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RUMOR: Has A United States Version Of The N64 64DD Been Found?

The 64DD was intended to be an expansion to Nintendo 64. The result was that the N64 would be able to use more memory and offer some exclusive games. It was briefly seen in Japan, but it never took off anywhere else. However, ASSEMbler forum user “PostedOval” has posted to images of what they claim to be a USA version of the 64DD. We’ve included both pictures below. It’s not quite definite yet that these are real, so we’ll keep you posted.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6

14 thoughts on “RUMOR: Has A United States Version Of The N64 64DD Been Found?”

  1. Stories like this upsets me. Because I always feel like it should have been ME that found these rare items. Since I devoted the majority of my life to Nintendo, and even chose Nintendo over having friends etc. But alas….it’s never me. Oh well. Feel free to make fun of me everybody. Go nuts! : D

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||He submitted himself to the glory of Nintendo and his life is eternally bound to our will…||

      2. I had a couple friends in the past who had a Sega Genesis (back when I cared nothing for it). But honestly, it comes down to trust issues. I always fear being robbed. Ever since one of my childhood friends stole one of my G.I. Joe action figures, I had trust issues.

    1. Probably out playing Pokémon GO… I’m sure the comments will be flooded once we get some solid NX info though. This place was crazy leading up to the Wii U launch lol.

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