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Here’s A Look At Sonic In LEGO Dimensions

We found out last month that Sonic the Hedgehog would be arriving in LEGO Dimensions sometime later this year. The reveal trailer was relatively cool, but we haven’t really had a decent glimpse at the NFC figure that’s needed for the game. Thankfully, Mark Warburton, who’s the Producer at TT Games for LEGO Dimensions, shared some images of the figure in action on NeoGAF. You can check out those shots below!

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8 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At Sonic In LEGO Dimensions”

  1. Haven’t had much interest in this game (mostly cos I don’t want to buy in to ANOTHER collectible figure line) but there were SO many in that trailer I wanted, including Sonic! I may just get the figure anyways, it’s so cute! Not sure why they didn’t just give him a ring that he could hold instead of adding on that little notch for him to hold onto. That looks kinda odd.

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