into play. I don’t think Sony or Microsoft will help Nintendo. In fact, Sony and Microsoft have beenn showing why Nintendo isn’t the right choice for gaming.

            1. well nintendo is a prefect gaming company and i think i see your point. nintendo might be able to step down on not bringing the disc hard drive in the NX. i think the cartridge might be working out for fans but some people disagree on the cartridge idea. so basically nintendo is putting alot of profits and IPs in to this new generation.

        1. This is one point I disagree with you on Grape. I feel, given the historical actions of a person or entity, one can make valid predictions. Given how Nintendo has been treating it’s fans the last couple gens, they obviously don’t give a fuck about the original install base. It’s all about trying to reacquiring that Wii-blood.

      10. i think nintendo is trying to get there new games on the apple devices, thinking about there hard opportunity to getting the NX ready for the big reveal. so basically i think nintendo is getting sony and microsoft to help with the new powerful hardware by getting one of there games develop by other companies. so usually, i think nintendo won’t fail at this point because we all know that nintendo is gonna change everything for there next hardware i’m really glad that some people on the internet started to get more info and rumors about what nintendo is keeping from us but i know i hate rumors alot but this is started to be new phase for nintendo.

      11. I’m hoping that Nintendo will wow us with something cool. But these guys make the NX sound like Wii 3.0.

      12. It’s true there’s not as many kid friendly games on PS4 and Xbox One. The problem is, kids are still playing those consoles, and they’re playing games that are too mature for them. I heard a young kid at a store the other day talking about Call Of Duty on Xbox One to his dad and acting excited about it. I’m always shaking my head at moments like that. Parents don’t seem to care what their kids are watching or playing nowadays, and I don’t understand that?

        If I was a parent, (despite the fact that there are M rated games on Wii U etc.) I would give my kids Nintendo consoles, and I’d tell them that Playstation and Xbox consoles are intended for adults.

        1. What do you expect? We live in the fucking United States of America. As long as games like Call of Duty don’t have exposed boobs or asses, parents will buy their kids these games because nudity is completely unacceptable compared to guns & violence…

          1. I hate that, too. I really do. Can watch any rated R horror movie with tons of blood and it’s totally fine. Gotta shut that door though when it’s time for some Dead or Alive. Lmao.

      13. This can be taken too many ways so it’s probably best to just let it remain cryptic.

        However, let me just say, IF, and that’s a big if, the NX is another console that tries to appeal to a demographic it does not have and us loyal supporters get left out in the cold again, the NX will not receive my attention and I may as well call it a death knell for Nintendo, for they still would not have learned.

        That is one reality I do not ever wish to see, but it’s largely up to them.

        1. I hope it doesn’t happen, either. If it does, there is a reason I still have my Wii U so I can at least play Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It will sadly be my swan song as I leave Nintendo to rot with their little casuals that aren’t even there & their stupid little fanboys that bend over & take it right up the ass like good little bitches. I’m pretty busy right now with the around 10 games, maybe more, that I already got for my PS4, so losing Nintendo won’t be as hard as I once thought it would have been.

        2. Which saddens me because I fucking love Nintendo & I fucking grew up on their god damn consoles. But if this comes to pass, it’ll just show that they clearly don’t give a flying fuck about people like us anymore and apparently like giving us the middle finger.

      14. Isn’t this just DFC’s opinion? Sure I’m sure there’s research behind it and such, but there’s no concrete evidence that Nintendo is necessarily going to implement this idea into its future products to an extreme like this article suggests.

      15. “The Nintendo Wii U is the only dedicated system remotely targeted at kids and it has been a failure.” It’s been a failure because kids don’t give a toss about Nintendo anymore. Nintendo have been trying too hard chasing an audience that would rather play Minecraft or CoD. If the NX turns out to be even more gimmicky than the last two home consoles, I’m converting to PC.

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      17. “One of the ironies of the latest generation of console systems is how children under the age of 12 have been largely ignored.”

        lolwut. There are plenty of games for kids on the PS4 and Xbox One. Also, there’s a reason kids have been leaving console and even 3DS gaming – they’ve been going to mobile….hence Nintendo finally giving us the crappy Miitomo to start their mobile gaming foray.

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