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Nintendo Attractions Will “Exceed” Harry Potter At Universal Theme Parks

It sounds like Mario will be giving Harry Potter some major competition when he eventually arrives at Universal theme parks. The forthcoming Nintendo-themed area will “exceed” the Harry Potter attractions at Universal, according to Universal Studios Japan head Mainichi Shinbun. The executive also says that Nintendo’s attractions may cost “beyond $500 million,” compared to the $400 million used to build Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan.


32 thoughts on “Nintendo Attractions Will “Exceed” Harry Potter At Universal Theme Parks”

  1. If it has real-life Mario Kart, Splatoon paintball, an Arwing roller coaster, and a Hyrule Castle equivalent to the Disney Land/World Castle, My friends and I are SO taking a vacation there.

    1. Sorry to bust your bubble; but karting and paintball games have a really poor capacity, so I’m really sure they are not going to do that. It wouldn’t be great for you either of you have to wait for more than 2 hours for 10 minutes of paintball or karting.

  2. thenintendoreviewer

    That’s very encouraging. I hope that means plenty of Nintendo attractions besides just Mario.

  3. I doubt Mario alone could take on Harry Potter all by himself. Now throw in some other stuff like a Hyrule Castle type place to explore or as an internal hotel with Zelda motifs scattered about, a Metroid Prime themed Laser Tag area, not based on Federation Force, and some other things then Harry Potter is screwed.

    1. The same document also said that other IP’s will have heavy consideration. So I imagine the big stuff like Kirby, DK, Metroid, Zelda, Splatoon, Yoshi, Animal Crossing, Star Fox and possibly Pokemon would take the most room. While little stuff like Fire Emblem and Earthbound will be reserved to minor attractions and shops.

      1. Watch, the gift shops get the store theme from Earthbound.

        FE will probably have some of the more popular characters walking around, like Marth, Chrom, Lucina, Owain, Micaiah, Lyn, etc.

  4. Thanks to PKMN GO giving Nintendo relevance and exposure, I’m sure it would be miles better than HPL especially if itactually does have a PKMN attraction.
    And unlike HPL Nintendo has infinite characters and games that don’t rely on a dying trend.

    hmmm… I wonder if you can see construction.

        1. As Snowman said, pfft. Harry Potter isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s got a play that’s a sequel to the books and it’s got a prequel movie coming out soon. That trend is far from dying.

          1. You may be right. With how Harry Potter still churns out a shit ton of fanfiction (plus what you said), Harry Potter will stick around before the fat lady sings.

            1. While I am a fan of Harry Potter, I’m also being realistic. There is still demand for Harry Potter and people are excited for anything new related to the franchise. I’m also sure Universal Theme Parks still get plenty of traffic in the Harry Potter themed areas. If they didn’t, they would have closed it down by now.

        2. Yeah, I don’t think Harry Potter is in any danger of fading into obscurity. All 8 movies have been smash hits, there’s another sequel/prequel on the way, and the HP world and lore are so large and interesting there’s still a lot they can do with it.

          1. For instance, a movie that focuses on the founders of Hogwarts would be interesting. I’d also love to see JK Rowling do a spin on the Arthurian Legends of King Arthur, Merlin, etc.

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